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Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by serenemelody, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Rubrica

    Rubrica Bartender

    Actually, if there's an interest in Xenobotany stuff, I might as well share a couple I made as well - this one is pretty much the same as yours, UnsavourySquid, and this one is more of an extended experiment log format. Anybody, please do let me know if there's anything that needs changing.
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  2. UnsavorySquid

    UnsavorySquid Petty Officer First Class

    Damn, no kidding. That's quite literally exactly like mine! I like my version a smidge better visually for charting the genes, but otherwise I love your experiment log. I can see having it up on a laptop as I work, while a printed xenoflora gene chart is kept on a clipboard
  3. Rubrica

    Rubrica Bartender

    Yeah, that's kind of how I use it. Yours is definitely a lot nicer for actually working with from an in-character perspective; I tend to treat mine as a sort of 'final report' to go into the experiment folder, with my actual findings and comments being recorded in the experiment log format on a laptop (later being printed out and also added to a folder, of course.)
  4. RuneCap

    RuneCap Bartender

    So I'm a CL main and I've recently started to actually take notes of any researcher in the science department. It's pretty fun if you're looking for stuff to do while you wait for an Investor to propose thaler to NT, or if you just want to do some canonicity rp, or maybe you just want to do it because you love paperwork like me. So here's some paperwork!

    Corporate Paperwork for Corporation roleplayers and Pierre

    [small][b]NT-836 Corporate Personnel Behavior Notes[/center][/small][/b]
    Alright, but what if you're a hardcore roleplayer and your urge to rp can only be sated through bureaucratic expertise, actual stalking AND fun? Well, say no more fam.
    [small][b]NT-836B Corporate Personnel Skill Assessment[/center][/small][/b]
    [table][row][cell][b]Attribute[/b][cell]Grade[row][cell]Versatility[cell][field][row][cell]Understanding[cell][field][row][cell]Obedience[cell][field][row][cell]Efficiency[cell][field][row][cell]Professionalism[cell][field][row][cell][b]Total Grade[/b][cell][field][/table]

    The Total Grade is optional, it's a piece from my idea of a NT-836C which would simply be a gradesheet, used mainly by roleplayers who take every non-antagonist action as canon, as a method of "promoting" scientists if they got a high enough grade, but this is up to your playstyle tbh.

    EDIT: Alright, so because I wanted MORE stuff to write with, I've decided to go out of my way and write even MORE paperwork for CLs to use (if anyone else even plays it as I do)

    Sooo...Security trying to complain about not getting free Laser Cannons and illegal Xray rifles from RnD? Give them this and watch their valid senses completely FAIL at doing paperwork! It even comes in with fine print and not-so-fine-print.

    [small][b]Torch LTD-730 External Complaint Form[/center][/small][/b]
    [b]Suggested Course of Action:[/b][small][field][/small]
    [small]I, [field], the [b]Objector[/b], solemnly pledge my testimony was not modified or altered in any way and that I will attach un-altered evidence in the form of a photograph, documented testimonies of others, or through a transcript of a recorder.[/small]
    [b]Objector's Signature:[/b][field]
    [b]Corporate Liason's Signature:[/b][field]
    [large][b]The contents of this form will be void if there is no authorizing signature from both parties[/b][/large]
    [small]The following may only be filled out in accordance to an executive decision from the Torch LTD with a physical copy attached, should they intervene. This section of the form may not always be applicable, and should only be used for major incidents.[/small]
    [b]Final Decree/Compromise:[/b][small][field][/small]

    Tired of Robotics constantly ordering stuff from you? Or maybe Security wants to enhance their valids and want AEGs? Make them suffer with this Requisition form! However, it has been tabled to be 1000% less infuriating! (sadly)

    [small][b]Torch LTD-1180 Requisition Table[/center][/small][/b]
    [table][row][cell][b]Name[/b][cell][b]Position[/b][cell][b]Time[/b][cell][b]Requested Item[/b][cell][b]Reason for Request[/b][row][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][row][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][row][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][row][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][row][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][row][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][row][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][cell][field][/table]

