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Accepted MrKicker - Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Game Moderators - Archive' started by MrKicker, Feb 6, 2020.

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  1. MrKicker

    MrKicker Game Moderator

    About You

    What is your Byond key?


    What is your IRC or Discord handle?


    In UTC, what time range(s) do you usually play in?

    On weekdays it'll usually be between 23:00 and 04:00, although due to a flexible class schedule it may vary.
    On weekends I'll be usually active between 18:00 and 04:00.

    What are the names of your most played characters?

    I usually switch between departments depending on what the crew manifest calls for, but recently I've been playing:
    Barkat, MAA
    Thread, Engineer
    Recurse, Paramedic

    How long have you been playing Space Station 13?

    Little over 2 years.

    How long have you been playing on Baystation? How much are you involved with our off-server community?

    My first connection was around 18 months ago, although I played little in my initial months.
    I regularly lurk on the discord, and I occasionally post to the github (although I've taken more of an interest in the remake community these days).

    Have you been a moderator or admin on other Space Station 13 servers?


    Have you been in a moderation role for a forum or on chat channels before?


    Tell us about you. What will make you a good moderator?

    I already understand the basic moderation tools thanks to my limited experience tweaking code. And while I may be immature when joking around in OCC, my experience IRL in customer service would lend well to my professional staff-member persona.

    To the best of your knowledge and understanding, how you would interpret and handle the following scenarios?

    Cornydinner9/(Blake Ashdown)) continually responds in LOOC in regards to the actions of 3wolfmoon/(Alek Mendoza) on their character rather than reacting to them normally. When you use OOC => Who, it shows that Cornydinner9 joined the server for the first time two days ago.

    I'd start by checking to see if they've been greeted yet by another staff member, if not this would be a great way to start the conversation. Next I'd explain what LOOC is typically used for, and ask him to keep his reactions in character.

    gleaming3, an observer, has started a ticket in which they claim that StaleMichel50/(Pete Wethers) is "killing without RP", and they have not provided much information. When you use Admin => Check Antagonists, StaleMichel50 is listed as a traitor.

    I'd start by observing StaleMichel50/(Pete Wethers), aswell as gather information from other's who have interacted with them. If its a case of only the one kill being sub-par then I think it can be left alone. But if its their normal playing style then I'd start a conversation with them about how the goal of an antagonist is to add fun and complexity to the round instead of just racking up a kill count (however much the ghosts might like it).

    While you are observing, you notice that melancholy_Chad/(Ogden Bullthorn) and ProudYolande08/(Lou Penny) are both explorers, and have seemingly miraculously been able to find and rescue each other on the exoplanet with ease, in spite of their distances apart at various times and lack of communication with one another.

    Due to the extreme nature of whats being alleged here, I'd get and admin involved immediately. I'd then observe the pair to see if they present other signs of metacomming. Other then that there's not much that I can do other then to report my findings to whoever takes the case.

    Superiordorene/(Alex Burnette) is complaining about BIGMAMMOTH/(Jessica Olivers)'s character being "unprofessional" in adminhelps. Upon looking at the situation, you find that the actions of BIGMAMMOTH do not violate any server rules, though Superiordorene is clearly upset.

    The whole point of playing this game is to have a good time, and I think its our duty to assist in that wherever possible. I'd start by explaining to Superiordorene/(Alex Burnette) that it's all in the name of fun RP. But if that doesn't cut it for them, I might try to enlist the help of an admin to have them transitioned to another department.

    A ticket is opened by colorful_berry67/(Simon Paulson) to complain about something that happened between themself, StraightGertude15/(Eli Mathers), and EnergeticPlastic/(Vlad Petrovic) on the bridge. While the issue appears legitimate. There are a number of discrepancies in the stories between colorful_berry67 and StraightGertude15, with the story provided by EnergeticPlastic not relating at all to those of the other two.

    No single point of data should be acted on alone, so further data must be brought in to validate existing data. This information might come from the logs, or perhaps some ghosts who witnessed the incident. Furthermore, due to the complexity of the situation it would be a good idea to consult an administrator.
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  2. Mordeth221

    Mordeth221 High Inquisitor Senior Administrator Game Administrator


    You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest remaining urban centers, Welcome to City 17.

    I mean hey you, yeah you. You're on the bench. Trial well.
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