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Manny00 - Unathi

Discussion in 'Approved' started by Manny00, Mar 30, 2019.

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  1. Manny00

    Manny00 Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?


    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?

    Has been a month now (Updated from the time the app was posted)

    What are the names of your better-known characters?

    Schindler, Neumman, Hudson Green, Nickolas Rader

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?


    Why do you want to play as the alien species?

    When having the opportunity to Roleplay and interact as different species within a setting, I most of the times do attempt it, especially in cases like the Unathi where the lore is well spanned out with an obvious liking on my side. This is far from human, such meaning a great deal of scenarios and new characters. I hope to apply and be approved to play as a Unathi to go shift by shift on the Torch as the reptilian species.

    What are some example names for the alien species?

    Gios Thurnus, Beknatiss Thaoxl, Gnera Vakeerus

    Summarize what you know about the species.


    Unathi are cold-blooded reptilian humanoids that possesses scales, which being plate-like, with a few minor spots that are usually out-of-sight. Mainly the species holds ideals such as honor and traditions highly, going as far as being majorly tribe like as they remain in seperated clans with separate faiths, however the existence of City-states are there as multiple clans do come together for such a feat. Their home planet is Moghes, located within the Uueoa-Esa system, it contains a selection of ecosystems, ranging from swamps, deserts, and tropics. Moghes itself is in quite the disrepair, as a doomsday event had taken place which took away most of the past thriving civilization, leaving behind what we know of it now. Clans are scattered across the multitudes of areas, all which are named, with each having its own effect upon the Unathi living in the areas, from lifestyles, living accommodations, and even tactics within combat itself. Five regions are the most well known on Moghes, starting with the The Poles, being the most northern and tropical, The Savannahs, containing great flatlands with a mild climate, The Deserts, which take up a majority of land mass and remains as the vast dry lands containing remnants of ancient civilization, The Swamp Breaches, being as the name suggests swamps allocated against the coasts, and atlas The Diamond Peaks, containing outreaching mountains with cold weather and of-course diamonds. As a final note, Moghes does contain some form of structural Hegemony in which the Kaahnepos established to reach trade and diplomacy across different species, with a council containing more leaders from the different major City-states that act as a sort of ‘government’ or species body which establishes a connection to the outside.


    A spoken about point in the overview had been that an ancient civilization has existed once on Moghes, called “The Precursors”. This civilization had not been a Unathi one, and their destruction had not been the making of any other species, but rather instead, they were their own downfall. Nothing major is known of the Precursors, but it had been established that elements of the fallout had mutated the species into the reptilian humanoids. Unathi are of-course make attempts in discovering more about their ‘ancestors’, even becoming fascinated by them as they find whatever evidence of they can of their relation to the Precursors. Originally the Unathi were first discovered by the Sol Government, with no interest on their side, the Expeditionary Corps made a number of journeys on the planet and discovered the vast number of Precursor sites, which rekindled that lost interest. A major player in their interstellar involvement however came from the Skrell, as their own commitment to spread Unathi goods and support diplomatic ties between them and humanity, brought light upon the species further, establishing some form of relationship. With time having passed, powerful clans within the Unathi have created an exchange program with the SCG, allowing both species to experience their lifestyles, as Unathi take part in different projects and fields of the Expeditionary Corps, the humans live the same harsh life among the clans. One major event did take place in the history books, something rather sudden that was considered a great discovery by the Unathi, in 2562 a precursor ruin stored an archaic gate which open a passway to another planet located in the Unathis system, Ouere, which was colonised by the Gurzhkyi clan as the rest of the species debated majorly over this new discovery on Moghes, some faiths speaking out as this being a new paradise for their people with some others claiming it to be their own undoing.


