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Denied Player Complaint - Tye McLaglan

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by Kallen1, Nov 25, 2019.

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  1. Kallen1

    Kallen1 Assistant

    Their BYOND username: (don't know)
    Their character name: Tye McLaglan
    Your BYOND username: Kallen1
    Your character name: Vakraatiritak
    Date, time, and game ID of incident: 11/24/19, round stretched on from like 5:30 PM EST and ended at 8:40 PM EST
    Who else can vouch for the situation: Every other mercenary that round, and Ozwell
    What happened:Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.)[/b]
    Okay, so - there's a big problem with Mercenary rounds that plays during those is aware of, and that's the fact that it usually devolves into a manic killfest. Me and my Merc team came up with the gimmick of being "SFP" bounty collectors and dropping off a Vox prisoner, who would have swallowed C4 and have promptly fled the brig, basically causing a goose-chase between security and the SFP agents who go to retrieve the Vox. To make this more believable, I stripped myself (I was playing Vox), cuffed myself, and had paperwork written faking a "wanted" poster. I thought this would have been a fun way to integrate one vox being in the mercenaries, and also to get the mercs onto the ship.
    We start talking on the radio, and obviously - because this happens every time when an unknown person speaks on the radio, people start immediately trying to get a "gotcha" moment by questioning the mercenaries. Which is realistic (even though everyone OOCly should be aware that you're dumping on the gimmick) - but it never seemed like answering the questions was enough.
    We worked with them, trying to come up with plausible excuses for WHY this gimmick was happening, but to no avail.
    Command initially stays silent, while we're giving our spiel until the Captain, Tye McLaglan - tells the "SFP Agents" to call up the bridge. Which is a reasonable request, but the goalposts of reaching credibility for the Mercs to dock just keep on extending and extending. McLaglan ends up making up something about how holocomms are completely standard on SCG vessels, which - OK, sure. So, our agent comes up with the reasonable excuse that well - it's an undercover ship. Others pipe up that the ship doesn't have any means of holding a prisoner, but.. I've seen rounds where special prisoners like during a psionic event, engineering collaborates with Security to build a completely "escape-proof cell." So if anything, it could have been more fun to have Engineering participate in building a proper cell.
    After some time and more attempts of proving ourselves, McLaglan ends up completely denying docking privileges to us; this is where my problem comes in.

    As a note, apparently Tye McLaglan ended up cryoing 30 minutes after negotiations failed anyway.

    Every Antag player (that's not in it for the kills) wants to make the round fun for other people by coming up with an interesting gimmick. The problem with gimmicks is that it's not just on the Mercs to start their gimmick - but it's also up to the crew, and command to reciprocate. That's why I feel like it's really annoying to come up with paperwork, use TC for SFP badges, get appropriate names, outfits, only to have that tossed by the ROIC saying "nope." I really think people in command should be a bit more responsible, and understand OOCly that by completely denying the antagonists ANY permission to employ their gimmick, and just moving the goalposts of "credibility" further and further as seen with the "can't house prisoner", "no holocomm", just really forces Mercenaries to proceed with the same old generic shoot-out with security that happens all while everyone else pours into the safe rooms. I'm not saying that mercenaries or raiders with a gimmick should be completely believed instantly, but Command should know better and give the antags some lee-way or some option to continue with their plan, instead of FORCING them to proceed with breaching the ship and taking hostages.

    EDIT: Corrected myself, meant to say holocomm instead of holodeck
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
  2. purplemontart

    purplemontart #1 Tree Dad Game Administrator Diona Species Maintainer

    Heya, I'll be handling this. @restricted as the player of Tye McLaglan, can I get your side of it?
  3. restricted

    restricted Deputy Unathi Maintainer

    Alright so Tye's reasoning for denying your request was pretty simple. The goal of the Torch is to explore, the Torch was however many days away from scheduled return to Sol, and finally the Torch has a small security element meant to handle small disputes, not dangerous lawbreakers and especially not the Vox. He repeatedly turned you down because you gave him the option to. I'm extremely loath to make OOC considerations for IC decisions, I try to play a character more than I play the game, and given everything that Tye was told it would be just a burden on the Torch to take the prisoner. So, going off of said information he wasn't going to do so if he didn't have to.

    As for the holopad thing, no idea if you had one or not, but he just wanted to remove the excess chatter so he could get what you say more directly without having to filter you out from amongst general. Yeah, he'll give you shit for it, but in the end it had no bearing on his decision insomuch as the nature of it. "Continue exploring as normal," vice "Take on this dangerous prisoner, who you absolutely don't need to take on despite the insistence of the mystery people on the radio, as they likely want to offload them sooner for their own gain."

    For someone focused on furthering the mission of the EC, I think the choice would be fairly obvious.
  4. purplemontart

    purplemontart #1 Tree Dad Game Administrator Diona Species Maintainer

    Alright, so the crux of this is command not enabling a mercenary gimmick. To that end, this complaint is denied. The actions of the Torch were justified as, yes, they're explorers not martials, and you're not railroaded into complying with antag gimmicks provided your reasoning makes sense from an IC perspective.

    I will say, however, that the holopad thing sticks out as bad. It's really not an acceptable excuse for shutting down communications, whether or not it's busy on common. I'll be noting this, but again since it wasn't the revolving point of the issue, and the final reasoning wasn't "no holopad no deal", the complaint is invalid.

    As a final note, it's important to give some leeway to antags when they're trying to do a gimmick that isn't intended to bring the Torch into the click until horizontal stage.
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