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Denied Player Complaint - Reynolds12/Adam Holdeman

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by Skoomonk, May 4, 2020.

  1. Skoomonk

    Skoomonk Assistant

    Their BYOND username:Reynolds12
    Their character name:Adam Holdeman
    Your BYOND username:Skoomonk
    Your character name:Oralie Rowley
    Date, time, and game ID of incident:05/4/20 6:00am, PST b6Z-bGiD
    Who else can vouch for the situation: Kaitlyn Whirlow (Kozak411?), Kyra Allman (Lush Salmon) Naskoki Chen (Sandvich123)
    What happened: Adam Holdeman committed some standard antag acts, basic bombings, voice changer to make threats, nothing worth noting. However, once he was permanently confined, the first thing he asked for was a monkey that was dead in a cell (Used to try to feed a Zombified antag) so that he could eat it. Weird request, but I figured it was fine with monitoring. He immediately takes it, and with me barely having even left the room, tries to use it to break the Communal's window. This earned him a straight trip to a solitary cell, and a very clear and singular warning that if he tried to break the windows in the cell, I would strip the cell bare. I was the only member of Sec at the time, and I had no interest in babysitting him constantly. Once again, I left him alone, had a quick talk with a Bridge Officer in the hall (I believe Kaitlyn Whirlow), promptly heard and E-Sword and found him with one breaking out of the window. We carefully took him down and got the E-sword, and I did as I said, given he clearly intended to do anything to escape, and ICly somehow hid an E-Sword despite being thoroughly searched, I stripped him entirely. Immediately after being uncuffed, he went for the Light Bulb in the cell I missed, so I promptly had to take him down again and grab the bulb. There was atmospherics issues in the cell, So I opted to move him to the second cell, believe it wasn't having those issues. Once moved and uncuffed, I opted to not strip the entire cell, and even give him his underwear back, because I OOCly find it really poor that I have to do all that to prevent escape. He then, once again, immediately took a bedsheet and started hamming on the Glass. Leading me to strip him and the cell entirely, again. At this point, he started hitting his head to 'get my attention', to what end, I have no idea, I had already let him wail on me a couple times because our CQC is on such different levels he actively couldn't damage me with his fists. This happened a few times, and eventually lead me to simply buckle-cuffing him to the bed, for at least twenty minutes I was repeatedly just buckle cuffing him to the bed, because he refused to stop trying to escape, and it was apparent if I didn't he'd continue to hurt himself. Throughout this, there was very little talking in his escape attempts, or effort outside the one attempt with the E-Sword (Which even that was very obvious, and he didn't try to ambush me like would be logical, he simply just broke the window despite knowing I'd most likely still be in the area watching). This felt like extremely low effort RP and Antag behavior, and was absolutely miserable to have to babysit in the brig. I spent around thirty to forty minutes just constantly micro-managing him to ensure he stays in the cell and doesn't hurt himself, excluding the E-Sword, he had no chance what so ever to escape any of the times he tried, which was very apparent to all parties involved. While I unfortunately lack the logs or round I.D.'s, this is also not the first time he's done so, any time he is detained, he barely RP's, and will do absolutely anything to try to escape, despite it being obvious his attempts will be entirely futile. It makes it miserable to have to deal with him in the brig, as you have to watch him constantly, with barely any RP even, any and every time he's detained.
    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.)[/b]: b6Z-bGiD
  2. reynolds12

    reynolds12 Bartender

    I'll go through this point by point.

    1) I wasn't committing 'standard' antag acts - my OOC goal was to poison two crew members. I did so, I poisoned the engineer and Ray with tramadol and alcohol. I was initially arrested for it, but somehow Ray managed to get the blame and he was taken into custody. At that point I didn't know he was an antag. To throw the blame away from myself, I gave myself a small dose of the above combination to get myself treated in medbay to try and avoid any further suspicion. Once in medbay I discovered that Ray was also an antag, and demanding to eat flesh - monkeys were supplied to him.

    After my release from medbay I decided to try and free Ray from custody as he was another traitor, as it might make for a more fun roleplay experience. I did this by using a voice changer to try and threaten for/negotiate his release but none of the crew made any effort to engage with me. The only person who did was Chen who completely ignored the threat and basically just laughed at my character. Even AFTER the bombing Chen decided to mock the situation and make sarcastic remarks over comms.
    Because of this I decided it justified ONE small bombing on first deck's power supply in the hope I could go and directly intervene on Ray's behalf to release him.

    2) After I was arrested I tried to act a bit weird to throw you off a little, so you could make the link between me and the "mysterious voice". You began complaining on LOOC that you are going to have to completely strip me because "any item can be used to break windows". Obviously this was no fun for me as it meant I was going to be stuck in confinement. Once in communal I didn't, as you say, "try to break the window with the monkey" - I threw it twice at the window in frustration at my confinement. I then tried to use a light fitting and broken bottle to smash my way out. Quite rightly, you took me into a normal cell.

    You then began repeatedly complaining on LOOC that you were going to have to take everything out of the cell, I said that's fine and didn't engage in an argument with you. You, however, forgot to take my headset which contained my uplink device. I used that to buy an e-sword to break out of my cell, and if needed, to incapiticate (but not kill) you to facilitate this. If I recall correctly, you again complained over LOOC.

    3) You then removed every possible item from the cell, took all of my clothes (including underwear) while continuing to complain on LOOC about window breakage. If I recall correctly, on a previous game you tried to start another LOOC argument by sending me links to YouTube videos of real life reinforced glass being broken to reinforce your point. Space Station 13 is not real life.

    You didn't have to micro manage me, you effectively ruined my antag round and as per other rounds engaged in metagaming to ensure you always have the upper hand. I used the bedsheet in my second cell against the window, twice, and then threw it back on the ground while you told me on LOOC you weren't going to let me use the bedsheet as a cape (I wanted to wear it as you'd stripped me naked).

    You pre-emptively tried (and failed) to deprive me of my uplink and before any serious attempt to escape was made you erected security barriers outside my cell.

    4) Towards the round end, I was fully compliant and not making any attempt to escape. You then paraded me, naked, through the ship infront of other crew to a safe room. I'm not sure why you expect me to try and engage in constructive roleplay with you when you consistently act like this. Prior to this, you had buckle cuffed me, naked, to the bed and kept coming back constantly to unbuckle and rebuckle me to make absolute sure I couldn't even move.

    5) After continually ignoring your attempts to incite arguments on LOOC, you decided to carry it on into the next round by *still* complaining on OOC chat. I tried to refute your points but you just became aggressive while asking if you could ahelp the previous round (why didn't you then?). Rather than argue with you, I quit the game instead of playing the next round like I intended to.

    I feel strongly that you've exaggerated several points while refusing to acknowledge or admit any poor play on your own behalf. I agree that on my part, it could have been better, but I still feel the same. I also feel that once you've caught an antag, you feel that you've 'won' and any player who is caught by you isn't allowed to participate any further in the round as an antag and you go out of your way to make absolutely sure they have no chance of getting out.
  3. purplemontart

    purplemontart #1 Tree Dad Game Administrator Diona Species Maintainer

    Hey, I'll be handling this. Since you've both given your viewpoints (thanks for doing that so fast) I'll have a look at everything and get back to you.
  4. purplemontart

    purplemontart #1 Tree Dad Game Administrator Diona Species Maintainer

    Okay so the main meat of the complaint is reynolds12 playing poorly and after going through things, I see nothing deserving of administrative action. On those grounds, the complaint is denied.