    Socially each clan will always be different among Unathi, a major factor is the region and faith in which they live and follow, as such there is no one single social mindset that is present across every Unathi, with their core values of honor and tradition being the only familiarity most times. Presence of these regions plays the ultimate element in the making of a clan, with faith filling in the other half, sometimes a break-off may happen with others forming up together to band out of survival-instinct. City-states that have grown take up a neutral approach to each of these clans, as knowing the difference in faith and mindset, the Hegemony assuredly made most of the powerful states stand in no hostility to keep unity. Changing into the relationships within these clans, it remains universal in the make up of family and interaction, with females seen as tools, and responsibility dominating over equality. Females are mainly sought out from their respective caretakers, with many avenues of approach being available, with giving tribute to ones caretaker being among the most respectful while outright attempting to take a female leading to conflict and banes, a form of duel combat. It should be made clear, females aren’t slaves, they aren’t trafficked or sold on the open market, as the value of one person's wife is nothing to another. Most see the Unathi’s practice barbaric and sexist, but unlike civilizations such as Humanity or the Skrell, the clans see the females as the very future of their people, as such they are the most valued property they have in their ownership. Before moving to clan diversity, it should be established of the common rules across each, with the two being Matriarchs and the Kaahnepo. Just like the rest of the clan, Matriarchs have their own duties as the main female of a clan, managing and assigning work to the rest of the females, mainly in cleaning, cooking, and passive roles which is not expected to be done by the males, the Kaahnepo is the leader of the clan, a male Unathi which is the looked upon figure in each clan as he chooses in which direction the tribe should take off in. One variable that stays the same no matter what is the language of the Unathi, Sinta’unathi as addressed by Galactic Common, and generally it remains the same with small changes in pronunciations or dialect depending upon each clan, the overall organization of the language is tribal, with a round tablet used for its words and the sound being animalistic. Atlas, when speaking specifically of the differences the regions have on each of the tribes, we’ll be returning to the overview to reference the five major areas, the Poles, the Savannahs, the Deserts, the Swamp beaches, and the Diamond peaks. Firstly starting with the Poles, the Unathi which live in the tropics remain as the most open clans to outsiders, as such having effects of them being mixed with off-world technologies and having broad city-states that bring in trade on a daily basis, policing within these clans are nonexistent, with brutal clan justice being the peacemaker, in short the Poles remain as the most familiar to the outsiders coming into Moghes. Secondly, the Deserts and the Savannahs come in a package, with both containing sprawling open grounds, leftover underground bunkers in which some clans take up shelter in, decomposed bodies, high points of radiation, and the harshest challenges Moghes can offer to the large tribes of these regions, with the only difference being one more dead than the other, combat in these areas is highly lethal as battlegrounds are specifically filled with radiation to test each warrior in their abilities and survivability, the strongest survive here and their hardships grow them into strong being of their race. Savannahs in particular do carry more so nomadic clans, as such their wares exotic as ever, and their homes mounted upon animals called the ‘Ogashes’ massive eight legged creatures with hard shells on their backs. Moving on the swamp beaches, it harbors less traditional folk that inhabit the shores in small numbers from the toxicity of the environment, the area attracts plentiful of caravans which hope to use the vast reaches of the waters to travel quickly, aboard boats of different technologies such as precursor or diesel, with the extravagant rituals being set up by the Unathi living within this region. Lastly the Diamond peaks, quiet clans which keep to themselves upon the higher peaks of Moghes, living in much colder climates compared to the rest of the planet, and in complete hatriot of outsiders, going as far to kill off any in raids as they seek the rich resources and diamonds within the mountains, the Unathi of this region brand themselves in markings while building their city-states as tall as they can with stone the major resource, there is also the rumors of a great basin of water in the mountains that gave the strength to the clans of the region, but one may never truly know.


