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Mohranda : a non-controversial lore submission.

Discussion in 'Lore Submissions' started by flying_loulou, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Senior Enlisted Advisor

  2. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Sure, approved, why not. Having read it, my only real question is how a general rabble of random colonists from all over the place went from space-age frontiersmen and formed a clan based warrior society in nine years. You could probably add a bit going into how that exactly that happened but otherwise, sure, good to go in, just have someone proofread it and clean up some of the minor grammar/incorrect spelling bits. "Borders" not "Boarders."
  3. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Thanks for that. About your question :
    I'll rework that tiny bit and have a couple of native speakers read through it.