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Map Cleanup

Discussion in 'Mapping' started by Tennessee116, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Tennessee116

    Tennessee116 Petty Officer First Class

    Hi all.

    Out of lack of anything better to do, I have been searching around the map files looking for stuff to fix. Here is where I'll compile a list of stuff that could use a hand.
    • mining-signal.dmm - Has very weird diagonal wall turfs over sand turfs. Not sure what black magic is going on there. Untangle whatever the dual-turf stuff is.
    • icarus-1.dmm & icarus-2.dmm - Has a bunch of random airless plating. Replace with regular plating.
    • casino.dmm - Cutter has shuttle walls. Delet n0w!!
    Hopefully, considering the relative simplicity of most of what I listed, I'll do (and have done) some of these cleanups. Do note this is not me saying dibs on any of these. Below are some more ambiguous/less vital stuff.

    • blueriver-1.dmm & blueriver-2.dmm - Nothing visibly wrong. Could just use a minor modernization.
    • errant_pisces.dmm - Fix the oversight of the cryopods being sleepers.
    • ert_base.dmm - While not particularly outdated, it does feel very questionable.
    • mining-orb.dmm - Has no orb.
    • slavers_base.dmm - Doesn't really make any sense, has the same issue has Lar Maria with it being a shoot-em-up dungeon. Maybe some off-ship abandoned slave roles instead of simple abolitionist mobs shooting everyone?
    • torch1_deck5.dmm - The SRV Petrov, enough said. Probably won't touch it out of sheer confusion regarding what to be done with research in general.
    • z1_admin.dmm - The regular CentCom ferry is a little aged. Don't even know if it actually works.
    • lar_maria-1 & lar_maria-2.dmm - Relies on now-absent virology stuff that just turns it into a shoot-em-up dungeon. OVERHAUL IT ALL.
    • icarus-1.dmm & icarus-2.dmm BONUS EDITION - The Icarus, despite supposedly being a former warship and an SCG vessel, has a one-wall thick hull that isn't painted blue. It is also missing the forward-facing cannons it was mentioned to have in the wiki.
    And here's some stuff from said list I finished already.
    EDIT: Renamed the post considering I keep finding stuff in non-old places
    EDIT 2: Linked pull requests.
    EDIT 3: Reorganized again.
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  2. Ryan180602

    Ryan180602 Bartender

    oldlab2.dmm with its airlock that does not work (seems to be misconfigured in several places).

    It's kind of teeth pulling with how airlocks work but I've made some progress in making the airlock function. Also made it into a standard 1x2 airlock, as that's faster to cycle and more simple to work with.

    But other than that, that's a very good list. If a second person is required I'd be glad to help.
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  3. Tennessee116

    Tennessee116 Petty Officer First Class

    To the list it goes! Thanks for the offer to help, I'll probably run into something that'll need a second hand, eventually. :D

    EDIT: Also do note that the list is rather long, however most of it is five-minute stuff, like changing the pathing for something or replacing a small area.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2021
  4. Tennessee116

    Tennessee116 Petty Officer First Class

    As the immediate list grows thinner, feel free to point out other minor map issues before I embark on greater modifications. Also, @Ryan180602, if you could check out mining_signal.dmm, that'd be awesome. I can't tell how to untangle that asteroid sand turf from the actual, regular turf.
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  5. Ryan180602

    Ryan180602 Bartender

    So, I have figured out how to have two turf sprites on the same tile. And while I am not absolutely sure as to how it works on a technical level. I *think* it works because the framework is made to support it but, likely SDMM simply doesn't have the means to utilise it, though.

    It of course did not work in SDMM, so I had to open the .dmm file in VSCode and manually put it there. I don't exactly understand how the labeling for the turf locations on the grid work, so I placed a diagonal wall at a place that I saw convenient, found out the turf location corresponding to that, in the .dmm file (opened in VSCode), and simply added `turf/simulated/floor/asteroid` to it.

    "dv" = (
    icon_state = "diagonalWall3"

    And of course, you can do this with any turf tiles. Did it with platings, and it looks like
    Now if you ask me, while these look cool. They also leave behind this weird border effect on the turf and I think we wouldn't lose much by yeeting those. (Note: the second picture was taken before I messed with using different tiles. They still work)

    If there's anything else you wanted me to figure out for this, then let me know.
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