    On a galactic level, the Unathi stand a bit shy in their technology, but through reverse-engineering and their species being quite talented with mathematics and engineering, places them somewhere above average. Many of the known facts about Unathi may seem primitive to the Humans and Skrell, but alongside reverse-engineered precursor technology is some secrets which the clans keep to themselves, with their main priority always leaning towards the mechanical inventions rather than medicine. City-states remain as the main hoarders of technology as their adapt into more so well-known civilization, with diesel tech being a big presence, but phoron has been seen used more and more. As for their ships, they come a bit short, as they use mass drivers and STL engines, with a very few denominator becoming equipped with top of the line precursor technology, which allows them to move more freely without the reliance upon drivers, putting them in comparable range to the ships of humanity. On the other end of the scale, some clans lack any technology at all, from even the very basics of plumbing or electricity, leaving them as primitive tribes, with no complaints from them as they happily live on with their tradition and faith.

    Biology and Behaviors

    As already known, Unathi are a cold-blooded species, with their core make up being majorly different than humans. Unathi can suffer fatigues and even a state of unconsciousness when exposed to extremely low temperatures, their hearts contain two valves which span out on their chest, simulating the existence of two hearts while having only one. Their bodies do also have a natural physical protection in the form of their ribs being set up like plates that interlock under their chest, protecting the vital organs. Knowing their reptilian form, they also have forked tongues that reach out to half a meter and allows them to sample the air in their vicinity. Physically, males stand at the height of seven feet, with females coming half a foot short, and some more specific changes in height come in from the Salt swamp clans and the Yeosa, which are another full foot shorter, but the Diamond peak clans have the opposite effect, making them incredibly tall with bad postures. Snouts come in differences as well depending on gender, with females being more rounder than the males. Universally they all stand upon digitigrade legs with clawed feet, making it impossible to fit into normal shoes. A rather unique and not so surprising feature the Unathi possess biologically, is their ability to regenerate limbs and close wounds, thanks to their powerful digestive system, with the expected result of sped up processing time of food, which furthers their need for more food. Most Unathi prefer to stray away from this ability, as it seems to have it’s effects lessen with each generation. A normal lifespan can also last about seven hundred years, but such is rare considering it’d be requiring to be under the right conditions, in which their home planet lacks. Like other predators, Unathi are a carnivorous species, but with a quirk of tolerance to fruits and plants, but they don’t receive any nutrients from any plants they may consume, leaving them to be cosmetic pieces, and as they eat they are unable to breathe as well, from their lack of a second palate. In any case one is in conditions to lack the proper nutrients to satisfy his or her body, a rather awful process of the organs begins, as they begin to work themselves over and deconstruct. Being reptiles at heart, their reproductive systems stay mostly true to the ones on Earth, Females lay eggs with a yield of three to one, and those eggs have a six month gestation period, after which they are laid in a humid and warm area. After two to three weeks, the fetus is fully developed, atlas hatching from its egg. Once the egg is hatched, the lifecycle of a Unathi takes place, each one starting off as a hatchling, in this first step they aren’t fully sapient and act mainly animalistic as they drive off of survival, doing all they can while being tended by the females and growing out for about three years into their infancy, where they have developed a further in the brain department and grow less violent while coming into terms with the existence of other beings. Thirteen long years after, they come into their Teenage years, in which their protective rib-plates have begun to develop and further adjustments take place as it becomes rather uncomfortable for the child, with their only option is to wait. Of-course, at the age of twenty-five, the Unathi has reached full development and is now a full member of his or her clan, with some rare cases of extraordinary teens as they become ready to take on their duties and lives. Atlas, we reach the Elder stage, at the age of a hundred and fifty, filled with wisdom and age becoming its bane as he becomes more separated from the rest, with some physical effects being their eyes turning yellow and scales becoming dull, notifying the soon to be expiration date. Mindset of the Unathi of-course varies, but quirks are always found among the species as a whole, such things like the thumping of the tail becoming apparent and verbal cues like rattling, barks, and chuffing as they grow further irritated or emotional. When coming into a state of anxiety, Unathi hiss, sway, or sample the air more than usual. They are also incapable of adjusting their body-heat, an effect of being a cold-blooded species, leading to increased chances of hyperthermia, while overly hot Unathi becoming sluggish or drowsy. More specifics would include their way of addressing fellows, or showing trust, Unathi also consider it a social faux-pas to use a Unathi's first name, touch their tail, or to touch them at all before introductions are undertaken. When speaking to their higher-ups, they use the full extent of one's command, be it the clan leader by the clan or a general by their army. Form of trust between each other is showed with the baring of the throat, with the admittance of shame being another factor when one does do so, and under the right honors or circumstance clawing or biting of the throat is perfectly allowed.


