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Miraviel's Characters (Sally Walker)

Discussion in 'Character Bios' started by Miraviel, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Miraviel

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    Reposting this for a fresh start plus a bit of a background rewriting. Less heroism, more of sheer, dumb luck.
    This character is still a mess, gosh.

    "It's not about looking after number one, it's about looking after numbers two to twelve in your section.
    That way you will always have eleven people watching your back."

    (Original: Gloves by Kuvshinov-Ilya)

    Basic Information
    Sally Walker​
    Date of Birth:
    July 5th, 2280​
    Place of Birth:
    Sol, Earth, London​
    Blood Type:
    Grandmother, Kate Walker,
    Grandmother, Catherine Craig
    Grandfather, Philip Walker
    Grandfather, Andrew Craig
    Mother, Laura Walker
    Father, Henry Walker
    Sister, Jane Walker
    Sister, Rachel Walker​
    Fleet Dossier
    Start of Service:
    June 2303​
    E-5 (Petty Officer, Second Class)​
    Hospital corpsman second class​
    3rd Support Batallion, 4th Fleet, Support Group Alpha, SFV Chiang Kai-shek​
    Physical Description
    5'2" (158 cm)​
    115 lbs (52 kg)​
    Thick, waist-length, brown hair, always tied into a donut bun when she is on duty​
    Vigorous and somewhat sturdy, she is in a good shape​
    Personality and Quirks
    Clean freak:
    She keeps the Infirmary super clean. All the time. Apparently, NJPs can be beneficial.
    Healthy diet:
    She never eats junk food and avoids sugary dishes. She can eat an endless amount of berries, though.
    Alcohol intolerance:
    She never drinks alcohol, not even when she is off-duty. Her reason is that she has to be ready for an emergency call all time... The real reason is that she gets tipsy at a record rate.
    Respectful and direct:
    Even though she was told a thousand times by Expeditionary officers to forget saluting them, she does it anyways. Same with civilians, everyone is a "sir" or "ma'am" or a mister/miss if she has to call them by their name. It is also very difficult to make her lose her temper. She usually doesn't reply to insults - it doesn't mean that she forgets them, though.
    Having a crush on half of the officers:
    She is too easily fascinated by her superiors. On the flipside, she does her absolute best at all times to impress them and it's easy to inspire her to do tasks she would be reluctant to do otherwise.
    She excels at her work if she can work together with others or she is properly commanded around. She knows that in such an enclosed area they are heavily reliant on each other, regardless of personal differences. Ever since she got injured, she makes double sure she is cooperative with everyone, even if it is borderline bootlicking. She knows it all too well what it is like to be on the roller bed, and she sure does not want enemies around it.​
    Background Summary
    Coming from a fairly rich family, she was taught good manners and was spoiled in the worst ways possible. The latter gradually faded away once she started to attend public schools. She had a very good relationship with her family that changed drastically during her high school years.
    During her high school years, she had a trip to Pluto where she, for the first time ever, witnessed poverty first-hand. It made such a huge impact on her that even after she returned home, she could not forget about it. It did not make sense to her that she lived such a sheltered and largely aimless life compared to "those people".

    Eventually, she decided that things had to be changed - single-handedly by her and without any kind of a plan, but it was necessary. Since she was only interested in biology and she had no other idea, she started to pursue a medical career. The next summer she decided to spend her holiday on Pluto, again, but this time with volunteer work in the Central Armed Forces Hospital in New Santa Domingo.

    Her family, confused and terrified, first tried to lure her back, then threatened her with straight disowning her. Knowing very well they would never do so - or just out of stupid stubbornness - he reacted with not returning to Earth at all and getting a nurse-assistant job at her hospital instead.​

    Young Adult:
    In less than a year, she completed a course and became a nurse. Later, she specialized in critical care and worked in the hospital until 2303. She picked up Gutter and though she worked for less than the minimum wage, she was never on her uppers - eventually, her parents resigned themselves to her decision and continued to support her.

    In 2303, for unknown reasons (to her), a Fleet officer recommended her to join the Fleet as she "could make a difference at places where she was more needed". Young and susceptible, she agreed to it without a second thought.​

    She thought she was in a good shape and that she was suited for this but she had never been this wrong in her life. Her bootcamp was hell, she had a hard time with learning the drill, the regulations, almost everything that could have got her chewed out. She was not particularly talented in anything and talking back to the NCOs during her first week did not help her either. The physical exercises pushed her to her limits and she wanted to quit almost every day.

