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Proposal New Role- Hologram AI

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by RoxyFoxy, May 17, 2019.

  1. RoxyFoxy

    RoxyFoxy Bartender

    You've seen all the episodes of TNG and Star Trek, and you've seen numerous times that Data played poker with some of the greatest thinkers in history like Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, and more. You've seen Picard unwind by playing the role of Dixon Hill in the cutthroat genre of noir.
    It's been used in countless series and homages since, and the idea of 'Hard Light' isn't necessarily new, dating back to Red Dwarf and even further back in Sci Fi.

    While the holodeck is occasionally used for recreation, I'm suggesting a revamp and adding more to it.

    Add spawnable actors, much like PAI, with defined roles by the Holodeck user using a console by the door and how many roles they need. Need a few 1800's nobles for your courtly intrigue? How about a few criminals for your combat training? A beautiful woman to teach you how to dance?
    A cowboy for a shootout! You create them with a prompt/console by the Holodeck console, and request them to be spawned in by any ghosts that may be interested.

    HAI have very strict limitations.

    - They are unable to kill anyone, even with supplied weapons, unless the holodeck is hacked. Holograms can't use weapons from outside of the holodeck, but they can use their hands or prop weaponry, provided they're spawned by the hologram master. If the holodeck is hacked, they can do what they wish, so long as it falls in the confines of their personality, such as a holographic Abraham Lincoln won't likely do the same things as Jack the Ripper.

    - Holograms aren't sentient, and don't understand the world beyond the scope of their role and what's suitable for it. This relies on total immersion RP, and must be played as a more human-like robot or synthetic. They have their own 'laws':

    - You must ensure you perform your role to the best of your ability.
    - You must absolutely stay within the 'theme' of the program defined by the hologram master.
    - You must not leave the holodeck in any form other than a memory of the hologram master.

    Holograms can't leave the Holodeck, but programs may be 'saved' and remember the users who loaded them, essentially 'saving' a game or pausing a movie at a certain spot.

    A samurai duelist wants to take your head! He will charge at you with a holographic katana and battle you, blades clashing and locking! A famous chef will instruct you how to make better soufles! A violinist will play music for you to help make a date with your love more romantic! The roles are limitless and I think it could add a lot to the holodeck as it is.
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  2. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    A hologram like the doctor from Voyager actually would be a better idea in my opinion, and technically shouldn't be TOO hard to implement. They could be like borgs but actually humans with a holographic sprite and would die from any kind of brute of laser damage, obviously can't attack people either unless emagged or something like that. They would have a portable holothingy that the doc had in the show, and people could disable it, otherwise the holographic person could "respawn" after like a minute or idk.

    Now that I wrote that down, it may not be as easy to implement.
  3. RoxyFoxy

    RoxyFoxy Bartender

    por que no las dos
  4. Vivalas

    Vivalas Chef

    DS13 has a holographic medical projection already that is basically that, but I feel that's in a different vein. This is a pretty cool thing anyways-- like the actor role but much more likely to actually be utilized.