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Masterchief366556 - Unathi

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by masterchief366556, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. masterchief366556

    masterchief366556 Bartender

    About You
    NOTE: I apologize before hand if this application is posted in the wrong area. Still relatively new to this whole "Forum" thing.

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    I started playing in late March, so around 3 months give or take.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Bryant Bratton (CoS)
    T.O.R.A.M. (AI)

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    I want to play as an Unathi because I find them to be one of the more interesting races in the Baystation universe. They have unique in-game mechanics as well as very interesting lore. I also hope to find roleplaying with them to be interesting as well. Also I have talked with some people who have Unathi whitelists and it seems to be a nice community (for lack of a better term).

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Arak Vethas
    Serak Arthas

    Summarize what you know about the species.

    The Unathi are a cold-blooded species hailing from the planet Moghes. The Unathi were created after the previous residents of Moghes, the Precursors, wiped themselves out, with the resulting radiation mutating the local cold-blooded species into the Unathi. They are a fractured people, with most Unathi living in different clans. They were discovered by Humanity in 2214, who while at first didn't care too much for the Unathi or Moghes, started to gain an interest after the Expeditionary Corps discovered the ruins of Precursor structures and technology on the planet. The Skrell assisted the Unathi in becoming acclimated to the galatic community, along with getting them in contact with the SCG in exchange for access to Precursor technology. The Unathi recently in 2306 discovered a strange gateway to another planet in the Uueoa-Esa system, Quere. The Unathi themselves are unsure whether that this is a new paradise or the catalyst to their own destruction. The Unathi have also created the Hegemony, a form of "Unathi U.N." that will help to promote trade and represent the Unathi in terms of Galatic Diplomacy. It was also created to help curtail Human Imperialism, with the Unathi likely trying to avoid humanity setting up "Spheres of Influence" on Moghes. The Hegemony is made of the leaders of the biggest City-States on Moghes. Currently many of the more welcoming and more influential clans have set up an exchange program with the Expeditionary Corps, with Unathi going to work for the EC in exchange for EC personnel working and living among the clans apart of this exchange program.

    The Unathi, orginally being mutated from cold-blooded species, are not very resistant cold weather. Unathi will suffer from fatigue and unconsciousness when exposed to cold weather. The Unathi are a carnivorous species, with their main diet being meat, though they will often eat non-meat products such as plants and fruits for the taste, but these cannot sustain them. Due to their fast metabolism, the Unathi require a constant flood of protein to prevent their organs from deconstructing. The Unathi also poesses the innate ability to regenerate limbs and repair damage to their bodies automatically without the need for surgery to replace them. However, this quickly drains the Unathi of its resources, meaning that an Unathi who uses this should seek out protein from any source as soon as this process is finshed. However, since the Unathi rarely use this ability, it has been growing weaker and weaker with the generations. This is especially true with Unathi living in the Polar Cities, with the pollution corrputing this ability to an even greater extent. The average male Unathi stands at 7 feet tall, however those living in the Salt Swamps, along with the Yesoa, tend to be a full foot shorter than this. Unathi living in the Diamond Peaks however are taller than this average, however they have terrible posture because of this. Unathi generally live to be around 250 years old on average, however in the correct conditions an Unathi could theoretically live for over 700 years, however Moghes cannot support this at this time.

    Unathi Life Cycle
    The reproductive system of Unathi is extremely similar to reptiles living on Earth, with a female Unathi laying various eggs. The Unathi fetus has a gestation period of about 6 months, after which the egg is lead. Then the Unathi fetus will finish forming and it will come out.

    Hatchling: Newborn Unathi are very small creatures, but this does not make them any less dangerous, with sharp claws and talons. Unathi Hatchlings are extremely violent, with them generally trying to kill other hatchlings, though usually the mother will step in and prevent this. However this varies clan to clan, and many will simply allow the newborn Unathi to kill eachother, likely to prove who is the strongest and as such, the most worthy to live.

