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Discussion in 'Staff Complaints' started by confused rock, Oct 20, 2020.

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  1. confused rock

    confused rock Bartender

    Key/Name Of Staff: Mordeth221
    Your Key/Name:: The unloved Rock
    Reason For Complaint:: I was told by Mordeth himself that this is how I contact a senior staff member if I believe my complaint was handled unfairly, and it is in regards to this. I would have gone into more detail if it wasn't locked in my sleep on what is wrong with saying specifically what he is doing "harms no one". This item is intended to be specifically something explorer engineers can't get- whitelisted for engineer, but blacklisted for non-contractor engineers, Sezal being an explorer. If it harms no one, then it shouldn't be specifically blacklisted, which is why I suggested he try to change that, or go through a custom item application like a player would. It's blacklisted because it's specifically not part of the uniform- yes, there are coats available in telecomms, but only the senior engineer can get in there unless he wanted to hack in and steal every time. and it has the coats because the thermostat for the telecomms server room is set at 10C, they're specifically for use in that room. A normal player would have to apply for a custom item to break the uniform regulations, and the likely reason lorwp didn't do this (I have suggested to him that he do this) is because it would be denied, as this one was: (hawaiian shirt for pathfinder "Denied because you're asking for a non-uniform item in a uniform role and I'm not going to give you implicit OOC permission to randomly break regs for no raisin every round.") This is different from admins spawning things for events for the purpose of a fun interesting round, this is just him spawning the coat because he likes the coat. If there's some relevant backstory, that's a reason to make a custom item request. If he thinks explorers should be able to wear the coat, that's a reason to make a pr to change it for everyone. But there's no reason why him wanting this item that breaks uniform regulations as an admin is any different from, for example, Vulcenus wanting the hawaiian shirt as a player. Vulcenus had his denied because his only avenue was making a request. Lorwp isn't using the coat for any admin events or something complex normal players can't be trusted with, he's using it because he likes the coat. Unless what Mordeth is saying is that Lorwp should be able have the coat that explorers otherwise can't break uniform regs for as a reward for his work as a Moderator, and that is the policy, then this is unfair. The only punishment I was expecting is that he should have to apply as a custom item if he wants the coat like anyone else would, and there's no reason why he shouldn't have to.

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