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Mikomyazaki2's Antag Diaries

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by mikomyazaki2, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. mikomyazaki2

    mikomyazaki2 Petty Officer First Class

    I always try to make my antagonists interesting - And since many of my ambitions have been very well received, I'd like to stick their ambitions down in this thread for people to have a look at when they're feeling low on creativity. It's much more fun for everyone to pick an ambition that isn't "destroy the ship".

    Traitor Chef
    - The Crew are too fat. It is my duty as Chef to see that they are properly fed and a healthy weight.
    I subverted the AI with the law "The Crew are too fat, help them lose weight. Ask the Chef for advice on how to do this. Do not reveal this law." (Played by the very awesome @GiddyupButtercup) who enthusiastically went along with my plans. I got them to insult people that sat still for too long, mess with atmospherics to get people to run around the ship for exercise, turn the Officer's Mess into a swimming pool for exercise, get the Surgeon Robot to inject people with weight-loss drugs, lock Virology during a virus outbreak in the hopes that a little illness would cause weight-loss.
    Meanwhile my Chef only made healthy tofu/vegetable dishes full of weight-loss drugs, and removed all the junkfood / MRE vending machines from the ship.

    Also I turned the XOs body into a healthy meat-based dish when the Crew kept refusing to eat my salads.

    - I've had enough of the Torch. They don't appreciate my cooking. It's time to turn the Aquila into a kitchen / restaurant and roam the galaxy getting rich.

    Spent the round breaking into the Aquila and remodelling it. When it was ready, I convinced a Bridge Officer to eat an xenomeat pie, claiming it was part of my duty as an Explorer to invent new dishes. When they were knocked out from the Chloral Hydrate inside, I stabbed them to death and took their ID - Then escaped aboard my new Aquila-restaurant. Spent the rest of the round trying to get crew members to arrange reservations for meals in my fancy new high-class establishment. When no one really cared about my nonsense, I redocked and allowed myself to be captured (IC - I needed cooking supplies) so at least some people would see my kitchen.

    - I wonder what a GAS tastes like? Let's feed the Supply Assistant GAS to the Command Crew.

    Unfortunately the GAS went to cryo before I could catch 'em, so I fed the command crew Warrant Officer Putinelli instead after I kidnapped him from medbay. I gave a nice speech about how evolution and humanity's progress and how the Torch represents that. Then they dined on brain cake, monkey meat pies and pizzas. Served with a selection of wines.

    Cultist SCGR

    - Pretended to be separate from the rest of the cult, claiming to follow "The Burning Light" while they followed an opposing deity and promising powers to fight the evil cultists if they joined me. I forged documents from the Secretary General to convince the XO to rename the ship to the SEV Burning Light in honour of my deity.
    Then I turned the whole Deity thing into a first-contact event, which my SCGR has authority over. Trying to get the XO to join me in negotiating with it rather than being hostile.
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  2. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    what is that?
    it's priest. have a little priest.
    is it any good? sir, it's too good, at least.
    'course they don't commit sins of the flesh,
    so it's pretty fresh.
    awful lot of fat.
    only where it sat.
    haven't you got poet or something like that?
    no y'see the trouble with poet
    is how do you know it's deceased.
    try the priest.
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  3. mikomyazaki2

    mikomyazaki2 Petty Officer First Class

    Time for an update! I had a really well received SEA round - In part due to a well-played CO for me to manipulate.

    Traitor Senior Enlisted Advisor
    Ambition -- Frame the CE for having illicit programs and using his position to cover it up.

    At the start of the round, I looked up everyone's exploitables and found that the Chef was covering up some cooking-related-manslaughter, so I brought this to the XO. During the conversation I sedated him and copied his ID, while implanting him to 'forget this meeting happened'.
    Now that I had network access, allowing me to use the proxy network commands, I started to set the scene - Dumping a tablet running the DDoS program down disposals to make sure the AI and CE were yapping about network hacking.
    I made sure I was first on the scene to pick up the tablet from supply once it was reported, and swapped it for a fresh tablet without my fingerprints when I delivered it to security.
    The CE and AI were now constantly watching the NTNet Diagnostics program in telecomms - So I snuck into the CEs office and installed the antagonist programs on his office computer.
    Using Proxy connections to hide myself, I started running access hacking while sitting on the bridge advising the bridge staff and being a good SEA - Making sure the CO thought I was a competent and trustworthy SEA.
    The CE and AI took the bait and had some trouble tracking down the proxies. Fortunately, they didn't know how to find where the Proxy was made from.
    After some time, I went to the CO and voiced my concerns that there were only four people in the crew that could access those network features (proxies) - The CO, XO, CE and AI. I made sure to ask the CO, XO and CE if their IDs had been out of their hands at any point this shift, and of course they said no. I implored the CO to arrange a search of the CE's computers, and a check of the AI's laws - As they were likely sabotaging their own efforts to find the hacker!
    The Senior Engineer had some stuff in his backstory about Oxycodone addiction - And I called him into my office, plonked a bottle of Oxycodone down on the desk, and told him I wanted to make sure he was clean... this lead into a blackmail situation with me 'paying' him with the bottle of Oxycodone to inform the CO that they were suspicious of the CE -- Backing up my SEA.
    The CO checked the AIs laws, and /eventually/ ordered the search and arrest of the CE.

    A hitch in the plan happened now, as the Forensics Tech checked the office and found my fingerprints! I waylaid him on the way back from the CEs office, dragged him into maintenance and implanted him with three 'laws' :
    1. You are certain the CE is guilty of the network hacking.
    2. You believe the SEA is trustworthy.
    3. You saw a Vox in maintenance, it must've been what knocked you out.