    However, the contract was signed and she had no other choice.

    After she completed it and her hospital corpsman training, she was assigned to the 3rd Support Batallion, 4th Fleet, and due to her prior experience in medical care, she was sent to the Support Group Alpha's main ship, the SFV Chiang Kai-shek. Even though she did her best to fit in, she was still struggling with the entire military environment. Her first weeks were just a series of NJPs, mainly being punished by cleaning duties (that, and alongside with her height, earned her the "Soapy" nickname) quickly alienating her from the rest of the other E-3s.

    She eventually started trying too hard to obey every regulation. Needless to say, that did not do her any good either.

    Despite the rough start, she refused to give up. She was way too far into this business, she could not just go home and say "you were right" to her family - and deep down she still believed that what she was working for was meaningful and it mattered. She knew she was not cut out for the military, she was hardly cut out for living in New Santa Domingo back on Pluto; unfortunately, she did not magically change from a sheltered princess to a model soldier either. But she believed that if there was one less corpsman onboard and someone received field treatment too late because of that, it was because she quitted.

    She found this a selfish and ridiculous thought, but it was her ridiculous thought and she decided to cling to it.​

    For a year, she worked to the best of her abilities, slowly getting used to the military atmosphere and everything that came with it. She was still incredibly unpopular and if someone had to be thrown under the bus for some enlisted gimmick, she was still the first candidate. Eventually, however, out of pity or out of curiosity, she was approached by some crewmen and their actions broke the ice. Though she retained the glorious title of the "Soapy" and probably not even her roommates knew her name, at least she started to fit in.

    In 2304, the Kai-shek was shaken by an unforeseen, albeit poor mutiny attempt. By then, Sally had only a very limited combat experience and she was anything but prepared to fight against her own. She did not understand the cause of the mutiny either. All she knew was that without officers, the Kai-shek would fall into chaos and it would not be able to support the fourth Fleet anymore, and such she instinctively tried to protect her immediate superiors.

    All she can recall is that on the seventh of September, two armed men entered the infirmary's treatment center and pointed guns at them. She froze: she knew that she should have followed their orders and got on the ground. She knew she could have prevented this, too, as she was hearing all about this through the holocalls between the Bridge and the medical officers. The Chief Medical Officer prepared them what to do in case someone brute forces their way in as well. The shutters button was right next to her and she did see the intruders coming in.

    And yet she forgot all about that. When two rifles were pointing at her, her only thought was "I'm going to die."

    The conversation around her was distant and unintelligible, but slowly she realized they were yelling at her. It turned out that she was standing between the entrance and lieutenant Peter Russell, shielding him; the physician the two men came for.

    She knew one of the mutineers, they shared the same bunks. That's why they did not shoot her, to begin with. And that's why it was even more difficult to realize the situation she got into.

    They were three steps away, bigger, armed, armored. Nobody in their right mind would have tried to play a hero in that situation, there was no use in fighting them - but a terrified person is anything but in their right mind. She instinctively hurled herself at them, disarming one of them before she got kicked in the stomach by the other, and a heavy push in her right shoulder sent her down on the floor. Only about fifteen seconds later she felt the immense pain coming from the shot wound and it immediately knocked her out.

    The hit shattered her scapula and severely damaged her humerus, but after a series of debridement and fracture repair, and two weeks of a follow-up treatment, her arm was restored to its previous state. To her relief, the lieutenant and the other medical personnel were unscathed; they reacted in time back then, and while she diverted the mutineers' attention, they unholstered their own sidearms and overwhelmed the attackers.

    After this incident, the next one and a half year was spent almost uneventful.​

    SEV Torch:
    In April 2306, one of the physicians decided to join the Torch project and recommended Sally to do the same. While she was reluctant to leave the Kai-shek, which she had grown to like (or at least, hate it a bit less) by then, her curiosity convinced her to accompany him. Before she applied for the mission, she decided to take a course in xeno-treatment to prepare for races she had not met yet.

    In May 2306, she boarded the SEV Torch with a two-year contract in her satchel.

    In December 2306, she left for three months to apply for a position at one of the Fifth Fleet's special forces division. After she failed, she returned to the Torch in March, 2307.​
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