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OII Coffee Cup - Thomas Calloway - Thomas_Calloway

Discussion in 'Fulfilled Items' started by Calloway, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Calloway

    Calloway Bartender

    BYOND Key (Username): Thomas_Calloway
    Discord/IRC name: Calloway

    Name of Item: OII Coffee Cup
    Type path of the item receiving the sprite:
    This sleek, dark grey coffee cup is prominently branded with the three-letter initialism of the Office of Interstellar Intelligence: OII.
    A PNG image of your icon(s) hosted on a website such as imgur:
    The DMI of your icon(s):
    I am the author of this icon/I have permission to use this icon: Yes, I created this icon myself and you have permission to use this icon.

    Name of Character:
    Thomas Calloway
    Main Job(s) of Character: Sol Central Government Representative
    How this item relates to your character:
    Calloway worked as an attorney for four years in the at Office of Interstellar Intelligence Office of the General Counsel (OOIOGC) before receiving an offer to put his skills and prior SCG government interspecies relation committee experience to work aboard the SEV TORCH alongside the SCGEC. Calloway was by no means a badge-carrying agent or interstellar spy at OII—as an attorney, he did all manner of legal work behind the scenes to help keep the organization functioning. He parted with the OII on good terms and recalls his time working there fondly, even if he is far and away happier to be broadening the SCG's horizons on the far frontier. One item that he brought with him in his limited personal kit was a coffee mug that OII gave him in his first week on the job.

    Other Notes:
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  2. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Sure. Approved.
  3. Calloway

    Calloway Bartender

  4. Calloway

    Calloway Bartender