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MikoMyazaki's Guides List

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by mikomyazaki2, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. mikomyazaki2

    mikomyazaki2 Petty Officer First Class

    I've written a few guides now for the wiki, and I've noticed people don't realize they exist -- I guess some people prefer the forums. So I'm going to keep this thread updated to improve visibility.

    Engineering Guides:
    Guide to NTNet and Computing
    Guide to the RUST
    Guide to Integrated Circuits

    Supply Guides:
    Guide to Supply Department

    General Guides:
    Guide to Grenades and Explosive Devices

    Role Guides:
    SolGov Representative

    I hope you find them useful. I'd appreciate if you'd throw any problems with them you notice at me on Discord.
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  2. mikomyazaki2

    mikomyazaki2 Petty Officer First Class

    Updated my list with the SCGR and Explosives guides.

    Thinking of writing a 'how to play traitor without being boring' guide soon.