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Denied Player Complaint: Renald Dalton

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by spessCarp, Aug 6, 2019.

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  1. spessCarp

    spessCarp Chef

    Their BYOND username:?
    Their character name:Renald Dalton

    Your BYOND username:SpessGameAccount
    Your character name:Samantha Burkett

    Date, time, and game ID of incident: Ongoing
    Who else can vouch for the situation:Cirra(encouraged me to submit a report), most people.

    What happened:
    Whenever Dalton shows up it's as the Chief of Science, and as usual I am a regular scientist. I dread his arrival every time because he often goes out of his way to berate me and everyone else in the department. He looks for opportunities to fire people - carrying around a flasher just for that purpose. And unless I max out the research matrix I'm liable to have my ID taken. If I avoid him then I get fired too. It's just stressful.
  2. Phosphorus

    Phosphorus Game Administrator

  3. Phosphorus

    Phosphorus Game Administrator

    Posting here for transparency's sake. An anonymous source has made the following statement:

    "Right, some reasoning behind Arkter's character wanting to fire their character. 'Cause it's only directed toward them, and I fully understand them. Their character has a tendency to disrupt Science to the point where almost no one else can work. Burkette tends to nick things from labs without asking, including materials, and only do science to a certain point (Where they can fuck around with circuits), and then taking materials from Fabrication to do that. So anyone who comes there to finish, ends up being confused as fuck and not having materials. Not to mention, she's kinda like a weird child with ADHD. So comes in, does some shit to your lab, and then leaves without a word. If I was playing an RD, I would probably have the same opinion as Dalton.

    TL;DR Their character disrupts the entire science department almost every round, and generally there's a good reason to fire her."
  4. spessCarp

    spessCarp Chef

    Hardly accurate. When I research for the sake of just getting advanced circuits I just toss the components from two laptops into the destructor and exactly one piece of plasma/phoron. To be helpful I bring up all the metals from the storage room to the RandD lab in bags and leave them neatly there on the table. I take a small amount of the steel to work on circuits with and usually scoop up any batteries I can find on the ship. If the battery is of superior quality I deconstruct it for power research. I don’t think that’s disruptive.

    “(Where they can fuck around with circuits)” Yeah I won’t hide that I enjoy them. I really do, they help me program better in real life. I also enjoy them because in game they help me perform science experiments. Like one round I did a test where users picked sounds on and off of space drugs by clicking buttons hooked up to beepers. Then in another I used it to poll the crew on their favorite colors, so that I knew what nail polish to use. I like to try and come up with solutions to problems with circuits rather than use pre-existing tools: My robot that injects slimes with water keeps me safe and happy. I find circuitry allows me to do more fun and engaging science roleplay than standing around shoving things into the destructor.

    I usually get along quite well with the other scientists and sometimes even get asked for advice. I say hi and ask what they’re doing, usually nothing they want help with. I might not speak to Dalton because that’s dangerous for job security and no translation device known to man or skrell can understand him.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  5. Arkter

    Arkter Bartender

    Right so, Truth be told, I have no idea where to start with this complaint.

    Though I play Renald with a "professional asshole" personality as he always is meant to be, I always try to avoid severe punishments which may lead to the end of a player's round for quite some time. However, This is proving impossible with Samantha Burkette, And I have alot to go through honestly. So without further ado, Let's split up my reply into two main points:

    1) Renald Apparently Finding A Way To Try and Fire Burkett on any chance he can get
    2) Burkette's general attitude within the Research workspace

    One: I understand if players have a general dislike towards Renald's Professional Asshole mentality, but
    its a different point entirely if someone has decided to actively be an ass to Renald and a general pain in Research before complaining about being fired.

    As Renald, I have only have fired her if he deems her to be a thorn on Research's side or has anything to do with the general efficiency of Research, it also does not help that Burkett actively taunts Renald on common and science comms alike, which I will greatly go into more detail about in Point Two. During one of the first time she was laid off her job, she decided to climb on the Charon and jump off it- Suffering a dislocated ankle and ignoring PainRP entirely, this did not help that Renald was already livid and had decided to fire her for conducting herself in such a poor manner as a supposed scientist working for EXO.

    I can assure you spessCarp, that I do not actively find every chance I get as Renald to lay her off as a Researcher, as I understand it impedes someone's immersion and round. I will now expand upon my second point of my reply.

