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Myphicbowser - Skrell

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Myphicbowser, Feb 9, 2020.

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  1. Myphicbowser

    Myphicbowser Deputy Vox Maintainer

    About You
    This is my second time at going for a Skrell white list, I have waited thirty days and since then I have attempted to vastly improve my understanding of the Warbles, and I think I'm going to get it this time

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Almost a full year is when I first stared, however I took a Hiatus and came back a little over a month ago, I have been very active this month in preparation for this application

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Chase, Rekikiteri, Vidar Vlaustein

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    I enjoy the stagnating nature and the deep culture of the Skrell

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    A Skrellian name is long and complex like Uwibbleuzarea Kilikin'Vorl, however they don't tend to use those in human space, shortening and cutting up their name for easier pronunciation, or in some cases adapting a name from an alien culture or taking a nonsense name like Armeldo Cruz.

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    First I will be starting with their biology and light culture (minus castes) and home-world, just to form a basis for further paragraphs. The Skrell come from the world of Qerr'Balak, a swamp and jungle world that is home to various city states and no real unification among them. The Skrell are an amphibious race that start out as likely to die tadpoles and slowly grow until they reach their "adult" shape, during the tadpole ages they learn from their parents and from other tadpoles in their bonding, and at the age of eight they are separated by caste for further teaching, at the age of fifteen they start learning for jobs, if they leave at eighteen from this system they become low class laborers and if they finish out the teaching at the age of twenty-five they tend to be an expert in their work and are able to potentially become the experts of their caste and a counselor to a king, part of the counsel known as Qerr-Koal.

    This next part that I will be discussing is the castes more in depth but I will try and keep it brief. The skrell culture has five castes that all Skrell are born into and are taught by the parent that raises them. The first caste is the Qerr-Katish, the face of the skrell kind, they are usually rich socialites, leading super social lives but despite this they are quite conservative usually, they bond with one other usually and sometimes two, leading them to have smaller families, Qerr-Katish also do enjoy the fancier things in life such as fancy clothes and other fashionable items. The next caste is the thinkers of the Skrell, Malish-Katish, while they are thinkers they are not very social, leading to also have few couplings around two to three, they are also some of the progressive Skrell, however due to their lack of social abilities they are bad at showing their emotions in public or responding to an emotional situation quickly, rather taking the logical path. The next caste is the workers and builders, the Kanin-Katish. The Kanin-Katish are also conservative,and tend to lead poorer lives, they usually have around Three to four couplings, they also lack individualism more so then most other castes, they are very traditional and they work in packs, as part of the collective. The next caste is a fun one, the backbone of Skrellian culture and the bane of the population laws, the Talum-Katish, the Talum-Katish are the artists, the bards, the story tellers, the chefs, drink artists and trend setters of skrellian culture, they are also the most individualistic and the most likely to breed, having copious amounts of Couplings as they adventure, they also wear the finest clothes and jewelry, all in all not a bad life. The final Caste that we can discuss is the Raskinta-Katish, the Raskinta-Katish are a stoic super traditional warrior caste, rarely seen outside of Skrellian space due to their loyalty to their city state, they enjoy nearly nothing, since they were trained to fight and kill, they don't care much for personal growth or development, and only really care about the collective, they tend to also be incredibly poor, and have three to four bondings. Now that we have discussed the big parts of each caste, another minor but interesting detail is the fact that skin color varies from caste to caste. The thing that each caste can agree on is that too much profiting for the self is bad, even looking down upon kings, now called rulers, that have held too much territory.

    Another important part about them is their culture, of which it is as varied as human culture and also incredibly interesting. In music, they have less importance on instruments and synthetics, with the Voice being the most important part of anysong, as ancient Skrellian methods of telling stories was by singing. Each caste has different sports, team based competitive sports for the warriors and workers, and team based puzzles for the thinkers, with the puzzles also sometimes not allowing communication in a team, meaning that Skrell solve their part of the puzzle with no idea what the next person has to do or sometimes what the end goal even is. Their culture is very interesting and would need a much bigger document then this for full explanation, but education and team building activities are very very important to the skrell, leading to their semi-unification status.

    Something that is interesting about their culture is the odd cohesion, city states that are not unified under one government, and under these circumstances it would be easy to think war is plentiful, however most city states solve disputes diplomatically or if worse come to worse, with various infiltration assignments that may even result in an assassination.

    As for the social standings of the Skrell, they actually hold decent relations with few space born civilizations, holding a close alliance with the Dionaea, friendship with the humans, an interest in the IPCs that result in some rights in certain territories for the IPCs, the other races may be less then happy to seem them, the Unathi do not like the attempted Uplifting, the Vox don't care about them and just want their stuff, they had a war with the Ascent and are now in a cold war with them, and the GAS aren't space born so they don't really care about them. The only race that isn't listed on the wiki is the Adherents, but I assume the feeling of interest would be the same as with the IPCs, just interest in AI since they never developed AI.

