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Modded Minecraft server

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by GinjaNinja32, Oct 4, 2015.


Modpack/reset/etc; pick ONE modpack and ONE gamemode

Poll closed Aug 26, 2016.
  1. MODPACK: Infinity Evolved 2.5.0, no reset (ie continue with the current map)

    0 vote(s)
  2. MODPACK: Infinity Evolved 2.6.0+, reset (new map, reset thaumcraft research, etc)

    5 vote(s)
  3. MODPACK: Infinity Evolved non-skyblock, don't care about reset/exact version

    0 vote(s)
  4. MODPACK: Infinity Evolved Skyblock 1.2.0+ (reset required)

    1 vote(s)
  5. MODPACK: something other than Infinity Evolved (post it!)

    0 vote(s)
  6. GAMEMODE: Normal

    1 vote(s)
  7. GAMEMODE: Expert

    5 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. GinjaNinja32

    GinjaNinja32 Community Moderator

    This is somewhat alive again, has been for a few months.

    FTB Infinity Evolved 2.5.0, with a couple of tweaks.

    See #bs12minecraft on IRC for details.

    Donations are required to keep it alive past the 27th - Donations go here; make sure to put that it's for the Minecraft server in the description/notes field you get!



    Server is UP. Address is

    On Chunkloaders (READ!): link

    Additionally, no dense mob farms. If your mobs are colliding with each other, it's dense. If you're not sure, it probably is.

    A config change is now REQUIRED from a base FTB install!
    Change the following to the values shown:

    A few people on Mordeth's realm have been talking about a modded server, I mentioned that I could host if I got a little bit of extra money to cover the VPS upgrade, and a few people have approached me offering to pay that.

    It'd likely be via Patreon, totalling about £7/US$10.60/€9.50 - please let me know if you'd be interested in paying part of this; PMs are fine if you'd prefer that over posting here. Once enough people have let me know (read: once the total hits ~£6-7), I'll sort something out so people can throw money at the server.

    Preferred modpack/mods? Tekkit? FTB? Some sort of custom pack?

    It'll be whitelisted, so if you want to throw me your Minecraft names here now, I'll make a list so it's done in advance.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2016
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  2. Wickedtemp

    Wickedtemp Senior Enlisted Advisor


    And I'm absolutely interested in this ^.^ If we get around six or so people, it would be less than 2$ a month from each participant.
  3. insanegame27

    insanegame27 Senior Enlisted Advisor


    I would participate but I haz no moneyz.

    A mod I would like to play with is TerraFirmaCraft, which is a total overhaul. It brings the five foodtypes into play when you eat, and that controls your health. More extensive description to come
  4. GinjaNinja32

    GinjaNinja32 Community Moderator

    I know TFC, yep. Definitely an option, but we'll see who wants what once we have more people. I'll probably stick a poll up at that point, options as everything people have suggested so far.
  5. insanegame27

    insanegame27 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    I'm cool for FTB ultimate or TFC. I think TFC would be the better option but it is harder to get into (holy crap the double entendre) whereas FTB is sorta easier? However FTB is /very/ resource consuming on low-end PCs.

    Mods you should definately have/add in the modpack: Fastcraft, Optifine.
    Fastcraft is a mod that makes the whole game run faster for less resources. There is a server version and a client version. This is a must-have. I used to get 10-20 frames on my laptop without fastcraft, I ended up getting 30-40 consistantly with it enabled.
    If you clicked this button, you're an idiot. You should know what optifine is.
  6. Shadow_Of_Man

    Shadow_Of_Man Game Administrator

    I would definitely love this-
    Mods I would like are magic ones, since they have loads of stuff to do (Thaumcraft, Blood Magic). I also really like Tinkers Construct for the awesome tools.
    P.S. See my PM.
  7. insanegame27

    insanegame27 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Tinkers I would love, would like to try thaumcraft. TFC is great but not really moddable, so I'm putting my vote to FTB over TFC
  8. Atlantis

    Atlantis Developer

    Name atlantisczc

    Definitely interested, it's been ages since i had chance to play on modded server. (Also @Tramziller may be interested too).
    I can't spare any cash, but if you need server for it to run on, let me know. I have one that's currently idle 99% of the time, so if you want i can give you access to set it up there. I think i even have mcmyadmin license somewhere in my emails. PM me on IRC for more info.
  9. GinjaNinja32

    GinjaNinja32 Community Moderator

    How good's that server? The upgrade I was looking at would give us (most of) 2 cores (not sure how good a 'core' is here, I'll poke JC), and 3GB RAM.
  10. Atlantis

    Atlantis Developer

    VM - 2 CPUs (Xeons, about 3.?GHz), 4G RAM (about 150M for system and my stuff), ~60G HDD
  11. Mister Fox

    Mister Fox Community Moderator

    FTB Infinity absolutely. There's magic for the magic people and tech for the tech people and everything in between to make everyone happy

    EDIT: also it's apparently the most popular pack so yay
  12. Boop

    Boop Bartender

    tppi2! it's not done yet but I'm guessing it's fun
  13. Mister Fox

    Mister Fox Community Moderator

    tppi2 also looks fun and I'm willing to give 2-4/month depending on needs
  14. GinjaNinja32

    GinjaNinja32 Community Moderator

    I just wish RedPower wasn't stuck on 1.4. RedPower plus ComputerCraft was amazing back when it was reasonably up to date.
  15. Sunsar

    Sunsar Chef

    Username is Sunsar.

    Only Modpacks I have played are TPPI and FTB, so I vote TPPI. Computercraft is pretty much stale now but TPPI2 has Computronics which is a lot of fun.

    I can donate $5-15 per month.
  16. CompactNinja

    CompactNinja Sol Gov Pilot

    Pretty much dead in the water too. Last I checked, Eloraam was turning RedPower into her own game, with blackjack and hookers.
  17. atermonera

    atermonera Chef

    atermonera, definitely be interested and able to pitch in a couple dollars monthly.
  18. MrSnapwalk

    MrSnapwalk Petty Officer First Class

    I'd be able to donate $2-3 dollars a month to a modded server. I'd reaaally want something like FTB or Tekkit (is Tekkit still maintained? Unsure.) instead of TFC or other "hardcore" packs. The main thing that's been ticking me off in vanilla MC is the lack of automation, so that'd be perfect.

    (Also, don't forget that Project Red has been developed as a complete replacement for RedPower 2, and is included with FTB Infinity. We shouldn't have a problem there.)
  19. GinjaNinja32

    GinjaNinja32 Community Moderator

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  20. Atlantis

    Atlantis Developer

    I used to run 1.5.2 pack there, focused on controlled faction PVP. With mature players it worked quite well (diplomacy, hell, we even had cold war between two biggest factions). From retrospect, i'd definitely remove ICBM as it's uncontrollable chunk loading and horribly unoptimised turrets eventually murdered whole server from performance point of view.

    Link is here:

    Alternatively, as long as it contains IC2 and similar technical mods, i'm fine with really anything.