    Two: Burkett has been severely disrespectful towards Renald on Science comms and Common alike. Using phrases such as "Maybe you should leave RnD or Research to someone who actually knows what they are doing heh" and "Maybe we should send Renald Dalton to the exoplanet so he can catalogue all the flora and fauna in the area" Which is in a tone which is disrespectful and treats Dalton as if he was a subordinate to Burkett. She has also faked an injury as a nonantag to land Dalton in hot water, claiming she tripped and sprained an ankle due to Dalton's nature of workplace, and caused collapsed lungs. From a sprained ankle, Burkett has also whispered into the ear of another crewmember once before. In a bid to get dirt on Renald as yet again, a non-antag.

    Burkett has also been disruptive in the workplace, actively bringing out her circuits outside of Research so she can dick around with it. One of her circuits had a ear piercing sound effect and she claimed it was a "toy" even though it had a hypo injector in it. Potential use of a weapon disguised as a toy, which has not been cleared by the Captain or Renald.

    That is all I have to say for now
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  6. spessCarp

    spessCarp Chef

    I’d like to believe that to receive respect, one must give respect. And from the gist of your responses I’m pretty certain you have none for me at all. I’m willing to change if you are.

    Yes I faked an injury, I didn’t hurt myself to do it or anything crazy like that. We were having a discussion about how you at the time had covered every tile in the office with clutter. I called you a hoarder and mentioned how science should be an organized and sterile environment. You didn’t take me seriously at all so I tripped on some of the clutter in a playful manner to prove a point. If it were the reverse you would have got pissed at me and fired me if I didn’t clean up the mess in a timely fashion.

    You don’t appear to be an admin, so I doubt you know what I whisper about far from you.

    As for using circuits outside of science, I don’t see much wrong with it. It’s a matter of context. Just because it has a hypoinjector, doesn’t mean I also loaded it with cyanide. Orange juice works too. It’s equal to a syringe, with no chance of harm, so that makes it more benign than a syringe. The point is, if it can harm, save it for use as a traitor if harming people is a necessary part of your plots. At any rate I have a long history of making and distributing circuits that help the crew with their tasks, entertainment, and health. And Dalton never mentioned I need to ask for his permission to do that.

    I can give the schematics for the toy if necessary. Basically it’s for the bar. A russian roullette circuit people could pass around loaded up with a shot of tequila or something. It rolls a random number generator and if you get six, then you get “shot”. As in a shot of Tequila.

    In regards to the Charon, I did fall off it. I did RP the pain(Sometimes I do it a bit slowly trying to imagine some good responses.), but you probably didn’t notice because you ran there faster than the first responders to take my ID. Not even offering a tiny bit of compassion that could have shown me you have a glimmer of a soul.

    I reiterate that I’m willing to be your friend if you’ll be mine. We don’t have to fight every round. I think you misjudge a lot of my actions and perhaps that’s because we don’t communicate. And I don’t communicate with you because you do stuff like blinding me and dragging me into the halls for throwing a wrapper at you. So if you can dial down the intensity, I bet us two could be a constructive and powerful team.
  7. Kell

    Kell Bartender

    So to add another perspective,
    I find it difficult to take this player complaint seriously because of the following issues.
    Though I don't play in science or actively talk to Dalton much, I have had experience with Burkett.

    Her first little game I experienced was when she was into Virology some months ago.
    Every medical shift that she joined, she would hole herself up in virology and self experiment.
    She ended up sitting in the lobby tweaking out, twitching and sneezing and coughing and other such things like an absolute maniac, and on many occassions medical staff got sick of her talking about it and displaying a complete and utterly maniacal disregard for her own suffering and pain that they would attempt to FORCE her to cure herself, because it was so inane and looked particularly poor for medical. Additionally she would run around and make sure people noticed that she was tweaking out, and exactly what she was doing, and would on occassion begin a soliloquay about how she nearly killed herself by making a virus that overdosed her on bicaridine or something of the ilk.

    After that, I did not see her often, but my last experiences of her in science were also of a similar vein. I have not enjoyed the way she acts, it can be amusing that her character is sort of an in-joke, ("Oh no. Burkett's in the brig again!") but it should be toned down.
    My previous experience of the character involved her, yes,
    Making a circuit machine with the sole and express intention of injecting the Janitor with Water in order to scare him and get attention.
    She again ended up inside brig, causing a hassle, and when it was time to release her after having to interview and check her equipment to see what she had done as a "prank" and none-antag, she was sitting in the brig calling for help and then roleplaying that she was pretending the toilet was talking to her by flipping the lid as she spoke.

