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Denied Moderator - AnnoyingCatGirl

Discussion in 'Archived Staff Complaints' started by GlitterGuts, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. GlitterGuts

    GlitterGuts Assistant

    Key/Name Of Staff:AnnoyingCatGirl
    Your Key/Name::GlitterGuts
    Date and Time of Incident(s): 11/27/2019 20:00

    Reason For Complaint:: Let me just start off by saying that I have no intention of having my ban lifted, because I have better places to spend my time than with staff that show such little sympathy or understanding to their players. Im only writing this so that hopefully things will be better for others.
    The other night I was a borg and wanted to help add improvements to the station. One of the things I did was add a few air ports so people could fill up their emergency tanks all the way, until another borg joined as engi and started making a huge stink over a mistake I made. 1 out of the 3 ports I had made was set up wrong, and somehow was connected to the supply and scrubber line. This was just a mistake on my part by I was instantly persecuted and attacked as everyone assumed I did it on purpose and started flashing me and threatening me. THAT is what I was referring to when I said I was being attacked, I was not referring to the admin, as my ban reason might lead you to believe. Cat acted like me wanting to add ease-of-access for air was some kind of alien concept, and treated me as if I was doing it all on purpose. Every time they have handled my ticket, theyre very accusatory and rude, practically making their judgment before doing any kind of investigation.

    I was upset, because Im certain that borg meta'd just to tatyl on me (they immediately spawned and then went right to my port and complained about it, seems pretty sus, but this isnt about them), then while I was responding to the ticket, someone asked me to state laws IC, and I didnt do it fast enough so they flashed me, which started to piss me off because I didnt get an opportunity. Then people start dismantling my ports, even the ones done correctly, which undoes all my work I put into it, which pisses me off more, and then people start to talk about scrapping me, so I just tell Cat I didnt want to play here anymore and cryo'd before I said something stupid. I figured the ticket was done because they told me to go fix it, but the other borg already took care of it, so I didnt see the point. I was angry and my only crime is that I accidentally misconnected one pipe, and suddenly im rogue and self-antagging. What a world, eh?

    I come back tonight to give it another chance, and im banned, for the reasons in the image attached. I just wanted to help and I was treated like shit. You give bay a bad rep for a no-fun zone when people cant even make mistakes. (edit: added spacing to make it easier to read)

    Evidence of Complaint: Screenshot (917).png
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
  2. Virgil

    Virgil Director of Administration