    Infancy: Around three years old, the Unathi's brain has developed further. They are not as violent as they were when they are born, but it does hold a strong presence over them. At this time, an Unathi will gather two to three other Unathi of similar age and form a "nest pack", after which they will begin hunting together. They almost never sleep, as their metabolism is working extremely quickly at this age. Unathi nest packs will use tactics similar to Raptors in our own history. They also begin to gain the ability to speak a rudimentary language in order to communicate with other Infant Unathi in order to more efficiently take down prey. Around this time the adult Unathi will give the infant Unathi a name, and will proceed to allow the infant Unathi to fend for itself.

    Teenage: When an Unathi reaches 13, his rib-plates will begin to form. This is reported as to be extremely uncomfortable. The teenage Unathi's brain will also have developed in complexity, with him beginning to show curiosity and intelligence. The newborn Unathi will also be able to communicate better in order to attract mates. The Unathi and his "pack mates" would have grown apart by this point, but they would still be extremely close friends.

    Adulthood: At around 25, an Unathi is officially a member of the clan. However this can occur before this point if an Unathi is extremely clever. Aggression can still take hold at this point, however, it is not as strong as it was when the Unathi was younger.

    Elders: When an Unathi becomes 150 years old, they are considered an elder. At this point they have likely become extremely well versed in their field. However this age will not slow the Unathi down, with him still being well-agile. At this point, his natural aggression is all but gone, replaced with a more methodical way of doing things.

    The Unathi have a wide set of behaviours unique to their species. When an Unathi is irritated or has heightened emotions they will begin to thump their tail against the ground. Unathi intimate gestures are twinning tails, nuzzling each other's neck, and twinning necks. Anxious Unathi will begin to hiss or sample the air more often than required. Socially speaking, Unathi refer to each other by their last name. However when two intimate Unathi are alone, they will refer to each other by their first name.

    Moghes is made up a wide variety of environments, from the Polar City-States to the Salt Swamps. Unathi living in these regions often have varying dialects, cultures, and technology.

    Polar City-States: These are the most welcoming of areas, and where tourists will likely begin their journey on Moghes. These are a odd mix of Unathi culture and technology will off-world technology. These cities crime-wise are basically what would happen if Detroit had no police force, with the Clans living the favelas of these cities basically using a form of "Gang Warfare" to control the areas here.

    Desert: The deserts of Moghes are heavily irradiated areas, with most of the water in this region being heavily polluted by radiation. However, this area also has an abundance of Precursor structures, many of which have military bunkers, where most of the clans who reside in this region take shelter in. These Unathi also utilize the ancient Precursor technology to help them to survive in this region.

    Savannah: The Savannah of Moghes is mostly presided by nomadic Unathi, who use great beasts known as Ogashes to travel, with many tents other small structures being built on top of them. However many Unathi who own these great beasts will often travel with it, corralling animals into a great caravan when moving around. These clans are capable of setting up a new village within hours, and they can take it down much quicker than this.

    Salt-Swamps: This region is particularly dangerous due to the hazardous environment and dangerous creatures lurking here, as such, many Unathi do not dare to visit. However the Unathi here are very welcoming, especially to caravans. The Unathi here travel mostly by Boat, with traditional row-boats, diesel-powered boats, and even those which use Precursor technology.

    Diamond Peaks: The Diamond Peak Unathi are, in a nutshell, the "North Korea" of Moghes. They are very isolationist and un-welcoming of outsiders. Most Unathi don't even bother coming here, with the exception of caravans. The Unathi here are very powerful, with them having advanced defense weapons. Due to the amounts of rare minerals and phoron, many offworlders come to mine these materials, only to be killed in brutal raids.

    Unathi Clans
    While the Unathi are separated by region, they are further divided by clans, which are akin to small "Nations". However it is my belief that even the most powerful clans don't have territory larger than that of the smaller modern-day nations. Unathi clans are lead by a Kaahnepo and a Matriarch, the Kaahnepo is the overral leader of the Clan, and hands out the different jobs of the clan. The Matriarch leads the females and watches over the younger members of the clan. Small skirmishes between clans is not uncommon, especially in the more lawless areas of the City-States and the Deserts. The hierarchy of the clan simply depends on how effective you are at your assigned role. For example: A great warrior might be akin to an Officer among the Clan's military forces.