    I have absolutely no idea how to take such a character seriously as she acts as if she is thirteen years old, and a boisterous prank every now and then is fine but is it really fine when it is such a common occurence that she has a reputation for basically being a "Why the fuck is this person hired?" staffmember?

    To sum up, it's difficult to take a complaint saying "My boss keeps trying to fire me," Seriously when it comes from a character that makes no sense to not be fired.
  8. spessCarp

    spessCarp Chef

    "Her first little game I experienced was when she was into Virology some months ago.
    Every medical shift that she joined, she would hole herself up in virology and self experiment."
    I've never done any virology work, so you may have me mistaken for somebody else. When I learned about self experimentation and how it is illegal and considered self-antagging I adopted a policy of always having a research partner or asking another department for help in supervising the experiment. If the experiment poses a threat to health, medbay is usually happy to be of service. Like that one time I wanted to write down how all the chemicals in the chem dispenser taste:

    Ammonia:Mordant. Sharp. Biting.
    Hydrazine:Sweet tasting and metallic.
    Iron:Tastes like licking an iron pole.
    Mercury:It's impossible to describe and it makes my head hurt.
    Potassium:It has a sweet taste.
    Silicon:Old rotten band-aids.
    Sugar: Like I need to tell you.
    Sulphuric Acid:Like acid! Also so much burns.
    Aluminum:Tastes like metal, it sure does.
    Carbon:Sour chalk.
    Ethanol:Very hard alcohol.
    Hydrochloric Acid:Reminds me strongly of stomach acid.
    Phosphorus:Tastes like vinegar.
    Radium:It has a blue taste to it, you know what blue tastes like?
    Sodium: Salty!
    Sulfur:Tastes like old eggs.
    Tungsten:Bleh can't even describe it.
    Inaprovaline:Very bitter.
    Imidazoline:Very dull and toxic tasting.
    Dylovene:Tastes like a roll of gauze.
    Space Lube:Very much a slimey taste.
    Nutriment: It seems to taste like whatever it came from.
    Leporazine:Super bitter.
    Dexalin:Also bitter.
    Hyronalin:More bitterness.
    Kelotane: It is also very bitter.
    Dermaline:Also bitter. I'm starting to see a pattern here.
    Cryptobiolin:Sour, thank god. I couldn't take any more bitter.
    Hyperzine:Tastes like acid.
    Luminol:It tastes like metal.
    Space Drugs:Bitter!
    Thermite:Sweet and delicious.
    Phoron: Bitterness.
    Honestly I do a lot of good, a lot of the time, and I think admins see that. I've been having a blast making friends here. And I think some people arn't entirely informed and focus on the negatives, but that's life.

  9. thebest_player757

    thebest_player757 Bartender

    Pretty much all of those chemicals are toxins, intentionally consuming those is a nono for your character to do. As for Burkett, I have had memorable experiences with them putting their character in insane or strange situations, like jumping off the Charon and dislocating their leg, or powergaming with blindfolds as an antag for flash protection. Burkett is just an insane character who is completely unrealistic in the setting of the Torch.

    From what I see when I play science, Burkett has a cycle of acting very childish until someone says stop or they get brigged. Any sane CSO would fire their character like, thirty minutes after being exposed to them.
  10. Persona E

    Persona E pp head Game Administrator

    Hello, please keep contributions ITT to specific, verifiable examples of behavior rather than general opinions.
  11. Preston Patel

    Preston Patel Assistant

    I play as CSO Preston Patel and persistently have similar experiences to the ones mentioned in this thread with Burkett.

    For example, she has been asked every round I've had with her to refrain from wearing dresses in the laboratory. Always compliant, but then shows up the next shift doing the same exact thing as before. I fail to understand why someone would continuously put themselves at risk of procuring chemical burns for the sake of being cute.

    It's not realistic and gets frustrating after a while, especially seeing as when I did dismiss her last round, she claimed that the SolGov rep was letting her keep the job and refused to join me on the bridge for termination. Which wouldn't have mattered regardless, seeing as she uses circuit IDs to bypass having her ID changed/taken away. Or at least claims to.

    That's just my perspective of this situation.
  12. Phosphorus

    Phosphorus Game Administrator

    After careful review of the testimonies and relevant logs, I am going to mark this complain invalid.
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