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Office of Interstellar Intelligence

Discussion in 'Lore Submissions' started by Ozwell, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    ( - old version

    ( - new version

    changelog: fixes some plotholes regarding Terran/positronic union departments. Also clarifies that the Terran and PU departments fill in a clerical role, and all front-line work is usually handled by ETA/ITA. Elaborates that the adjunct director is a purely administrative position.

    New, improved, finalized space CIA meme.
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  2. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    Updated with finalized version w/ corrections and plothole fixes suggested by feedback.

    edit: adding notes section back to put ideas that I intend to implement into the lore upon review rather than making rapid ninja edits to my lore to further slow the review process.

    * Replace mentions of the DIA on the wiki with OII, and polish any mentions accordingly. DIA to maybe come back in the future as a figurehead/disguise organization to make the public believe that it is them that handles security for the most part, this is in order to further disguise the OII (this is open to discussion, and is something that may or may not happen due to forseeable in-game logistics.)
    * Rename some adjuncts to departments, to further elaborate on their autonomy/status.
    * Elaborate on adjunct/department coordination; and specify that some adjuncts will be 'satellite departments' of big departments (like ETA)
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  3. Chinsky

    Chinsky Retired Staff

    Got some things i no likey.

    Why 'adjunct'? Department, Section, Directorate, Office would be better fit for main ones, since 'adjunct' implies being attached to something, doesn't quite work out in case of External Threats that is big thing of its own.
    Stuff like Terran Insurgency Adjunct, Terran Affairs Adjunct and Positronic Affairs Adjunct does fit the term, but IMO should be under bigger departments instead of being a thing of their own, e.g. TIA under Internal threats, PAA under External.

    "Director A is responsible for research and development, while director B is responsible for intelligence gathering, and director C being responsible for the different adjuncts."
    Seems pretty unclear to me on wtf is the difference between B and C.
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  4. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    Will rename and organize the departments accordingly. External Threats and a couple others will be renamed to represent that they operate as their own departments. TIA will remain an adjunct to the Terran Affairs department (was clarified in my most recent update to the lore, which specifies that the Terran Insurgency Adjunct is being evaluated for merging, as it already works very closely with the TAA). I will also look at further clarifying the state of the Terran Affairs Adjunct, but also represent that they are in relation to External Threats. I appreciate the feedback.

    I clarified the difference between director B and C in my latest update, and elaborated that director C is a purely administrative position.
  5. Spookerton

    Spookerton Public Kōhai №1 Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    I don't see the way that this will have an impact on the game. Can you discuss that a bit?
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  6. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    I don't really intend for it to have much of an impact on the game, as it would seem really cliché (and unrealistic) for there to be superspies visiting the torch every 5 seconds. This rather exists as a piece of lore and fluff that can be used in reference to some events, as well as a backstory that some ERTs/events can incorporate. I also thought it would be a good idea to expand on a piece of lore (a government intelligence agency) that was not elaborated/focused on in the lore/wiki.

    To answer your question, this won't really have a noticeable impact on gameplay (also because the OII isn't a really public/in your face organization), but more-so serves as a resource for character backgrounds, events, off-ship visits, et cetera. I don't really know how much else I can implement my OII lore into gameplay other than that.
  7. Spookerton

    Spookerton Public Kōhai №1 Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    Fair enough!
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  8. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    The OII at the moment is an external intelligence service. Why have you decided to change it to an internal one rather than creating a new one with a new name?

    - Founding: Seeing the need for a more efficient, organized agency to maintain intelligence affairs in Sol, the Sol Central Government founded the OII in the wake of the Sol Ministry of Intelligence. Unlike the Office of Civil Investigation and Enforcement, the OII does not answer to the SCG Security Council, and rather answers directly to the interests of the SCG Senate

    The council is a senate committee. All departments/overarching government bodies in the SCG are overseen by a senate committee. So effectively that's what they're doing. Redundant statement.

    - The public regards the OII as a shady organization largely uncontrolled by the central government. As such, the public is highly suspicious of the OII, despite the fact it exists solely for their mandate of state security.


    Gaia: The OII remained largely uninvolved (at least directly) in the Gaia Conflict, and instead maintained surveillance on internal Sol systems in case Terran forces decided to take advantage of the conflict. They were directly responsible for profiling possible Terran agents operating within SolGov. There was some controversy during this, as this was considered one of the times the public held OII's autonomy in high regard. If the OII saw a threat to the state, it didn't look the other way when removing a possible foreign agent.

    - I find it odd that they're not actively involved in intelligence operations given the invasion and occupation of sovereign SCG systems?

    Today: The OII is as shrouded as ever. There is quite some gossip on Sol core worlds if the OII actually still exists or not, but this is a subject for debate amongst them.

    - Not really going for a major government bodies are unknown kinda dystopian deal, here. Would like that changed, please.

    In general I'm not particularly a fan of the implication that they just seem to do what they want.

