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Player Complaint - Joe Oliver

Discussion in 'Player Complaints' started by BigPapa, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. BigPapa

    BigPapa Bartender

    Their BYOND username: Unknown
    Their character name: Joe Oliver

    Your BYOND username: YourDaddy117
    Your character name: Joseph Morgan

    Date, time, and game ID of incident: 6/2/2019, Round started around 6:30 pm PST but the actual incident didn't happen until 30 minutes or so before the 3 hour mark.
    Who else can vouch for the situation:WickedCybs/Anyone else who might've been aware of it in explo, WeebCatGirl, and Cecilia Ihle's player, Hans Weber's player (maybe)

    What happened: Alrighty so allow me to set the scene. I've just come back from expedition and we're starting to get everything where it needs to go (samples, data, etc.) and an explorer who appeared to have woken up late approaches me. Joe_Oliver1.png
    Now I should have been able to stop this here(a running theme) but I was busy dealing with all sorts of shenanigans plus I believe I missed him saying the "I just asked for your approval?" bit. Anyways I'm busy writing a report when I hear about the GUP leaving again. The GUP had just returned btw so it didn't make since for it to be laving so soon. Regardless I just assumed it was the miners. Joe_Oliver2.png
    Again, like before, this went past my head. I continued with my routine of getting a report in and informing command what happened on the planet when I hear this: Joe_Oliver3.png
    AGAIN this goes over my head as I completely forgot about Oliver while I was talking to the Captain. Cue to me being informed the GUP has been radio silence within 7 minutes before BS launch Joe_Oliver4.png
    And it finally hits my brain that the fucking dude Vess saw was my explorer who decided to go rogue. I should expand on the flight plan a little btw because he did make one. Issue is that it was incredibly vague and bad. We just decided to cut our losses and forget about the explorer. Somehow the GUP made it back. To sum it all up and address what the issue here exactly: Joe Oliver left to go on a solo adventure with the GUP with little to no warning and somehow yeeted himself out of the damn thing and ended up back at the Torch.
    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.)[/b]: Above screenshots (sorry if I was supposed to put those here. This is my first time doing a complaint.)
    On a final note I meant to ahelp this during the round but I got held up.
  2. RandyJones

    RandyJones Bartender

    I played Joe Oliver

    I asked command on the explorer comms for clearance for a solo mission earlier in the round where "Joseph Morgan" asked me as to where and my reason for going, that was what preceded our characters conversation you see above.

    I expected the GUP to be refueled since those that usually do it were buzzing around it the whole time I however was disappointed and ran out of fuel 20 meters from the station, I went around looking for an entrance when to torch as I thought running in quickly and getting a crowbar would be much faster and easier for everyone than waiting for command to orginize aid or rescue but the Torch turned out to be harder to get into than I thought, after not getting one I treid to jump back to the GUP to contact bridge but it wasent there so I threw something to get within the shield of the torch before it bluespace jumped after that the round ended. Also as a side note im sorry if you found my report to be incredibly vague and bad I dont do reports much I guess ill re consult the wiki.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
  3. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Administrator

    I'll be handling this complaint.
  4. RandyJones

    RandyJones Bartender

    I might be offline for awhile in the near future so further responses might take awhile.