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Nebula13 - a Bay-derived SS13 upstream project.

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Loaf, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff


    Thought I'd make a post about a recent collaborative project that has been seeing some activity. Nebula is essentially a Baycode fork that is intended to act as an upstream without the complexities of also being required to serve a specific userbase or conflicting player desires. Essentially, it's a transparent, actively maintained base for forks or map projects to build off, without any specific lore or setting beyond a generic space scifi aesthetic. The current maintainer team is largely made of up ex Baydevs, as well as some Aurora and Virgo folks, and the Discord is a pretty good place to get input on developing with Baycode or to keep up to date with whatever tinkering is going on.

    The codebase is currently a work in progress as there's quite a lot to tidy up and shift into module boxes before it's in a desirable state, but there are some neat changes already in place. I do want to stress that this is not "competition" for Bay or any other codebase. You can't join or play a round of Nebula without hosting it yourself. It's purely a coding project that other projects can use and benefit from.

    The Github repository is here and the Discord is here. Feel free to drop in and say hi.

  2. Blazerules

    Blazerules Research Director

    I'll admit one thing I really wanted to see is the folk that quit make a server of their own. I guess a fork is one step closer to that.

    Now if there was a decent staff team and hosting you'd have it in the bag, but alas.
  3. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff

    Having to maintain a staff team and pay for hosting would overcomplicate the intent of the project. The plan is that anyone who wants to run a fork but doesn't have the coding chops or time to commit to large-scale rewrites of existing code will be able to fork Nebula and throw their jobs/departments/items/so forth into it with minimal trouble.

    It's sort of the end state of the developer - all code, no live game.