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Murphy's Laws of Engineering

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Spanish 1nquisition, Jul 4, 2021.

  1. Some Of the items on this list have been roped from Piccione's 'Murphy's Laws of Medical', give them the love they deserve.
    1 - You will likely be the second person to die.
    2 - You will not have the right tools for the job
    2.5 - When you have the right tools, you wont have all the materials for the job.
    3 - If you're ready for an Emergency, you're a fool or the one who's causing it.
    4 - When you go with exploration, something will happen on the Torch.
    5 - When you stay on the Torch, something will happen with the exploration.
    6 - Boarders will likely forget you exist.
    6.5 - When they remember, you're f***ed.
    7 - If you need Security, they'll be too late.
    8 - The SE is almost always smarter then the CE.
    9 - If you're following regulations, you're doing it wrong.
    10 - Your only god is the one who knows how to run the Supermatter
    11 - Your second god is whoever can set up the RUST
    12 - If it's Stupid, but it works, it's not stupid.
    13 - Ask for forgiveness, not for permission.
    14 - You don't have enough Oxygen.
    15 - If You're going to die, take as few people with you as possible.
    16 - The easy solution won't last long.
    17 - If the CE or SE is sweating, run.
    18 - Don't Listen to command, keep the Supermatter stable at all costs.
    19 - If somebody takes a Oxygen Can into the Engine Room, kill them.
    20 - Don't trust the Trainee.
    21 - Don't ever say a shift is going well.
    22 - Don't be afraid to Hit it (or them) till it works.
    23 - Defend the Department with your life.
    24 - Murphy was a Engine Technician
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  2. CubecsMelody

    CubecsMelody Petty Officer First Class

    not our fault you guys are literal deck goblins hiding away in the belly of the ship.

    The supermatter is a lie, theres only 3 Engine tech's running in an oversized hamster wheel.
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  3. YodaDoge

    YodaDoge Bartender

    We upgraded long ago. We're now using 5 rogue maintenance drones instead.
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