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Accepted Player Complaint - Heather Keener

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by Blazerules, Oct 4, 2019.

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  1. Blazerules

    Blazerules Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Their BYOND username: ???
    Their character name: Heather Keener
    Your BYOND username: blazerules
    Your character name: Viktor Argent
    Date, time, and game ID of incident: 03/10/2019, "local time" pre 7:00, Game ID: b3y-bG9N
    Who else can vouch for the situation: Emily-153 (Retrokinesis), Hirokai Shirogani (GzuGale) and Beiler (NothingButCarl)
    What happened: The BO decided to fly the Torch into all sorts of dangers like Asteroids, electrical storms and carp. Killing themselves in the process. According to NothingButCarl they set the autopilot limit to 1,000. We're unsure if the player was just inexperienced, didnt know english and thus had no idea what was going on or griefing. Either way a player complaint is made just in case to find out what happened.
    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.):
    Not a native English speaker?

    In the logs just ctrl+f for [Common] Heather Keener says, "Íàì ïèçäà ÷òî íåïîííîãî? we are fuck up."
    As that is when all the relevant events started.

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  2. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Administrator

    Hiya, I'll be taking this complaint.
  3. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Administrator

    Yup. It valid
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