    Unathi Faith

    Unathi, similar to our world, have varying beliefs and different religions.

    Hand of the Vine: The Unathi of this faith believe that the event that lead to the downfall of the Precursors is not a tragedy, but a chance to renew Moghes of life. They have a very strong World-People view, and they focus on turning Moghes into a veritable paradise. Unathi women under this fate are treated much better, but are still relegated to household duties. This faith is more popular in the Deserts and the Savannahs.

    Precursors: Unathi of this faith will "Worship" the Precursor technology. While not believing that the Precursors themselves are gods, they are committed to preserving their technology, architecture, and scriptures are not lost. The Unathi of this faith will look back upon what happened to the Precursors in order to prevent it from happening to the Unathi.

    The Grand Stratagem: My personal favorite faith, this one is about improving yourself through conflict, whether it be open battle or a simple arguement. People who subscribe to this fatih believe that through conflict, they will be able to better themselves and grow stronger. Unathi of this faith will seek out moments of conflict in order to conquer them and grow stronger. Many clans who believe in this faith will set up "Pits", gladiatorial where Unathi are pit up against one another or captured fauna. Every year on the summer solstice, the Unathi of this faith will celebrate the Day of Rebirth, where the Pit is closed so that the Unathi can celebrate those who have survived the challenges of this year, and learn from those who did not. The Unathi will create a bonfire and throw the items that remind them of their deceased clan mates in an act of remembrance and as a reminder to do better. This faith is strong in the harsher regions of Moghes, such as the Diamond Peaks and Deserts.

    Markesheli: This is a scorned faith, with the Unathi who believe in this often facing explement or execution for believing in this. The idea is that a Precursor by the name of Markesh survived The Fire as the Markesheli believe. However The Fire changed Markesh, giving him eternal life, but a heart of agony. Markesh was doomed to walk the Dying Sands for all eternity, until he came across an egg. He gave it life, and the first Unathi were born. However he was a harsh father, and once his children moved on to create new ideas and live in new lands, he lost all hope in them. The followers of Markesh believe that if they live lives of torture, agony, and punishment, Markesh will take them to his Land Once Went, or Paradise. When great gatherings of followers occur, it is mostly to commit mass suicide.

    The Fruitful Lights: This faith focuses on what an individual can do. Unathi of this faith believe that its the Unathi's duty to create, invent, and build. Followers of this faith come from a variety of backgrounds, from farmers to engineers. However they all use their hands to create a new and better environment around them. "Temples" of this faith are workshops, as creating new things is considered to the the "Worship" of the faith. Unathi of this faith are judged by how effective their creations are. They are in a (for lack of a better term) cold-war with the Clans of the Hand of the Vine, with espionage often occurring between them to find out the better farming techniques. Polar Unathi have the greatest number of Fruitful Lights followers.

    Guilds are akin to the Corporations of Humanity and the Skrell. While they are nowhere near a massive or as profitable as these their Human and Skrell counterparts, they are still powerful while on Moghes. Unathi who wish to join a clan must simply know a member of the clan and submit a creation for review. However upon joining the Unathi basically leaves their clan behind, the only reminder of their former affiliation being their last name. Guilds are lead by a Joge, the Clan version of a Kaahnepo. The line of succession for Joges is a vote among the members of the Clan.

    Unathi technology can vary widely depending on the region and clan. Much of Moghes is still diesel powered. The polar city-states are likely the most advanced, with off-world technology and phoron beginning to sweep into these cities. The Savannahs are still however relatively un-advanced, with most of the Unathi having technology akin to Native Americans. The Unathi of the Desert technologically speaking remind me of the Fallout games, with advanced technology being scattered throughout the inhospitable wasteland that is the Deserts of Moghes. Unathi here often possess ancient Precursor technology thanks to the adundance (compared to the rest of Moghes) of Precursor structures here. The Diamond Peak Unathi have advanced technology that has deterred most Unathi from going near. The Unathi themselves are not dumb either, with them being incredibly knowledge in the fields of math and engineering. They are extremely good at reverse-engineering and as such, much of the homebuilt Unathi technology is often reverse-engineered from the Precursors.

