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Player Complaint - Colten Robertson

Discussion in 'Player Complaints' started by Roth, May 14, 2019.

  1. Roth

    Roth Assistant

    Their BYOND username: Unknown
    Their character name: Colten Robertson

    Your BYOND username: Roth Decorthon
    Your character name: Roth Decorthon (epic self insert elitism...)

    Date, time, and game ID of incident: The past 2 weeks - latest round being from around 9 PM GMT time, 13/05/2019 (last night from this post)
    Who else can vouch for the situation: SilverZS (i think), probably a couple others in exploration.

    What happened:
    First of all, I am on mobile, so please forgive my grammatical mistakes. Also because of that, I cannot really gather any logs from the game, so I unfortunately have no particular logs to share.

    Coltern Robertson has been a repeatedly questionable character in regards to their job, ethics and story. There is a lot to ask when it comes to their backstory and method of play which, in my opinion, has repeatedly caused issues for myself in the job, as well as generally keeping exploration's reputation down - both IC and OOC.

    First of all, I would like to retell Colten's apparent background story. Now, I don't remember it fully, but I will try to recreate what my character was told:

    Colten was apparently a PMC for a long while, involved in various operations against NanoTrasen. They were apparently a very violent individual - so violent, that they would often have 'crazy war' moments: such as blacking out and waking up covered in blood, being pinned down, and apparently having killed or maimed someone. They happened to get into an escape pod, where they crashed into a lava planet and got saved somehow. This resulted in them being enlisted in the Expeditionary Corps. Colten has been very open about not actually being a scientist at all - and basically only knows soldier and fighting skills.

    This bugs me. A lot. Why did the EC hire someone who isn't a scientist to handle these things? It gets better. Remember when I mentioned the 'crazy war moments'? I have seen Colten have these moments IC. Colten will act violent, draw their machete, and treat everyone around them as a hostile. When they 'calm down' via medical care, for example, they just shake it off as just another crazy moment. My character tried to report this behaviour as very obviously dangerous - and has been ignored for it.

    Colten is a looter, put simply. They're very serious about it. One time, before launching, we were told of a passenger liner. Colten's first reaction was talking about how it was 'free loot', cueing obvious disapproval from everyone on the radio - including the Captain and SEA. No, they were not joking. There have been various rounds where Colten will immediately start looting everything he can see without checking the area - like the research pod with the mysterious bottle. One time in what he very quickly assumed to be a 'drug lab', we all entered. He spotted a weapons crate, and immediately picked up a double-barreled shotgun, loaded haywire slugs, and EMP'd the lock open to take more weapons, despite there being NO threat whatsoever, and even no threat even evaluated - we hadn't left the first room. Last night, Kowalsky and Colten unknowingly took weapons from the vox ship. This prompted the vox to come to the Charon. Moribus tried to talk - and I'm only assuming this part, but I'm pretty sure Colten shot the vox on sight - now that will require looking through logs, so call it an accusation, but either way the theft of these weapons resulted in four explorers dead. Granted, weapons would be a good idea for vox around, but shooting them on site isn't very wise.

    As an intermission, Colten plays mental health very poorly. It's almost offensive.

    Colten Robertson says, "And the best part-"
    Colten Robertson says, "Those rounds, fifteen milimeter."
    Colten Robertson says, "Fired off by a dual-action revolver."
    Colten Robertson says, "...I, should probably shut up now."
    Colten Robertson says, "Kinda getin' PTSD from this now that I think about it."
    (context: Colten feeling uncomfortable after liberally discussing murder. No, PTSD does not work like that.)

    Colten is now a girl. Look, I'm all for gender fluidity in a sci-fi world, but apparently, they touched an anomaly in a previous round, which genderswapped them and... took it canon? I can't say many of us are comfortable with that, to be frank.

    I think that's all I can really remember from what they have done, as well as their character, however I hope I have shown enough to convince you that this character, among others (this will not be my only complaint) is further ruining the feel of exploration, and the roleplay it can have. If the admins want me to report poor roleplay, then I guess I'll have to do it this way.

    I'm sorry again that I can't show particular logs, but this has been an ongoing thing, particularly over the past two weeks. It's a shame because in doing the job, Colten's player is actually competent until they find the potential for loot, shooty time, or mean rugged army man time - things which don't really fit for exploration. Am I a hypocrite for that? Maybe, but science is the focus, I and my character(s) know that.

    Thank you for reading.
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  2. Roth

    Roth Assistant

    Fixed all my spelling. I'm not very good at using a phone.
  3. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Sol Gov Pilot

    Heya, Marine Blanchet's player here, and I just come out of an interesting round during which I happened to interact with Robertson.
    So before I start : Game ID: b1f-cNcX it was at around 8PM UTC.

