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Permanent Ban Appeal - Macdaddus

Discussion in 'Accepted Appeals' started by GuineaPigLovinGuy, Jan 4, 2019.

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  1. GuineaPigLovinGuy

    GuineaPigLovinGuy Bartender

    I would like to apologize as it was not to my understanding that a forum screen name had anything to do with my in-game banning and subsequent dismissal of my appeal but I understand it may not have come across very well when trying to prove that I am not a fool anymore. Now that we can both speak to each other like adults I am hoping that you do not mind I copy and paste my previous appeal (with one short addition) as there was nothing wrong with it and nothing indicative to suggest that it was looked at in the first place.

    BYOND Key
    : Macdaddus

    Date and Time of Ban: 2018-07-7

    Character name at time of banning: I do not remember

    Name of admin who banned you: Xales

    Jobs you were banned from (if applicable): Permanent

    Reason you were banned: Disrespectful to staff trying to handle their decision to make and spray drugs at people as a scientist

    Duration of ban: Permanent

    Reason you should be unbanned:
    Hello, I am here to appeal again after realizing I was foolish and childish and unfunny in my first one. Though I would like to reiterate that the ban reason isn't strictly true and I didn't spray drugs at anyone, I did partake in unrealistic and illegal character actions as a non-antag scientist and I understand that I treated the admins poorly when questioned about it. I will not do it again and will do my job properly if I am able to play again and play a believable and mature character who does not throw his career away over player boredom or desire to experiment.

    @xales is this better
  2. xales

    xales Host Game Administrator Developer Community Moderator

  3. GuineaPigLovinGuy

    GuineaPigLovinGuy Bartender

    Yes, gas was released after showing the item I made to a crewman. Spraying it at people makes it seem like I was purposefully targeting people or being malicious, that's all I was trying to say. It was an accident.
  4. xales

    xales Host Game Administrator Developer Community Moderator

    What exactly has changed that's going to make you care about and follow the rules now, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary? Why were you incapable of following them before but interested in doing so now? Why do you want to play on this server?
  5. GuineaPigLovinGuy

    GuineaPigLovinGuy Bartender

    Well, I think given the circumstances it was a fairly minor infraction (in the sense that it affected only me and the one who pressed the button) considering I've had plenty of other fantastic rounds on BS12, and it's a kind of fantastic that can't be attained elsewhere. From now on when messaged by an Administrator I will respond in a respectful matter, regardless on how I feel about their judgement on the matter. Furthermore I have read the rules over again as a refresher so that if I am able to rejoin the server I'll have them clear in my mind and know what is and is not acceptable.
  6. GuineaPigLovinGuy

    GuineaPigLovinGuy Bartender

  7. GuineaPigLovinGuy

    GuineaPigLovinGuy Bartender

    any word yet
  8. xales

    xales Host Game Administrator Developer Community Moderator

    Willing to give you another shot, but make sure you really familiarize yourself with the rules we have and what we expect from players before playing again. If you want a space station sandbox or a bunch of memes, this isn't the server for that.
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