    To wrap up the extensive topics of the Unathi, I’ll be using my own opinions and references. I see them as cold-blooded reptilians with the majority living in tribes and some few growing out into City-states, they vary from clan to clan and their faiths follow in suite, as such, what the Unathi are can be different from one clan member living in the Poles to another in the Diamond peaks, their society being possibly the most extensive out of the rest of the species, as they each interpret the world around them as they experience it. This way of life, can be much similar to how a person in the States will never have the same experiences of another living in Europe, they are two different sides of the same coin, both are human but the outside in which they have developed in is completely different. The way in which they continue on generations is also quite interesting, as it would be more understandable for the eggs to hatch an actual sentient baby, but rather an undeveloped ‘animal’ comes out, like an actual lizard that has predatory instincts, survival, and aggression in its mind, with everything else developing as they further grow and become adults, atlas ditching those animilistic traits they had been originally born with. Talking about their tribal way of life, it’s most definitely a uniqueness to the Unathi, as other species live in country wide cities that are controlled by mega-corporations and a central government, the Unathi adapt tents and found shelters as their homes, living from small communities where each gather to cook their yield around the campfire, to others having grown tribes that stand to further their name as they organize rituals and festivities, with atlas possibly ending up as a city-state that functions like other species, as their clothing goes from cloth and crafted to techy and manufactured. Existence of the Precursors had found me to have ideas of the Remnant from Andromeda, where it’s a non-existent species that obviously had a large technological hold with a vast civilization, which ended up going extinct because of their own mistakes of not understanding the idea of mutually assured destruction. Religion was a topic which I did avoid bringing up, as because it seemed non-essential from the fact of the vast ideals that any clan could hold, same being with the spoken about clans in the wiki, but the Religions all seem to cater towards each walks of life, from having survival of the fittest preachers that thrive on strength and growth in conflict, to ones that wish to learn all there is of this Precursor species, praying in finding more about their ancestors. Another reference which had crossed my mind, had been the Kaahnepos and their similarity on being these warrior-chieftains of their clans, throughout the topics it had been a bit dry on information about them, but their place in society and role in the Hegemony had proven their capabilities and the sort of responsibility in which they held, going as far as to rule on matters in which the the Unathi within the tribe itself live, while also being responsible for ruling upon the judgement of wrongdoings within his clan as to keep the peace, he's the most important member in Unathi society, as he becomes the bonding agent which holds ones tribe or city-state together, with even more important ones having the opportunity to lead what the entire species is exposed to on a galactic level when on the council. The Hegemony that was established by the species does seem to function rather well as it had remained stable and un-disturbed by the clans from the start of its existance, with reasoning simply being the major effect it has with the other clans having respect for what the council is attempting to accomplish with setting up a front for the galaxy to interact with, rather than forcing other species to interact with each clan separate, leaving them confused when treated by another completely differently, making the Hegemony a much important beam which allows for the profitable trade, guilds, defense, and keeping of the peace. However, despite it all the Unathi seem highly customizable when one attempts to create a character with the species, with some facts being stated and non-changeable, but a variety being left to the person interpreting the species as they can quite so create a tribe that follows none of the existent Religions, instead having their own unique views and name, while having the ability for their code of conduct and way of life up to that player as well, with some restrictions as the regions impact must have a precedence over player choice. Additionally, I believe the one un-changeable aspect, which rules supreme, is the honor and traditions of the Unathi, as no matter how far one goes with their imagination or their process of thought, to me it was clear that those two cannot be negotiated for, as such matters are legendary for the Unathi as they follow their honor code and traditions to the period. Lastly, I wanted to go full out with my thoughts, as I speak further into what comes into mind when imagining of a Unathi, some obvious ones come in the forms of intrigued Merchants, ones who are most definitely credited with an exotic aura as their elongated s’ and odd way of speech create a veil for the usual Torch buyer as they browse through their wares, others come in the form of resilient warriors, having been tested by the desert and prepped by the tribe which they have followed for their whole life, where having strength in the situation comes above all as they without shame display what traditions they have within their veins, nevertheless it is endless on the kinds of characters which can exist, all having a different reason for why they have chosen to be upon the SEV Torch, as such I leave my thoughts expressing that the Unathi are the ones which allow the most definitive creative freedom that the species itself possesses.