    Character Concept For that sweet sweet extra credit score
    My character concept is a Skrell masculine aligned scientist of the Malish-Katish Caste that goes by the human historical name of Maxwell Weber, his skin is a pale yellow color. Maxwell Weber [Shortened to Max for ease], is a Xenobiologist that works for Nanotrasen, he was not part of a trade deal and in fact abandoned Skrell space for this job opportunity, he prefers working with humans as he finds them easier to boss around and he likes their sometimes childish antics, and he would never admit this but genuinely enjoys the company of humans. He keeps communication with his two couplings and of course makes sure they are well taken care off, despite the occasional difficulty of transferring human credits for Skrellish currency due to his social status he still does what he can to provide. Now to the backstory

    He had a very very normal childhood and enlightenment periods, he decided to stick to the latest he could with his enlightenment, becoming a true expert of his caste, despite this intellectual success and his life leading to a two families, he still wanted more, he wanted to push his studies of the alien body to it's absolute maximum, and even though he was well off he did decide to join the Qerr-Glia, the criminal underbelly family of Qerr’balak, so that he could access these secrets. He helped produce some profit for the Qerr-Glia, making a small name for himself before what little morality he had at this time did hit him. In the early hours one day he purchased his way off of Qerr'Balak, heading towards human space. He quickly found employment with this human company called Nanotrasen, of which he gladly accepted, and from then on it didn't take too long for him to get interested in their Xenobiological studies of the slimes, he was incredibly interested in the theoretical power generation of the slimes, seeing them as a completely natural form of power. After a few years he noticed that his past was catching up to him, as he saw a skrellian ship requesting to dock, he talked to the XO of the station and convinced them to ignore the skrellish ship and was thankfully listened to, however this was a close call. After that day he spent a few months looking for a way out, a way to keep moving yet continue his research, during this time period he discovered the Torch, and after bringing it up with his superiors and greasing a few palms he quickly found himself on the express shuttle to Nanotrasen HQ on Luna, to await the return of the torch from one of its voyages. He hopes that life on the Torch will be calm and on the down low, but as such before he left he asked Nanotrasen to hide his records, and to never let any other Skrell see them, he stated the reason was for undisturbed research, and it seems the bought it, at least he hopes so.
  2. Myphicbowser

    Myphicbowser Deputy Vox Maintainer

  3. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Hi. So. I'd ask you to redo your app and follow the instructions provided in the main topic. I'm not looking for a wiki regurgitation, which what is what most everything but your char concept is. I'm looking to see if you can get into the Skrell mindset. What makes them tick, what makes them what they are, what they are on a fundamental level. Try looking at how various Skrell from different positions in society may view their place in the universe, their general outlook on life, etc.

    As for your char concept: I'm not sure what you mean by masculine aligned. Skrell are male or female. But outside of distinguishing that for the purposes of reproduction, they make no differentiation. Not sure you understand how Skrell function at all here honestly with the statement of he "finds them easier to boss around." This isn't really a problem for Skrell, sKrell are cohesive as heck, especially in a collaborative research environment. They don't really view going for leadership positions in the same way humans do. You've gotten completely the wrong idea about a Skrell's outlook. As stated in the wiki stuff, Skrell states are always eager to acquire more human currency for external trade purposes. Sending money home is not difficult.

    Bit iffy about Qerr-Glia stuff. Random Malish don't just "join" it and again, shows a fundamental misunderstanding of both a Malish and the Qerr-Katish dominated Qerr-Glia. This isn't a group you just join, especially if you're not part of one of the families. You're just hired muscle, or you're someone they've coerced into working for them.

    RE: "Noticed a Skrell ship docking" so they got the stations XO to make them go away stuff: Don't really get how one of the millions of shuttlecraft, ships, or other space faring vessels utilised by billions of Skrell would case this Skrell from the very heart of Skrell space to panic on what is, for the Skrell, past the frontier.

    Fundamentally, my problem with your character concept is that it is from the position of "aloof haughty human" rather than a Skrell.

    So yean, not really keen on this concept at all. It's demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of warbles.

    Skrellish is not a term. Please do not use it.

    Please amend your application and char concept.
  4. Myphicbowser

    Myphicbowser Deputy Vox Maintainer

    I'm going to be honest with you, I don't understand how to put down a mind set, I've read the wiki and the available information to the best of my ability, I understand the castes and the military, I could tell you about them pretty well if I was asked specific questions but I can not form a solid treatise with little direction. I thought that I had understood the Skrell mindset and behavior but due to my personal inexperience with the race, as I rarely see them in game, I wasn't able to do this. I thought I had enough information but the bar has been set above my writing and comprehension abilities. Your race has a certain allure and I must admit that I do hold an interest, but I don't think I can accurately do what you want, it is so vastly different compared what the other applications want, I'm sorry. And I also want to apologize if this sounds rude but I promise it isn't, I wouldn't intentionally insult or argue with a maintainer. So I'm sorry to say but for the time being I would like my application deleted or denied, whatever you would prefer, and I will re-apply whenever I believe I am ready and able.
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