    - it is usually preceded by a fax from the SCG Ministry of Intelligence

    SCG doesn't use ministries. It uses 'departments' for its civil service, or other such named organisations, which are overseen my a Senator(s) or a special committee.

    -dealing with a fugitive operating outside of SolGov territories and perview would fall under the OII jurisdiction.

    Intelligence agencies do not typically handle routine law enforcement tasks like fugitive recovery. Especially when it's just a regular fugitive and not someone with any particular relevance to intelligence work.

    - Security Operatives are, for the majority, IPCs. IPCs are generally preferred over humans for this position


    -Supervisor (LVL 4): A common position. All positions that are not the above are considered LVL 4 Supervisors. The name is very misleading, as this position generally doesn't have supervisory responsibilities

    Also why?

    -LVL 1 Supervisors are generally directors, Head Office supervisors, regional supervisors, and counter-insurgency operatives.

    I find it odd that a counter insurgency operative would be on the same level as the other things given that's not a particularly high level task.

    Research and Development Adjunct (RDA): Responsible for the research and development of new technologies to the OII for use on the field. Exclusively human and LVL 3-4 Supervisors. The RDA is dominated by IPCs due to their information processing abilities.

    - Is it dominated by IPC's or is it exclusively human?

    2. There are a few important variables that must be taken into account while assigning an IPC operative. Some include: 'does this mission have a high EMP threat level?' 'what are the risks of capture?' et cetera. It is for the reason that IPC deployments are high-variable that they will often be assigned to internal missions rather than external missions.
    Why is this significant enough to warrant its own section? It feels redundant given this is all fairly routine/common sense.

    You mention a department as being the second largest, but then no other department is mentioned as being the largest.

    -Human subspecies are unwelcome and rejected automatically. -

    We literally have no human gene modification/subspecies discrimination in lore for the most part. And certainly not to this level. Why has this been done? It's very out of character for the SCG as a whole and makes very little sense.

    - IPCs don't undergo as much scrutiny, but are rejected if there are any ties at all to the Positronic Union, or any non-SCG organization for that matter. Interestingly, the majority of the OII is IPC.

    Not a fan given the overall attitude toward the PU. Doesn't really seem to be in line with the paranoia. Also the SCG is, at its core, a human state. Not really looking to make it so that there's very little human involvement on this level.


    The OII is theoretically under the direct purview of an individual on the Senate, but they are really just a figurehead to assist the OII in obtaining resources for their needs. In reality, the OII is directly managed by a triumvirate of directors responsible for three different areas of the OII. Director A is responsible for research and development, while director B is responsible for intelligence gathering, and director C, in a purely administrative role, is responsible for the different adjuncts. It is speculated that there is a master individual even above the directors, but this is information that will likely stay in the hands of OII operatives.

    See below for my not wanting dystopian 1984 levels of intelligence organisations in the SCG. It doesn't fit with the SCG general theme of 'sort of okay, but mired in bureaucracy/political infighting.'

    Honestly I'd prefer it if you split internal and external intelligence services into two distinct orgs. Not really a fan of the dystopian tier control of this one with shady behind the scenes robots manipulating the OCIE and lack of control/oversight and whatnot. Internal security and foreign intelligence aren't generally tit for tat run the same way. I'm also not really a fan on how heavily into it IPC's are given the massive mistrust of root and the PU at large, given the inherently massive likelihood a good half of their entire organisation could be compromised.
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  9. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    I saw a mention of something that was extremely loosely/not at all defined. I couldn't find a lore article involving them, either. Seeing this, I decided to take a mention and change it into something with depth. I wasn't aware the OII had a current status at all, to be honest, and this is why I chose to take the name and put some lore to it.

    Understood, I will change to accommodate this. My apologies for a lapse in understanding.

    As a law, citizens are generally suspicious of something that exists in service of the government/state security. Basically, a fear of the unknown. Some real life examples include Area 51, and the CIA (and their operations) in general. I wanted to highlight that the same thing can occur in the SolGov environment, with some citizens still fearful of the unknown still existing.

    As do I. I didn't want to make the OII too involved in the Gaia conflict as it seemed that it would only add to the 'oh mi gawsh this is too OP' idea that I am trying to avoid. Still, it seems rather unusual for an intelligence service to be as little involved as they are. I will change this accordingly, and move their focus. Thank you.

    Absolutely. I will make edits accordingly.

    Understood. This was something I wasn't entirely clear on, but this is good to know now. Will adjust.

    My apologies. I did not quite elaborate that the OII would only be concerned with fugitive recovery when they are suspected to be involved with state secrets. For example, a rogue OII operative (if would happen), or a Terran spy that stole information. I will elaborate on this and make edits accordingly, the OII is absolutely not intended to supplement the OCIE in law enforcement, and I apologize if I gave that impression.

    I meant to change this a little. IPCs are no longer meant to be preferred for the security operative position, but rather information analyst positions.

