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Off-Station Communications and Metagaming

Discussion in 'Rules, Policy, and Guidelines' started by Raptor1628, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Raptor1628

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    There are a number of ways the crew can get in touch with their supposed higher-ups while in game. Most notably the fax machines, and the emergency communications console. These devices exist to improve upon RP, and to help crew interface with admins and the world at large. They do not exist so that the crew can get validation or invalidation for every visitor from administration. Fax machine use is limited to Internal Affairs Reports, SolGov Crime Reports, and Supply Requests ONLY depending on the channel used. And the emergency communications console should be used to call for help from an ERT or similar force. If a visitor or crewman claims they are an agent of the shadow cabal and provides paperwork to prove it, it is up to the crew aboard to take them at their word, or reject their credentials. Similarly, for antagonists attempting to impersonate a member of government, or officer of the law, the onus is upon you to act like a member of that organization. Being a part of the military, or a SolGov Marshal does not make you immune to the law, and the crew should not be expected to capitulate to your every demand. Similarly, the crew should not automatically reject all paperwork as a matter of course, and arrest the holder for forged documents. We're all playing a game, and the game often goes better if both sides give and take a little.
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