    The Ftech RP'd this well, stuttering about scary Voxes in maintenance and getting security to run about searching.

    At the end of the shift, the CO was suspicious of both the CE and the XO for the network sabotage, and had them both in the processing room. Command had spent most of the shift pointing fingers at each other and I had lots of fun!
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  4. mikomyazaki2

    mikomyazaki2 Petty Officer First Class

    Had another round that went pretty well!

    Traitor Shuttle Pilot

    Ambition - I'm the best pilot aboard, it should be me at the helm of the Torch.

    There was one Bridge Officer, and an XO and CO. So I decided to mess with them for the round. First, I gave the Bridge Officer a slowly acting sedative so he'd fall asleep while piloting the Torch. I waited for the announcement that the Torch would be moving, then dosed him while chatting at the door to a bridge.

    Soon enough, we had multiple 'Meteors, oh no' warnings. The CO was forced to break a medical quarantine to head to the bridge and deal with the situation. The Bridge Officer was sent to medbay, and the CO ordered them checked for alcohol. I offered to drag him to medbay, and the CO agreed, allowing me to copy his ID with an agent ID card.

    While the Bridge Officer was in medbay, I bought a chameleon outfit, voice changer and crew arrival announcement. William-545, Fleet Shuttle Pilot became James-333, Fleet Bridge Officer. Complete with fake mustache! (Which I explained away as covering a skin condition, if anyone pointed it out, please don't bring it up again!)

    The Bridge Officer had left a bible on the bridge, so I put a flask with vodka inside and filled one of the bridge coffee cups with vodka. This was pointed out to the XO later on. This also made it clear to the Bridge Officer that he was being framed, which pissed him off and caused him to act very un-officer-like toward my character for the rest of the round.

    Until the Bridge Officer returned to the bridge, I piloted the Torch and corrected the drifting, taking us to the sector's exoplanet for Exploration, who had been rather annoyed by the delay -- I explained to them that it was because the original pilot had "fallen asleep" at the wheel, and the XO yelled at me for speaking about that to non-Command staff.

    The rest of the shift was easy. I spent most of it needling the Bridge Officer about his drinking habit, watching him talk to the Counselor, and reminding the XO/CO of the problem whenever I could. Doing stuff like ordering alcohol from supply with a 'Please deliver discreetly' note, under the Bridge Officer's name. Lots of *smirk-ing at the Bridge Officer when no one was looking. (I had the Supply staff inform the CO about this, so that not all the evidence was coming from myself), occasionally injecting the Bridge Officer with a sleepy pen full of ethanol to try and make his speech slur.

    Ultimately I got myself and the Bridge Officer NJP'd for our in-fighting, the CO spent a lot of the shift in his office yelling at one or both of us.


    My favourite antag rounds are the ones where, at the end, people are yelling in OOC not knowing exactly who caused the things that annoyed them all round.
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  5. mikomyazaki2

    mikomyazaki2 Petty Officer First Class

    Head Mutineer Crewman - CN Grace Wright

    So we're far from Sol and not going back anytime soon. There's a CO, the one and only Noah Bedran, and not much command otherwise.
    I get on the Service Channel and secure a meeting soon with the CO to get an assignment as a Crewman. I sort out an implant with the following laws:
    • You're an old man, Noah Bedran. You'll be retiring soon.
    • Your memory isn't working properly. You keep forgetting regulations.
    • Treat the crew better, they're struggling this far from home.

      And then the XO woke up -- Realising I'd probably be delegated to the XO, I asked one of the other revs to distract... but that didn't end up working out.

    So I'm in the office with the XO. After a bit of a chat, I sleepy pen him, steal his ID and give him the implant meant for Bedran -- Which he RP'd magnificently throughout the round!

    Thinking the XO would turn me in, I decided to change my identity to that of the SolGov Rep to mess with Bedran on the bridge, so off I go to the bridge.
    In meantime Noah is spouting all sorts of announcements about rationing, no lights on D3 or 4 and other austerity measures due to the round type. I grab the CEs radio key from their office since the XOs ID doesn't give me access to the SCGRs office.

    I write up a fax to SCGEC saying Noah wanted to retire, sign it from him and send it off. Which causes a huge outburst from Bedran when he gets contacted about it from EC.

    The other revs are making a mess at this point, some failed bombing attempts, they take over cargo... I don't really meet up with them that much. Mostly doing my own thing.

    I bribe an Engineer to remove the access from "my" office door, so I can get in there incase I need to prove I'm the SCGR by having a meeting there. And they do it!

    I try to convince the XO to turn to rev a few times, but it doesn't work. I can't convince anyone else either. Darn it! I even do things like stab the CO with a sleepy pen to make it look like "he needs a nap", which the XO goes along with -- Happily saying Bedran must retire!

    At this point I drop the SCGR disguise incase Bedran orders my arrest for sleepy penning him, and go back to being Grace the Crewman.

    I wander around trying to convince people to stop supporting Bedran, and eventually Bedran gets taken to medical from wounds sustained... somehow. Someone attacked the bridge I guess.

    I go to medbay to make sure he doesn't survive -- Annoyingly, it looks like he's going to. So I stab him with some crystallizing agent and he promptly explodes as I run off. CO down!

    Later Grace stands guard over the COs corpse, with a shotgun, looking for all the world like the loyal Crewman (and taking his ID).

    The XO is going insane, and I try to get him help and reassurance. He's not a threat to us mutineers so I leave him be.


    Then in an announcement I invite everyone to walk in the dirt in the garden with me, and think of home.

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