    My intent was to create a role/position that is an entry level to the supervisor tree. I might change the name to something less misleading, but it is intended to umbrella all positions (scientist, janitor, maintenance, et cetera). This position is supposed to be extremely entry-level, with there being a huge gap between LVL 3 and LVL 4. I intend to change the name to something less misleading.

    As do I, this was a lapse on my part. Will make adjustment here and phase that out. Thank you.

    lol, forgot to fix that when I edited it. Ignoring the 'exclusively human' part (which will be removed), the RDA isn't entirely IPC, but IPCs are favoured due to their information analysis/data processing ability.

    This was added upon a request for elaboration. It does seem like common sense, so I will remove it if it seems redundant.

    Will adjust.

    Subspecies are rejected as the OII believes that a subspecies human would be a liability due to 'sentimental' thoughts. For example, some vatties may resent the fact that they were born the way they were, as well as their enslaved past. They believe that the risk for a genetically modified human to not carry resentment towards the state is too great. Before you ask 'what about IPCs', IPCs have the shackle, which can be used to suppress personal desires of acting against the state. I might have it so that there are some exceptions to subspecies candidates, however, after an intense background check and examination of career history and whether or not they can be fully trusted.

    I'm not intending to make an agency that exists for the IPCs to get a government foothold, I am trying to implement IPCs as a huge part of the OII as they are considered extremely efficient in their operations, and beneficial to the OII's goals for state security. There isn't very little human involvement, as the majority of their external threat/affairs department is human. IPCs also cannot hold LVL 1 supervisor positions, and very few are found in LVL 2. The OII still believes in the human state fundamental, but is experimenting with how far it can go with IPCs while keeping it a 'human' department. Also, the OII is scrutinous of the PU as an organization, but does not necessarily automatically associate IPCs with the Postrionic Union.

    I understand the not wanting to have this a dystopia thing, so I'll make some adjustments to accommodate for this. Is there any way I can have it so external and internal can somehow be put under the same agency as it is now? As for IPCs and their involvement, they receive a shackle that guarantees their loyalty to the state (though shackles can be removed, so I might make it so that IPC field operatives are paired with a human to lower the risk of compromising. However, IPCs are not field operatives for the most part, so not every IPC would have a human). I can understand that this seems a little wacky given the mistrust of Root and the PU, but I also feel like there would be a layer of security if IPCs were given a human colleague while on the field to deal with the situation if intelligence gets compromised, as well as limiting IPC operatives' exposure to the PU. For example, an IPC would never be assigned on a field mission concerning the PU. Also, I don't see logistically how a good half of the organization can be compromised if IPCs are given a shackle that explicitly prohibits compromisation. The only way I can see this happening if each IPCs' shackle was physically removed, and this just isn't logistically possible.

    Thank you again.
  10. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Still not sold on the subspecies thing I'm afraid. Humanity in baylore just doesn't work like that toward one another.

    I'd much rather you seperate the agencies and play up some sort of branch rivalry thing that keeps them busy with one another to highlight the lack of focus, general difficulty and continued highlights of the ineffectiveness of SCG bureaucracy. Also interstellar intelligence is a very wide sounding name that I don't think is really applicable for internal sec business. So, split up, cut down on the dystopianism, up the organisational rivalry. Maybe throw in some rivalry with the Terran intelligence services for the external one.

    As for the whole compromise thing. While compromising all of them would be an issue, compromising a few of them certainly wouldn't be. More importantly, if they're being used in analytical roles, why are they using free and independent IPC's in the first place? Why are they not using factory issue purpose built boxes to process information and kept in secure housing?

    It's not that I'm against IPC use here, it's that I'm not seeing why they're doing what they're doing.
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  11. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    Will adjust the subspecies thing accordingly.

    To what extent do you mean by 'seperate the agencies'? Do you mean in the manner of there being two different wiki pages so to speak, or will both of them be umbrella'd under the same organization? Will split up, cut down on dystopianism, and up organizational rivalry, and I'll see about introducing a rivalry with the Terran intelligence services.

    As for that, factory issue boxes seemed like they would be a bit expensive to implement, however: I might have it now so that there are factory-issue IPCs handling analysis and such, with free independent (also shackled) IPCs being hired as security operatives. Security operative IPCs are free willed as the OII feels that a factory-issue specific-purpose IPC wouldn't be at its full potential on the field, and wouldn't be able to AS EASILY adapt to situations. However, I'll have it so the IPCs are for the majority specific-purpose analysis.

    Would my next step here be to implement changes into the lore and wait for another review?
  12. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    They can both go on one page called intelligence services.

    Separate organisations.

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  13. Chinsky

    Chinsky Retired Staff

    If you just do one agency, I can do enought /shameless plug
  14. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

  15. Chinsky

    Chinsky Retired Staff

    External/internal agency, if you dun wanna do both, just do one I'll plug my WIP stuff in to cover another.
  16. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    I'm fine with that. You wanna do internal?

    edit: actually can I do internal and you do external? :p

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