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Mutiny:How to lead the Glorious People's Uprising

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by Piccione, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Piccione

    Piccione Petty Officer First Class

    So, there has been a mission extension, and like every other responsible, concerned citizen, you've understandably decided to put the Captain's head on a pike on the Torch's mast. However, to do that you need some help, first. This will be a guide both for Head Mutineers, as well as the Rank and File Enlisted in the People's Struggle against the Commandoise.
    Let's start it simple with things you must NEVER, EVER DO:
    1)Attack the Infirmary. This is a surefire way to get absolutely everyone in the crew to hate you for no benefit.
    2)Be Annoying. Avoid acting histerically, writing in all caps, replying with a rant to every little thing Command says. No one likes a crank, even when they're right.
    3)Threaten Command with hurting the Crew. See Point 1. Getting Engineering, Medical and Research against you is a surefire way to get your ass kicked.
    4)Never, ever, ever talk directly to Security or Command. They will ALWAYS be loyalist pigs.
    5)Don't attack Command alone, especially if you're a Head Mutineer. It will just make it easy for Command to brand you Turrorists and kill the Mutiny at the start.
    After learning these rules, the first step to a Revolution is getting people on board. Of course, different departments will have different probabilities of conversion, and different uses, so keep that in mind.
    Medical:By far the easiest Department to convert, Corpsmen are usually onboard for Mutiny. Either talk to them all, or start with the highest ranking one and tell them to work their way backwards.
    Supply:Tends to be Neutral during mutiny, but if you're going for an all out war their support might be critical. Be sure to bring up logistical concerns over an extended trip.
    Engineering:Easier to Convert when there's no Senior Engineer or Chief Engineer around. It might be helpful to bring up the Torch's difficulty of upkeep over an extended period. Useful if you're taking the Sabotage or Rioting Route.
    Research:By far the hardest department to convert. Your main interest in them is making sure they don't make fancy new Guns for Security to get their grubby pig hands over.
    Exploration, Civilians and Service: Usually pretty easy to convert, especially if you bring up staff like Overtime Pay. Besides being extra hands they don't have any special use.
    Of course, a Mistake many Mutineers make is just converting people and then leaving. Never do this. Always give at least one Mutineer per Department an Encrypted Radio Key to keep in contact with other Mutineers for making plans. If you're planning an All Out War against Command, also make sure to arm at least a Mutineer per department with a Bolt Action Rifle.
    Of course, since Security and Supply hold the Monopoly over Body Armor, you might need to look somewhere else for Protective Equipment.
    Besides the Obvious Choice of a Voidsuit, here's some Equipment you might need:
    Head:Hard Hat or Damage Control Hat. Fairly easy to find. The Firefighter Helmet can also be a substitute in a pinch. Corpsmen get a Free EMT Helmet, so you might want to ask medical for a spare if you can't get a Voidsuit.
    Face:Face Mask or Gas Mask. Unlike the Breath Mask, they automatically filter Pepper Spray from the Air without the need for Internals, as well as offering Identity Obscuring and some Armor. Fairly easy to find, and most departments get them for free with plenty of spares.
    Eyes:If you can find them, Science or Meson Goggles, as they protect your eyes from Pepper Spray. Otherwise, Sunglasses mitigate Flashes a bit.
    Uniform:The Utility Uniform EC and Fleet get are the best choice here. The Fire Overpants add a very, very slight defense against Lasers on your legs.
    Gloves:If you can find them in Maintenance, SWAT or Combat Gloves, otherwise keep using the Duty Gloves. If you have the Electrical Know-How, keep the Insulated Gloves in your Backpack until you need them. If you don't, don't bother with Insulated Gloves, as they don't protect you from shit besides shocked doors.
    Suit:The Fleet or EC winter coat. Believe it or not, they actually offer pretty robust protection to the Torso and Arms.
    Shoes:Any Boots you can find are good.
    Weapon:If you are granted or can afford a Bolt Action Rifle, that. Otherwise use your imagination. Craft a Spear or a Zip Gun, take your Department's Fireaxe, Make some Molotovs, or just grab the Heaviest Piece of Metal you can find and swing until your arms detach at the shoulder. The world's your oyster.
    Now that you've got your Mutineers hopefully linked with Radio Keys, and Properly Dressed and Armed, it's time to make a plan.
    REMEMBER, YOUR MAIN GOAL IS NOT TO KILL ALL LOYALISTS. This isn't Team Deathmatch. Rather, it's getting Command to cancel the Extension.
    There are a few ways to go about this, so i've compiled a basic list of tactics. You don't have to stick to just one of these, and can coordinate different departments to take one. A diversity of Tactics is always good.
    Rioting:The most basic option. Basically just tell people to Smashy Smash until the Torch has to stop for repairs. You can decide whenever to just destroy Windows, Airlocks and Cameras, or target more Vital Systems such as the Fuel Line, the Engine or the Shuttles.
    Like Rioting, but Sneakier. Should be focused on the aforementioned Vital Systems. Useful route to take either in case there aren't many Mutineers, or you want the bulk of the force to do something else. It might be useful to give a Saboteur a Cryptographic Sequencer. If you're doing this, be sure to steal the Circuit Boards if you're wrecking Consoles or Machinery by prying them open with a Crowbar.
    General Strike:
    The most peaceful option. Service won't give food, Engineering won't make non-vital repairs, Exploration and Research won't do jack shit, Supply won't deliver orders, and Medical will not heal Security or Command's non-critical injuries. If you're lucky, Security might refuse to strike break and Command will have to give in, otherwise, make barricades and make sure the Pigs retreat.
    Assassination:One of the two "Nuclear Options". Useful if it's just the Captain that has gone haywire. Give someone that you know Command doesn't know is a Mutineer to Bridge a disposable pistol to hide in their bag, send them to bridge with a status report, and make sure they magdump on the bastard. If you're forced to be on the Bridge when this happens, be sure to feign shock as much as possible.
    All Out War:The other nuclear option. Gather as many people as you can, arm as many as you can with a Rifle or other weapon, and march towards the Bridge shooting anyone wearing Red or Gold with extreme prejudice. If you're a Head Mutineer, be sure to appoint a Second-In-Command in case of your death. What happens after you get rid of Command is up to you.
    The final option if everything else has failed and you don't have the resources or manpower for an All Out War. Gather as many people as you can and fuck off with one of the shuttles. Maybe RP sending a distress signal.

    And that's it for now. I'm open for Suggestions and Feedback on what to add on Equipment or Tactics, as well as other notes. Remember, you're the only ones who can stop [THE CAPTAIN] from taking over THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Good luck!