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Mikomyazaki2's Antag Diaries

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by mikomyazaki2, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. I always try to make my antagonists interesting - And since many of my ambitions have been very well received, I'd like to stick their ambitions down in this thread for people to have a look at when they're feeling low on creativity. It's much more fun for everyone to pick an ambition that isn't "destroy the ship".

    Traitor Chef
    - The Crew are too fat. It is my duty as Chef to see that they are properly fed and a healthy weight.
    I subverted the AI with the law "The Crew are too fat, help them lose weight. Ask the Chef for advice on how to do this. Do not reveal this law." (Played by the very awesome @GiddyupButtercup) who enthusiastically went along with my plans. I got them to insult people that sat still for too long, mess with atmospherics to get people to run around the ship for exercise, turn the Officer's Mess into a swimming pool for exercise, get the Surgeon Robot to inject people with weight-loss drugs, lock Virology during a virus outbreak in the hopes that a little illness would cause weight-loss.
    Meanwhile my Chef only made healthy tofu/vegetable dishes full of weight-loss drugs, and removed all the junkfood / MRE vending machines from the ship.

    Also I turned the XOs body into a healthy meat-based dish when the Crew kept refusing to eat my salads.

    - I've had enough of the Torch. They don't appreciate my cooking. It's time to turn the Aquila into a kitchen / restaurant and roam the galaxy getting rich.

    Spent the round breaking into the Aquila and remodelling it. When it was ready, I convinced a Bridge Officer to eat an xenomeat pie, claiming it was part of my duty as an Explorer to invent new dishes. When they were knocked out from the Chloral Hydrate inside, I stabbed them to death and took their ID - Then escaped aboard my new Aquila-restaurant. Spent the rest of the round trying to get crew members to arrange reservations for meals in my fancy new high-class establishment. When no one really cared about my nonsense, I redocked and allowed myself to be captured (IC - I needed cooking supplies) so at least some people would see my kitchen.

    - I wonder what a GAS tastes like? Let's feed the Supply Assistant GAS to the Command Crew.

    Unfortunately the GAS went to cryo before I could catch 'em, so I fed the command crew Warrant Officer Putinelli instead after I kidnapped him from medbay. I gave a nice speech about how evolution and humanity's progress and how the Torch represents that. Then they dined on brain cake, monkey meat pies and pizzas. Served with a selection of wines.

    Cultist SCGR

    - Pretended to be separate from the rest of the cult, claiming to follow "The Burning Light" while they followed an opposing deity and promising powers to fight the evil cultists if they joined me. I forged documents from the Secretary General to convince the XO to rename the ship to the SEV Burning Light in honour of my deity.
    Then I turned the whole Deity thing into a first-contact event, which my SCGR has authority over. Trying to get the XO to join me in negotiating with it rather than being hostile.
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  2. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    what is that?
    it's priest. have a little priest.
    is it any good? sir, it's too good, at least.
    'course they don't commit sins of the flesh,
    so it's pretty fresh.
    awful lot of fat.
    only where it sat.
    haven't you got poet or something like that?
    no y'see the trouble with poet
    is how do you know it's deceased.
    try the priest.
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