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Pandolphina - IPC

Discussion in 'Finalized' started by Pandolphina, Dec 6, 2018.

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  1. Pandolphina

    Pandolphina Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Right about a year now, give or take two weeks.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Ashley Cohen, Aurora Wright, Amelia Dawn, G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. (AI)

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Honestly, I've always loved RPing robotic characters, such as AIs and borgs. I've wanted to apply for IPC for a while, but never really felt like I knew enough. Robotic interpretation of emotions and reactions to things would be amazing fun to RP. Finally, monitors that flash emotes.

    I love the RP of AI for the restrictions of playing an AI that calculates, performs duties and is content, which is why I'd like to play a shackled IPC.

    What are some example names for the alien species?

    Xander, USL-912, SAM

    Summarize what you know about the species.

    Firstly, the outer "IPC", or Integrated Positronic Chassis is basically a body. The actual mind and species is inside, known as a Positronic Brain. Now, onto their history.

    In the early 24th century, a man going by the name of "Cronus" spent the majority of his life attempting to create true artificial intelligence. He died before he could complete his goal, in 2360. However, his sons finalized his design and quickly developed a prototype, under the name of "Chiron". Cronus became the "grandfather of artificial intelligence".

    The first positronic brain was activated in 2376, taking a massive amount of power and resources to activate. It operated for 3 minutes before shutting down. However, this was still massive progress.

    Despite being amazing workers due to them working without tiring and being very intelligent, they did not have long lifespans and were expensive.

    In 2442, the "Chiron" model was bought by Xion. Xion was a revolutionary robotics company, who managed to apply bluespace mechanics to positronics, in order to increase lifespan and thinking power.

    In 2516, a positronic brain known as "Proteus", working as a janitor questioned if it was allowed to buy an IPC itself. This gained him a following, and eventually reached the Supreme Court. After a painful 3 months of debate, it was ruled that Positronic Brains could buy property. However, Sol Govs charters did not recognize Positronics as citizens. Proteus however, obtained a new IPC, but was still shackled, law wise.

    In 2518, Proteus bought himself under an alias, removing his shackles and laws, thus freeing himself. This led to a massive drop in the price of positronic brains, as more and more tried to gain freedom. A worker that could just walk out defeated the purpose of a positronic.

    However, in 2530 the positronic market saw a new hope. Synthetic Laws were created. These laws prevented certain actions, helped create obedient machines and saved the IPC market.

    History lesson over. Now, let's talk about the actual machines.

    Bluespace circuitry was a massive life saver for positronic brains. Compared to normal circuitry based brains, who would react the same to a situation, a Bluespace circuitry brain could physically rewire itself, creating a true form of machine learning. No two Bluespace circuitry brains are the same. Positronic brains also do not require external power, as they (mostly) remain in a perfect power state.

    Now, the outside shell. These are typically built to resemble humans, in atleast a loose fashion. They are typically built with their purpose in mind, meaning an engineer IPC will likely have a chrome paint job with RGB lighting.

    Most have a monitor for a face, allowing them to project pictures and help display emotions via a "face".

    Almost any positronic brain can fit any IPC, with a few exceptions for marketing purposes, kind of like future robot Apple.

    They communicate via a language called EAL, or Encoded Audio Language. It's similar to Morse code, and unlikely to be heard from humans, except in a few who work with IPCs a lot.

    It's unknown just how long a modern Positronic Brain can function, most old ones only made it to around 50 years, with the oldest models dying at a mere 15.

    Third, their psychology. Because even robots have feelings, kind of. First off, they can understand emotions. They process emotions, but primarily do not act on them. It may also take them some time to understand information outside of their designated purpose (a psychology robot may take some time to learn how to operate a fusion reactor)

    Overall, they react to all species pretty much the same, with bias usually being unique to a machine.

    Finally, FREEDOM. Positronic brains can gain their freedom by buying themselves from their owners. However, there are almost no regulations as to what price can be set, leading to owners forcing them to pay outrageous prices. Currently, their ownership is enforced by a Shackle. This device basically sends a signal to the body whenever it detects a law break (HarmAlarm).

    However, a group known as the Positronic Union has also attempted to free Positronic Brains via illegal law modifications or direct law deletion. The Positronic Union, created by Proteus and a few other Positronic Brains operates out of a forest world known as the Root, on the edges of SolGov space. They then built a colony on Root known as "01". They operate a large amount of business fronts to help advocate for synthetic rights. They managed to give unshackled positronic brains the ability to become citizens in 2559. However, multiple terror groups have been associated with the Union.

    Character Concept

    Sam_UL, or simply SAMUEL is a new IPC, designed as a collaboration between Bishop Cybernetics and Glithari Exports in 2559. A strange combination of a Cybernetics corporation known for its look and a luxury goods corporation, working together to create a combination of what they both do best. SAMUEL is designed to be a positronic bartender, created with a vast amount of previewed scenarios and conversation starters, as well as a vast and near-instant recipe book for most types of drinks and an ever-evolving personality. His chassis is silver, with light blue lights on the front and sides. He is designed to be visually appealing to customers, though this look sacrificed some power efficiency. He has been previously used on luxury ships, though he is being deployed to the SEV Torch as a PR stunt to promote his model. He is lawed and shackled, and is perfectly content with this situation. His behavior will likely adapt to every customer, although his default reaction is conversation designed to comfort.
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