    Character Concept

    Clan and Faith

    Settled among the wast dead spans of the deserts, Clan Karukksil stood numerous and extensive in size, with their mindset set upon producing the strongest and most resilient Unathi, testing their steel and quality with the challenges of their region. Much like other Clans, their technology was nowhere near advanced, standing traditionally equipped with primitive weapons and armor, their way of life only being mirrored in the matter they equip themselves. Karukksil handle their own matters with the weight of strength, as each hatchling grows, they are tested every step of the way, before atlas being considered to be of any worth to their name, with the weak being outcasted as the Kaahnepos himself made the ultimate choice of their fate. Females were not left to their own devices neither however, as they underwent training to perform their daily duties of prepping food and keeping cleanliness, and much like the males, under-performance left them to survive the waste on their own, which is seen as not a punishment but rather a second chance, as if one were to survive the desert and return in five years of time, they would be accepted back to work themselves for assimilation back into their Clan. Isolation was common, but Unathi were more welcome than any other species, as they were viewed to be thieves out for the precursor technology that was rightfully left for their people to discover. Karukksil conduct combat differently, relay upon random tactics, with their movement being fluid as each member of the line is expected to break out to seek their own glorified killing of the enemy, with squad leaders expected to break apart their sections to push in between the enemy formations, or flank them entirely as they compete amongst one another to further push themselves in combat. They do not however break their honorific code and traditions, they seek strength, as such they respect it once seen within their enemy. It’s no surprise as the Karukksil follow the The Grand Stratagem as they willingly seek pain, discomfort, and self-improvement, seeing to it that the freshest member of their pack to be in the very front of the line in combat to weed out the weak and grow their experience, with the Pit being the best arena to see how far they have come in their experiences, be it the battlegrounds or surviving the blazing desert daily, and of-course using as a bonfire for remembrance and stern lessons to not repeat the actions of the dead to further their victories. Clan Karukksil has lived of for years, hundreds of victories, with minor defeats, no true enemy every came in their way, there was no rival for quite sometime, but atlas such a fact was broken, with Clan Nyvasen coming face to face with Karukksil in combat. Both were great followers of the Grand Stratagem, two stood similarly to one another, with Nyvasen being more lenient in their judgement of their own members, as they forgive and counsel rather than cast out and made to suffer like the Karukksil. Battle had been made among the two, first leading to a draw, such was respected by the Kaahnepos of the Karukksil, they parted ways, only to find each other in battle once again, with the Karukksilbeing outnumbered, they won a victory nevertheless as they broke their rivals lines and being reduced in numbers. The two continued fighting, as neither truly fell, but both felt defeats, and even more draws. With the Nyvasen being lesser in numbers, they knew this would cost them greatly, as the Karukksilwere too proud to reach out in diplomacy, as such an offer was made to accumulate under the Karukksil. Kaahnepos Vakeerus would of outright denied such a request from any other, seeing them wishing for mercy, and ultimately weak, but such was not the case with the Nyvasen, he knew their strength well, and saw it to only grow his own clan to an enormous size. In knowing his rivals strength and values, he accepted, Nyvasen were no more, as Clan Karukksil outgrowing their own land, such leading them to grow. Years went on as the Clan grew, with soon after them starting to build a city to fully house their people and establish their status as a City-state. An event of this value would never had been possible without the numbers received by their once rival clan, with the Karukksil’s stone set values being happily followed by the Nyvasen. Further years followed to the point of my characters birth, named Gnera Karukksil, he had come to be in a more adapted form of his clan, the initial ideals of strength remained, but adaptations had to have been made as technology became a real presence, with their isolation broken as they took up participation in diplomacy with the outside, coming to recognize the Hegemony's authority as well, but none ever stopped their quality of relient and strong Unathi, but they may never be as strong as they were in their primitive years.


