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Manny00 - Skrell

Discussion in 'Alien Species' started by Manny00, May 17, 2019 at 8:02 AM.

  1. Manny00

    Manny00 Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    About 2 months and a week

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Gnera Karukksil, Irks Asskeksz, Gavin Briner

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Skrell are a highly elusive species that carries a perfectionist role, something which is fitting for a number of roles which I wished to take on as a Skrell. Not to also mention the Skrell Scout ship, having an opportunity to experience that side would also be amazing, as it’s something completely unfamiliar to me. It’d be interesting to try and create a memorable character knowing the extremely small presence of Skrell aboard the Torch.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Vylos Kr'lek, Q'rossi Se'beq, Dnar Ca’lu, Rvjar Ley’r, or Xivoraniivizochiorooin Zerivaloika.

    Summarize what you know about the species.

    A species of decentralized city states, Skrell are amphibious humanoids originating from the world of Qerrbalak. Standing at about the same height as humans, with features taken from aquatic animals, such as their gills and webbed extremities. However, they stand ultimately superior in technology to most other species, especially humanity, with a vast territory which came to be in need of space for their quickly growing populations. A territory which is also not defended by any Federal military, but instead of local troops which are pooled in with a number of city-states placing up funds for their common protection, called SDTFs, Skrellian Defence Task Forces, become independent bodies which remain bound to the the city-states they were created from, as a majority of their resources come from them, during such they act also as law enforcement, having their own police force for the government. From complex castes, to a alluring culture, and an enlightened form of education, the Skrell place themselves highly in the world as they strive for greatness in everything they do, trying to accomplish their barriers with a great deal of excellence.

    Being a species which carries aquatic features, breathing patterns of Skrell are completely different, as their respiratory systems are complex, with the gills and lungs working together to allow one to breathe properly, all safely protected by their headtails. On the topic of protection, Skrell bones are much more dense, enabling them to take on a variety of blows and sustain more damage against their skeletal structure, giving them a major advantage in life threatening situations, or overall increasing their effectiveness in more physical roles. Their skin exudes a thin layer of slime, covering across their entire body. Head wise, it’s simplified down with the downside of lessened facial expressions. Lastly, the diet of a Skrell is mainly vegetarian, plants, fruits, etc. or more common being fungi-based, as any type of protein prones them to illness with no way to absorb them.

    Castes of the Skrell can be seen much like social classes within humanity, but such is quite far from, as how they function, what they mean, and their purpose is drastically different. Unlike status of wealth, Castes are much like a field of career you wish to follow, dedicating your life and learning everything there is within. It is not however the medieval form of Castes, in which the one you are born into is what you will be for the rest of your life, but instead it is chosen by the individual Skrell. They fill a much needed role within the Skrellian society, as to fulfill areas of speciality, one must commit themselves into a Caste, an example being, a Skrell that is indefinitely interested and wrapped up around the aspect of engineering or robotics, may wish to be part of the Kanin-Katish, a Caste which occupies majority of the workforce and engineering. Other examples being the Qerr-Katish, the leaders, Talum-Katish, the artists, Raskinta-Katish, the warriors, and lastly Malish-Katish, which are focused on science and intelligence. They mean everything in Skrell society, as it is a lifestyle which takes them from birth to death.

    With the Skrell biology being more favourable of mind over physical strength, The Arts have been immensely popular among all, across every Caste, with some being much more in favor and in practice of it. What takes the spotlight, is the importance of the voice, singing is the ruling matter in the skills of an artistic Skrell, with a wide array of instruments available to be mastered and present to buff the astonishing lead singer. Other forms such as literal arts are also found in their culture, be it painting or sculpting, with some famous works being pond painting or sculpting of the Kol’mo mushrooms. For the more physically superior, Sports remain common across the Castes much like art, but when going into specifics, physical sports are practiced more with the Kanin-Katish and Raskinta-Katish Castes, with the more intellectual minds finding adversaries in team or solo problem solving, puzzles, or riddles. A more special case is the Talum-Katish, who practice a mixed version of art and sport, as the physical form of dancing taking place in or under water, with a martial focus behind it. Lastly, the Qerr-Katish remain to their own, as their own sports focus on strategy with the usage of AI’s and simulations, a fitting activity for the pinnacle leaders of the Skrell.

