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Accepted Player Complaint - Skylar Pritchard

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by DriedMilk, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. DriedMilk

    DriedMilk Bartender

    Their BYOND username:
    Their character name:
    Skylar Pritchard

    Your BYOND username:
    Your character name:
    Jessica Healy

    Date, time, and game ID of incident:
    13th of June (12:50pm~ EST)
    Who else can vouch for the situation:
    MattAtlas (Nathan Carey)
    NewOriginalSchwann (Petra Varga)

    What happened:
    The character Skylsr Pritchard shortly after being relieved from duty and was currently serving time in the brig started going fairly agressive with the flirts on my character aswell as Schwann's character by calling them ''sweeties'' or ''cute''. As this happened, she was also constantly undressing herself infront of everyone inside of the brig which was fairly uncomfortable since it was obvious that she was probably looking for ERP. This kept happening even after serving brig time to the point where I was forced to pepperspray her multiple times and to make it worse, when the round endedbshe decided to get herself naked in the Brig lobby just to hug my character which is pretty ??? and non-sensical.

    Evidence that shows the incident fully:
    Logs once the staff looks at them.
  2. Schwann

    Schwann Bartender

    Hello, I play Chief Explorer Petra Varga – this round’s brig officer and the NCO in command of the entire security department due to sleepy Lieutenants not wanting to wake up. Crewman Skylar Pritchard, an electrician, was originally arrested for forty minutes for the following crimes: theft of a gun cabinet from the deck one safe room (I regarded it as a high-security item), and trespass into the deck one safe room. Furthermore Pritchard lied to security (not unexpected), claiming that the gun cabinet had instead come from a merchant (a check with the bridge revealed no ships docked), and proceeded to call me shitcurity upon being thrown into the brig (as a side note she spoke English very poorly throughout our encounter: Skylar Pritchard whispers, "i will never get to such shitcurity trick again," for an example – I still have no idea what this statement is meant to mean). She also states that she will kill herself if she is brigged (Skylar Pritchard says, "IM GOING TO SUICIDE.") and attempts to make good on this promise by repeatedly punching herself in the chest until she suffered lung damage – this was handled in-round by Tomdroid, and in-character by myself. After she was taken to medical I moved to speak with CPO H-1, senior engineer, in order to get her relieved from duty. H-1filled out the paperwork and I kicked the issue upstairs to Ensign Jerry White (Rodmuth) – he handled the demotion, which took place in the D4 lounge. CN Nathan Carey (MattAtlas, a weeaboo but I digress) was there for the demotion and he can provide more information on it along with Rodmuth, since she apparently tried to punch Ensign White and began throwing a tantrum.

    Following this she threatened to vent all oxygen from the bridge, was arrested for endangerment, resisted being arrested for endangerment, and ended up with a sentence of roughly forty-five minutes (10+20+remaining time from her previous brig visit). At this point things began to come weird, so let me establish a point: this is a seventeen year old Crewman, so technically a minor. Pritchard first begged to be released and promised she would be a “good girl” and other weird things. It was all very uncomfortable to listen to, and at this point I began to expect her to ask for ERP in exchange for release or something. This failed to break my stony SNCO heart so she opted to strip nude and roll around on the floor like some kind of animal in front of three members of security while begging to be released. When this failed to do anything but confuse us she began calling myself (a SNCO) and PO3 Healy “sweetie” or “honey” or “cutie” or, my personal favorite, calling the brig officer “mommy.” I’ve played a lot of warden and I’ve never been called that before. That’s a first, and it’s a very sane and reasonable thing to call an E-7 - especially the one in charge of deciding whether or not you get an extended stay in Hotel Communal.

    Upon her second release from the brig Pritchard immediately joins the cult and begins to tide, transforming most of deck one into some kind of slip-n’-slide hell dimension and teleporting away constantly. She, additionally, stalked Healy until Healy gave her a pepper spray makeover. I was on the verge of sedating her and/or shoving her into a locker after her fifth return to the brig, calling me cutie/sweetie/mommy/honey for five minutes, and then vanishing, but the round ended and an engineer was shooting fireballs at me in bluespace. After the end of the round she stripped nude and began hugging Healy, which seems ludicrous as I was brutally wall-slamming one of her fellow wizards next to her and what sane person would strip all their clothes off and hug what is nominally a police officer. She’s also apparently stalking Carey in other rounds now, so that’s Very Cool!

    In Short: Engineer arrested for tiding, strips in front of SNCO, calls SNCO mommy, becomes wizard, uses magical powers to become a minor hooligan and huge people in the nude. Sane and reasonable. Still cannot speak English at the end of the day.

    TL;DR - Character Rules 2.1 and 2.3, borderline on server rule four.
  3. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Administrator

    Hiya, I'll be handling this complaint.

    As a matter of fact, this user was already banned for other infractions. This complaint is valid, and will be added to that.
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