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Pedometer Contest - July 2019

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ozwell, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    Hi all!

    As a neat little contest to energize our competitiveness (and perhaps a health initiative), I am proposing a pedometer contest!

    Starting July 1st, and ending July 30th at midnight, you can enter the contest. Results will be posted here around August 1st, and there *may* be prizes for the top 3.

    edit: a pedometer is a device that tracks your steps, you can get an app for it on your phone too

    Here are the rules:

    Entries can start whenever you'd like, and end whenever you'd like. To enter, you can say "I'm in" on this forum thread, and you will be entered onto the list of competitors.

    At the end of the competition, you must post a picture of your pedometer next to a sheet of paper/card with your ckey/discord name/forums name on it. Again, you have until midnight at July 30th to post your results. Everything will be tallied August 1st.

    If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to comment below.






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  2. El3ctr1c

    El3ctr1c Petty Officer First Class

    Holy shit, i read that as pedo-meter like pedophile and was very concerned for a moment

    Edit: But uh yea sure im in, does running count?
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  3. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    ye running is fair game
  4. Chinsky

    Chinsky Retired Staff

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