    Making up the mindset of a Skrell, is created through their ongoing development from a child to an adult, but in this process they are influenced by two major factors, being the most important to them, family and education, as such shape and compose what decisions they will make and what they will strive to become, with the culture of their own people embedded down from their own family, alongside of history as they learn such from classes. Skrell families are not exactly as imagined, as instead of a single father and mother, it is practice for both of the partners to seek out other reproductive companions, but the family structure is not abolished but rather instead still present in the form of bonding from the two parents of the children, creating what essentially is, a family. Compared to familiar set up of families, both parents have more distinct roles within the Skrell structure, with a Qarr-Maqa as the main parent, responsible for the children, while the Qrri-Maqa, stands in as the supportive role, aiding the family with the needed funds. Children that are the offspring of these mix of partners, are almost never caring of their ‘brothers’ or ‘sisters’, who are largely seen as cousins and ignored. This set up of family lines does create a sense of focus within the Skrell, from my point of view, as the children go on with their lives and hone in on finishing their education, choosing a caste, and living their daily lives, while sometimes attending large family gatherings when set up. On the topic of education, it is where the other half that make up the thought process is in, as the knowledge learned will be used in their own matters of interpreting everything around them. When the Skrell first come to be in the world as Tadpoles, they are taught by the same parents which conceived of them, with interaction with any other Tadpoles of the same two parents being present as they further onto their adult life, where their academic life truly comes into place. In this stage of their development, Skrell are referred to as Mi-Gloa, translated as ‘Early Enlightenment’, in such they begin learning about basic logic, elementary sciences such as mathematics, low-level physics, and Skrellian history. So far the Skrell have been tutored towards the path of intelligence, as what seems as difficult subjects for fellow species to tackle, such as humans, all Skrell begin to learn the basis as they further grow in their Castes. It should be mentioned however, the Qerr-Katish are not taught alongside the rest of these growing adults, but instead brought into their own lessons about leadership to live up to their Castes identity. As each grow, they begin to enter Qlor-Gloa, the Focused Enlightenment, in which the earlier talked about Castes come into play, as separation takes place within lessons, while one following down the path of the Malish-Katish may learn further about intelligent based topics, such as sciences, physics, and complex problems, the Talum-Katish will be shaping up their developing minds into the flow of the Arts, be it their unique form of underwater dancing, with supplemented painting lessons to expand their creativity. Atlas, at their ripe age of 15, the Skrell come into Keri-Gloa, the Ongoing Enlightenment, where they step into their specific paths of occupation, becoming what they wished to as they grew alongside their lessons, and now atlas finally taking place in their future work and gaining knowledge along the way. Status will change as each Skrell become better in their craft, going from a Keri-Gloa, to a Qrri-Mog, a low-class worker, and atlas Qerr-Mog, a fully-fledged Skrellian mind, in which they’ve mastered the work they had chosen, truly having their own decisions and set views on matters all across the galaxy. In conclusion, this set of unique structural family, alongside of the extensive lessons thought in the education of a Skrell, can heavily change the mindset of one, as each will pertain to their liking of Sports or Arts, with some in-charge of vessels, while others creating and repairing robots, but alas it all truly works towards a focused purpose of achieving an expert level in their line of work, as each Skrell think about furthering themselves and becoming better for themselves.

    We’ve spoken plenty of Skrellian society, from their extensive Castes, to their core mindset, but exactly how do they find themselves within the social makeups of other species? A great example of such is aboard the SEV Torch, in which a majority of humans with some other species being present onboard. There is no real boundary of what sort of Skrell can be on the Torch, as no matter the Caste or profession, if they can further the interest of the mission with their abilities, then they are more than welcome aboard, be it Corporate or Independent. When pertaining with being in the uniformed services of the Expeditionary Corps, Skrell come in as exchange personnel, which was made luckily possible by the negotiations undergone by the SDTFs, to bring over SCG or EC personnel into their own way of life while allowing Skrell to experience theirs. A variety of reasons exist on why a Skrell may be part of the program, with a good number being of-course volunteers, some others being ordered by their city-states to take part, with even the existence of Skrellian students taking part in the Explorer occupation to gain experience of humanities culture. Having been transferred through the exchange program, it is a shock at first, as we know so far Humanity and Skrell are in stark contrast with each other. Reasons do still go on however, as may it be mega-corporations such as NT or others in working with city-states, or independent Skrell who come aboard to relay information back to their city-state on interesting developments. Each to their own, a lot of Skrell will still be finding difficulty in coming into terms with the on-goings which surround them, as to them, Humanity is alien, while the feeling is felt mutual among Humans, still they focus on their intended existence and purpose for being aboard the Torch and focus on their daily lives and occupations.
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