    Want to gain profit as CL while watching the Torch's accounts burn? Want to drink a martini with the RD in Officer's Mess as your scientists rake in the cash because the Roboticist ordered 25 parts for no reason? Start a flame war in OOC and IC with this! WARNING: IT IS ADVISED YOU ONLY CHARGED FOR MISCELLANEOUS AND NON-VITAL ITEMS AND PARTS SO YOU AREN'T LYNCHED

    [table][row][cell][b]ITEM[/b][cell][b]VALUE[/b][cell][b]CHARGE[/b][row][cell]Circuitry Items[cell]93[cell]130[row][cell]Micro Manip.[cell]84[cell]110[row][cell]Nano Manip.[cell]189[cell]235[row][cell]Pico Manip.[cell]286[cell]340[row][cell]Capacitator[cell]84[cell]110[row][cell]Adv. Capacitator[cell]172[cell]217[row][cell]Matter Bin[cell]84[cell]110[row][cell]Adv. Matter Bin[cell]195[cell]260[row][cell]S. Matter Bin[cell]335[cell]400[row][cell]Micro-laser[cell]85[cell]118[row][cell]HP Micro-laser[cell]200[cell]255[row][cell]UHP Micro-laser[cell]295[cell]360[row][cell]Scan. module[cell]85[cell]125[row][cell]Adv. Scan. Module[cell]200[cell]280[row][cell]Laser Scalpel[cell]340[cell]590[row][cell]Power Cell[cell]60[cell]120[row][cell]Adv. Power Cell[cell]183[cell]220[row][cell]Enh. Power Cell[cell]270[cell]328[row][cell]H. Power Cell[cell]345[cell]490[row][cell][hr][cell][hr][cell][hr][row][cell]Regeant Scan.[cell]535[cell]620[row][cell]Adv. Regeant Scan.[cell]630[cell]697[row][cell]M. Spectrometer[cell]324[cell]411[row][cell]Adv. M. Spectrometer[cell]436[cell]503[row][cell]Nanopaste[cell]350[cell]430[row][cell]Xenolife Scan.[cell]325[cell]380[row][cell]R. Analyzer[cell]93[cell]120[row][cell]MedHUD[cell]164[cell]290[row][cell]SecHUD[cell]180[cell]310[row][cell][hr][cell][hr][cell][hr][row][cell]Stun Revolver[cell]2360[cell]2840[row][cell]Adv. E. Gun[cell]2976[cell]3600[/table]

    EDIT: Alright, I'm changing this post to be classified into different types of paperwork: Corporate, SCG, Legal, Misc.

    Legal Documents, for the lawyer players who will definetly be on the Rise. LawStation12 amirite
    NOTE: While these documents will have SCG paperwork on them, that's only because most will be for government based stuff and you know, judicial shit.

    [small][b]SCG-Qualified Legal Attorney's Trial Notes[/center][/small][/b]
    Location of which Trial was held:[/b] [field]
    [b]Plaintiff/Criminal Offense:[/b][i][field][/i]
    [b]Defendant's Testimony:[/b][small][field][/small]
    [b]Addditional Evidence:[/b]
    [b]Supporting Evidence [small](documents of transcripts, forensics papers, or photographs must be attached)[/small]:[/b][small][field][/small]
    [b]Additional Notes:[/b]
    [b]Plaintiff's Testimony (If any):[/b][small][field[/small]
    [b]Evidence Against Defendant:[/b][small][field][/small]
    [b]Additional Notes:[/b]
    [small]I, [field], the [b]Attorney[/b], solemnly pledge my report was not modified or altered in any way and that I will attach un-altered evidence in the form of a photograph, documented testimonies of others, or through a transcript of a recorder.[/small]
    [b]Attorney's Signature:[/b][field]
    [small]I, [field], a [b]witness of the trial[/b], can confirm all of the above and can recall the events of the trial should I be asked and will validate the truth of this report.[/small]
    [b]Signature of One who was present at trial:[/b][field]
    [small]This report should be copied and sent to person of highest authority at the trial while the Attorney keeps the other copy.[/small]
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  5. jusa297

    jusa297 Chef

    Can someone make paperwork for OCIE agents? LIke, for reports directly to the OCIE, for example about a prisioner in perma, gang afiliation and that stuff