    Gnera Karukksil was born in the City-state status of his clan. In this time, the Karukksil has adapted quite a bit, as Gnera went on with his hatchling age, he grew under the influence of technology somewhat heavily, as the ‘modern’ ways of living has finally found its use in the Clan, but the expectations of their newborn and their trials to come, has not been bent. Born just like the rest of his brothers, his life went on normally, with Elders deeming him more than fit into the society which he was bred into, as such he trained and prepared, learning the different lessons life had to offer, and the means of survival of the desert, as no matter what state their Clan was in, they would still be required to challenge the world as they know, with strength and resilience. Reaching into his adulthood, he remained ready and motivated with the writs and teachings of his tribe, but unlike the days of old, constant battle, and massive battlegrounds were no more, as with new and advanced weapons being possessed and the size of the clan being out there, there weren’t many competitors from the outside willing to risk life and limb to simply test the Karukksil’s steel, leaving Gnera mostly bound city-wide, doing hauling work, which strengthened his body further, while seeing some minor action with one battle under his belt, leaving a bit of an empty void of adventure in which he wished to fill. Rather than continually just focus on his clan, he began looking further out, as a connection had been made with the outside species, it was a fair decision for his departure from the city-state, leaving the life of harsh laws and restrictions, with the intentions of finding something worth undertaking. When traveling about the galaxy, his main stop had been on Pluto, almost fitting with the destructive way of life which the gangs had made for themselves, all which Gnera believed pity, as he took some years of finding to do. An opportunity had been found with the Expeditionary Corps, with their minor alien allowance and bountiful jobs, he took a risk in being dutifully bound. His skills and mindset were understood by his employers, making him placed in as a Master At Arms aboard the SEV Torch, where much like the experienced adults of his clan, he was expected to uphold the laws and keep the peace.
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  2. ThatOneGuy

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    Will review this after tomorrow
  3. ThatOneGuy

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    I’m not denying this yet nor approving it because of how little time you’ve had on the server and a want for a relook at your application. I think you get the lore but I want less rewording and more of your thoughts/opinions expressed.

    Also, don’t use the names of Native American tribes in your clan names and such.
  4. Manny00

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    I do wish to thank you greatly for giving me the opportunity to relook over my application, while having the chance to edit it to what you wish it to be. Summary wise, I kept it as closely to the source material as possible, as keeping true to the definition and using the most crucial points of the species lore and bringing up the factual information stated, as such I am sorry for not going too wild with it, but in recognition of you wanting to hear more of my thoughts/opinions, I further have extended the conclusion exponentially, which carries zero sections from the wiki and rather instead has my complete thoughts that came into my mind as I wrote away at it from all I've learned, as I figured there'd be less of it from me editing a few points here and there, with a majority being hidden, making the conclusion completely focused upon my opinions rather than forcing the topics itself to jump all-over the place, and as such have left the topics itself un-touched for the information to remain truthful and not opinionated, while the conclusion being bolstered to be the longest and filled with the most information which are my thoughts. Native American tribes names were my own fault, I saw it rather fit from how the Unathi worked, but thinking back over, it definitely was not fitting or appropriate, as such they're renamed with my own mix-match from other material.
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    Haven’t forgotten been busy with work and giving thi time to marinate
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    Quite alright, whenever you are available to fully check the changes.
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