    So basically Robertson spent his time doing a looooot of things in a very, very large array of fields, he hacked vendors to "unshock" them, advised medical on medical stuff, did science with a scientist, and, the most important ! At the end of the round we were called to security for a bomb, Him and Kowalczyk showed up (Kowalczyk was antag, he was not at all), and the mighty SXPL Robertson started playing vigilante sherif in tha' town, first trying to cuff, then chasing an antag down with very little to no consideration for self preservation.

    So basically I don't really know how that guy managed to get that amount of knowledge with this level of calm but he sure should apply for the special forces, they'll hire him in no time.
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  4. Roth

    Roth Assistant

    Actually, a little birdy told me that apparently, Colten was a special operative in the Third Fleet, or something. So...

    Edit: Forgive me - a Third Fleet armsman. Still.
  5. SilverSZ

    SilverSZ Assistant

    Hi, I'm Silver, SilverSZ on byond and Moribus/Claire Amaranth and Artemy Danikov IC, all of which have seen or interacted with Robertson in various ways, so let's just jump into it.

    What Roth says about Robertsons backstory is different to what his character told me, I was told that he was a former Third Fleet Armsman, who lost their arm and leg to a vox, causing them to have a bitterness towards the species along with fighting them for so long, they then transfered or signed up to the EC after their service.

    Now, I haven't seen too much of his behaviour in regards to his backstory that Roth mentions, violent episodes and the like but, such a thing would certainly in my mind violate the sane and mature character rule if it was taking place. Neither have I seen what Loulou mentions with him going above his skill line however I feel that all of these problems plus what I have observed which I will go into now have a similar issue of them having a backstory above their station and in terms of what admittedly I think Exploration should be, their military man looting and shooting attitude doesn't really fit.

    Next up, Colten certainly has a problem with their character being very looty and shooty in terms of their interactions with Exploration, the round in which they suggested looting a derelict casino ship I was playing a bridge officer, they suggested doing it to give the Torch more funds, I believe such an attitude would be a cause for a reprimand of the century at least within the setting, and shows a big misunderstanding of Explorations role and the Torch as a whole.

    To talk about the Vox round that Roth mentions as well, We landed on a barren planet, while Me as Moribus, Roth and another Explorer interacted with the Monoliths and Artifacts, Colten and Kowalczyk in my mind went off and looted the Vox Shoal Ship, We make contact with the Vox who asks for their weapons back before they attack us, I as Moribus try to speak to them but the planet had no atmosphere so we were limited in our communication, I then move from the Charon cargo bay up and see Robertson now shooting the Vox, which lead to an engagement that put everyone other than Me in Crit and the Charon out of commission without help from the Torch, I don't know why Robertson did this when to my mind the Vox were not being hostile to us, But the whole scarred navy vet backstory is most likely why and their actions doomed an Exploration team which is unacceptable to me.

    Colten has always had a problem with canon and I think it's his biggest problem from a rule perspective, In the past he has talked about playing as an LPA Contractor as an Explorer like it was his night job, talking about fighting against cultists or other antags during their job and various other things that should never be taken as Canon.

    As for the gender change thing, to elaborate on that, I was an Explorer in that round, a miner activated an unsecured Artifact that caused major genetic mutation, blindness, deafness etc in the whole crew, causing Colten to become female, now, IC they say they need to wait two months for the surgery to become male again, not only is their casual attitude to it extremely weird but I refuse to believe this would allow someone to stay in the field and not in a lab being studied all day and night.

    Now, I haven't seen much of the behaviour of Colten acting outside of his skills but I can say he has the skills to hack machines, repair cybernetics, shoot guns, EVA, athletics atleast, this means mechanically there is no way they could have the Skills as an Explorer to know enough to lecture scientists or corpsmen on their jobs, and I would see a a big failure to adhere to HRP standards and another symptom of their professional ex military/merc background

    Overall I think the problems that Colten has stem from a misunderstanding of the rules, a pretty snowflakey and above and beyond what they should have character background with justifications for what they do as well as doing things outside of what sane and mature characters would do.
  6. Spookerton

    Spookerton Public Kohai № 1 Staff Manager Manager Senior Administrator Community Moderator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    No more input from others, please. That's quite enough.

    @Andron1219 Hi. I've looked through some logs as a result of this thread, and much of this seems to be reasonable critique. Please take a look. I'll be nudging you in the game as well to make sure you see this, and we can have a chat about it.