    The Unathi economy is made up of two fields, industry and agriculture. Agriculture however is mostly the domestication of animals since the Unathi don't get any sustainince from plants. The Unathi also have a decently industrial complex thanks to the boost given by ancient Precursor ruins which the Unathi have been able to find and scavenge from. Infact the polar city-states have even been able to re-activate ancient Precursor factories and complexes which gave the Unathi here a good place to start from.

    Warfare between clans is not uncommon, as they all compete for resources, territory, and honor. However how they fight depends on who is fighting. While Unathi of the Deserts might use firearms to wage their battles, the more traditional Unathi will use melee weapons, however the melee weapons of the Unathi are themselves advanced, with vibroswords and power axes being extremely potent weapons.

    Clan Concept
    The Vethas clan was originally founded within the Savannah of Moghes, where they a moderately powerful clan. However, when the Arthas clan, a much bigger clan sought to vassalize them, they were forced to flee into the deserts of Moghes. During the journey, much of the clan perished as the inhospitable desert, along with the dangerous creatures who called it home, killed many Unathi. But finally, when the remaining members of the Clan, numbering at 62 out of a total 156 Unathi who began the journey managed to stumble upon ancient Precursor ruins. On their last legs, they managed to get inside an ancient Precursor military bunker. The bunker soon proved to be their salvation, with it containing much in the way of supplies, medicine, and weaponry. The Unathi who arrived named it "Salvation", and called it their new home. They soon used the supplies to good use, slowly regaining their strength. However, eventually other clans began to raid their territories. After many hard fought battles in the inhospitable desert, they managed to push back the raiders. The clan soon began to believe in the faith of The Grand Stratagem after they realized the lessons the desert and the raiders had taught them. However these battles drained the clan's manpower and as a result, they retreated back to Salvation. They now wait in the shadows, slowly but surely regaining their strength.
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    Been over 48 hours, so bumpy bump
  3. Monitor Lizard

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    I'll look into this one.
  4. Monitor Lizard

    Monitor Lizard Unathi Species Maintainer

    Alright, here's what I have to say. To complete the process, you need to present character concept (basically, the char you're going to be playing on Torch, their backstory, how they got onboard, etc). Apart from that, I have some notes regarding your app, most of which should be attributed to wiki rework being slow (mainly regarding religions, guilds and general info on savannas and and city-states.

    Anyway, if you pm me on discord, I'll invite you to unathi server, where you can ask questions about the race and actual gameplay. This should help you with char concept. Plus, that way it would be easier to discuss lore things I wanted to bring up.
  5. masterchief366556

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    Unathi Character Concept: Arak Vethas (Master-At-Arms)
    Arak Vethas was born into the Salvation around 10 years after what his clan calls "The Trial" (the aforementioned attack by Clan Arthas and retreat into the desert). His childhood was similar to many desert Unathi, and as he reached his teenage years he soon gained an interest in martial skills, and he trained to become one of the clan's warriors. By the time he was an adult, he was a skilled warrior, proficient in the use of both firearms and melee weapons. For around the next 40 or so years he worked as a caravan guard. After facing attacks by many raiders while on these caravan missions, he became experienced in fighting off these raider attacks. However, one day the Clan Kaahnepo heard about the EC Exchange Program, and after the necessary dealings the nearest Hegemony Kaahnepo asked for volunteers who wished to join this Exchange Program. Arak had always been curious, about about the martial traditions and techniques used by other Unathi clans. As such, he eagerly volunteered for the program. He bade his family and friends goodbye, and ventured off to the nearest Polar City to head off-world to work with the EC, and soon found that he was to be assigned to the SEV Torch as an Master-At-Arms due to his combat experience as a caravan guard, where he works to this day.
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    Right, we've cleared up certain aspects of lore in PMs. I do approve of the character, but, given the uneven RP history as shown by the notes, this is gonna be a month-long trial. If you decide to play as another char, make sure to run it by me first.
  7. masterchief366556

    masterchief366556 Bartender

    Alright, thank you.