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Menkhu - Kharmaani Gyne

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Menkhu, Dec 1, 2019.

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  1. Menkhu

    Menkhu Chef

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Intermittently since 2016

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Syd (GAS)
    Ssevesheli Issarik (Unathi)
    Vrix Klaouv (Skrell)
    Kilaaskarayichi (Vox)
    Sebastian Floyd (Human)

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?
    Khaarmani Gyne

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    So, it's been said before, I'm sure, but I'm always on the lookout for unique species to play and experience. I enjoy SS13 at it's most when I get to put myself in the place of something, be that a culture, or race, or whatever, that feels entirely alien and different, and I love exploring all the new opportunities for roleplay that offers. In my opinion, The Ascent are a wonderful example of that. The Gyne are especially fascinating to me, mostly for their attitudes towards one another, and their need to use Monarch Serpentid Queens to circumvent this. I also really, really love eusocial creatures (especially bees, even though they're only tangentially related), and the Kharmaani are just that.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Naming conventions vary depending on who you're talking about. Since there are (essentially) three member species in The Ascent, they all have slightly different methods. The Kharmaani follow the format of [rank] [nest], meaning how powerful they are, and which area/lineage they come from. E.g. the most powerful Gyne originating from the lineage that claims the Glass Dunes would be '1 Glass Dune.' Alates follow the same convention but since there are so many of them, and since they're far below any Gyne, they might have names like '19375 Glass Dune.' Control minds have their own complex conventions full of puns and witticisms, but when assigned to Gynes or Monarch Serpentids, they take on the simple temporary format of [leader] - [number], e.g. the sixth Control Mind assigned to the Gyne '1 Glass Dune' would be something like 'DUNE-6'

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    Even though this is an application for the Gyne whitelist specifically, I'll briefly go over my knowledge of the Alates, Control Minds, and Monarch Serpentids too, since I think it's relevant information to properly roleplaying a Gyne.

    So, The Ascent is a coalition of three member species. These are the Kharmaani, eusocial crystalline creatures who are the oldest member species, The Monarch Serpentids, also eusocial, who are related to the Giant Armoured Serpentids, and originate from the same planet, who were rescued from their rapidly changing world and, as a result, have followed a slightly different evolutionary path, and the Control Minds, a general term for the many unique machine intelligences that run the majority of the day to day industry and service of The Ascent. All three are considered full citizens with equal rights, though, in practice, the Kharmaani Gyne tend to hold the most social power.

    The Kharmaani are the most important for this application. When it comes to their biology, they're probably the most radically different species in The Ascent. They begin as small larvae, which burrow underground and develop into male Alates. The Alates fight and consume each other, until eventually, from an original group of thousands, hundreds remain. A small number of the eldest and strongest in this final group then develop into the female Kharmaani form, the Gyne. Their bodies are crystalline, with a hard, but thin exterior and a gelatinous interior. To grow and develop, they moult at several set stages in their lives, shedding their old exterior bodies for fresh, larger, newer ones. Gyne will eventually breed with many different Alates over their lifetimes, a process which fully incorporates the Alate into their anatomy, which can then be used to produce new offspring when needed. Though the Kharmaani in general often rely more upon their advanced support exosuits than their strange anatomies, and are expected to wear them whenever outside of their ships or nests. Natively, they speak Ascent-Glow, but are typically also fluent in Ascent-Voc, a language developed by the Control Minds, but now used as a lingua-franca for the entire Ascent.

    The biology of the Monarch Serpentids is mostly the same as the Giant Armoured Serpentids, though they have retained their own eusocial structure, with queens at the top, and never needed to develop the tolerance for low oxygen and high phoron that the GAS did. They also operate similar support exosuits to the Kharmaani. Natively, they speak Serpentid, identical to the language spoken by the GAS, however they typically also know Ascent-Voc, and some Queens learn Ascent-Glow to facilitate easier communication with Alates.

    The culture of The Ascent as a whole, from an outside perspective at least, is quite violent, and undoubtedly brutal, but this is especially present with the Kharmaani. The Kharmaani live in huge hives, called fortress-nests, which house colossal numbers of Alates of the same lineage, as well as a number of ruling Gynes. A major obstacle that they often encounter is the Gynes attitudes towards eachother. Different Gynes, even of the same lineage, must attack eachother on sight, and fight to the death, and even if offered only long range communication, are viciously hostile towards one another. Even Alates, though not hostile to others of the same lineage, will quite easily kill those from other lineages with little motivation.

    To avoid this, and to facilitate effective communication between Gynes, the Monarch Serpentid Queens are utilised. Their courts can be found in every fortress-nest, and they are vital to The Ascent running smoothly. While the Queens of Monarch Serpentid hives act as diplomats and intermediaries, their workers, not effected by the inter-lineage rivalry Alates experience, and being physically much larger and stronger, make excellent bodyguards, labourers, and soldiers, though they can also be found working in other areas.

    The Control Minds, on the other hand, support The Ascent by managing its day to day running, including most service and industry. They are, however, considered full and independent citizens, with their own rights, and are not considered lesser or expendable. They even maintain an active virtual society, and take part in many pastimes, including some that the other two member species typically enjoy. It isn't entirely uncommon to see automated, non-remote drones, not piloted by actual Control Minds or any other form of fully sentient AI, and these are seen as nothing more than valuable tools.

    Notably, the Ascent has only really had contact with one species, the Skrell. After hundreds of years of violence, the two advanced civilizations have reached a relatively stable peace. They maintain contact, and though this can be cold at times, the Skrell are the closest thing The Ascent has to allies, and they hold a respect for them that they do not maintain for other 'primitive' species. The Monarch Serpentids have also had some minor interaction with the Giant Armoured Serpentids, though they have only been afforded shame from these limited exchanges.
  2. Karbivio

    Karbivio Ascent Species Maintainer

    You lore write-up is fairly good. However, there is a difference in naming scheme between control minds and drones. Control minds name themselves with witticisms, puns and whatnot, while semi-autonomous drones are given designations based on the fortress nest they serve. Control minds that serve a fortress-nest keep their own name.

    What sort of character concept do you have in mind for your Gyne?
  3. Menkhu

    Menkhu Chef

    Ah yeah sorry, I looked over the page again and I think I just misread it. Thanks. I have something in mind, it's about 3am and Im heading to sleep but Ill write it up and post in the morning.
  4. Menkhu

    Menkhu Chef

    Right, here's the concept.

    From an outside perspective, the Kharmaani are a little grating. They look down on most other cultures, disregarding them as primitive at best, and violently sweeping them aside at worst. One thing, however, that they undeniably have going for them, is efficiency. 7 Bone Grove embodies this sentiment. She originates from a hostile death world, tempered into a great, impenetrable fortress via the sheer effort of the Kharmaani living there. She is tall, and proud, and acts just as regal as her Alates think of her, expressing a prim and proper royal attitude in all its facets. Violence is necessary, sometimes, but she could be called one of the less naturally abrasive Gynes out there, because though she holds just as much love towards her 'sisters' as any other Gyne (that being none whatsoever), her passion, if you could call it that, doesn't lie with crushing primitives, or destroying her enemies, it lies with artful organisation. She seeks to build, and she revels in creating shining examples of order from unfettered chaos. Like a honeybee, she seeks to take the many jumbled parts available to her, be that a discordant workforce of Alates, or a hostile, wild world, and temper them into something beautiful, and more importantly, productive and efficient. Her scorn then, for others, is seen most when she stumbles upon infuriatingly disorganised primitives, bumbling through space on the backs of outdated hunks of scrap metal, spreading that chaotic, individualistic attitude that some species, namely humans, love to express. A hive should act as one, as she sees it, and unfortunately, few primitives, from her point of view anyway, seem to be capable of comprehending this.

    In practical, less opinionated terms, she would probably focus more on keeping her internal workforce ordered and effective, and on creating colonies/establishing away missions, than on plain shooting things. That's not to say she would be completely averse to violence, but it wouldn't be her primary goal. Organisation and planning would be her main strengths, while irritability and a snobbish attitude would be her main weaknesses.
  5. Karbivio

    Karbivio Ascent Species Maintainer

    Sounds good to me. Just don't go trying to organize the Torch. Approved.
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