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Denied Player Report - Julian McCoy (Frenjo)

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by Myoblongvagooglia, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. Myoblongvagooglia

    Myoblongvagooglia Assistant

    Their BYOND username: Frenjo
    Their character name: Julian McCoy
    Your BYOND username: Myoblongvagooglia
    Your character name: Preston Levite
    Date, time, and game ID of incident: 11/28/2019 at around 5:00AM EST - b4r-bqn1
    Who else can vouch for the situation: Renald Dalton, basically all of command

    What happened: Going to try and let the screenshots speak for themselves, but the low down is that McCoy refused orders from the Chief Science Officer to receive training in the fabricator lab, claiming that it wasn't his "assignment" and that he was an anomalist of some tune, despite his rank being "field assistant" - all while having a degree in medical psychology. Only chooses research to join exploration (despite missing a hand) or fuck around in the chapel. He doesn't seem very reactive to IC reinforcement so I'm bringing it here.

    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.):
  2. Frenjo

    Frenjo Assistant

    Hello! Sorry had to create a forum account to respond to this, I'm not very good with forums.

    First off I'd like to clear something up which may have caused confusion. When McCoy refers to his 'assignment', he refers to his specific alternate job title, and specialisation in that area. McCoy was invented as a parapsychological/anomalistic psychologist and psionic specialist, working in-the-field (FIELD Assistant) to investigate psionic goings on, support Anomalists investigating psionic disturbances or anomalies, and generally perform a role which I hadn't (and still haven't) seen anybody else do. I've had great fun doing it, and it's amazing RP - plus it makes sense it's rarely seen, as I believe in Bay lore psionics are a relatively new occurance themselves. Given the rise in psionically-attuned counselling and mental health staff, this is a perfect chance for a non-psionic mental health professional who perhaps feels like he's been tossed into the garbage due to not having the same 'gifts', to actually start researching psionics themselves and attempt to make a name for himself that way.

    I researched alternate job titles before I made the step to actually join science - even so much as having him speaking to a Corporate Liaison about what positions he could take, given his doctorate is medical rather than scientific. That is in fact what lead me to make him an 'Assistant/Junior' role, as he's not qualified enough to be a full-blown Anomalist, and specifically 'Field Assistant' refers to actually being able to accompany said Anomalists on missions and just assist them in general. Now there aren't often many Anomalists running around, but when there are they work together wonderfully - where IC interactions allow.

    In regards to the screenshots, McCoy saw Levite effectively ignoring his specific job title (assignment) and interrupting an experiment he'd previously set up - I try to get as many crew involved as possible for RP reasons - to do (in his eyes) menial training. My thoughts when having him act that way were, 'It's like he's expecting a Xenobotanist to do training for Anomalies, that's not their job!' People are hyperspecialised into their specific area, and why would you want to randomly train someone in something completely unrelated to their field? A note on Chapel experiments is that I've only ever conducted three or four outside of antaggery, where an antag happened to be Deity so it was mega appropriate, and I only do them when I feel a large number of people would be receptive to getting involved or it would provide meaningful RP in some way.

    The IC interactions between the two characters during the conflict were amazing, and I have absolutely no OOC issues with Myo, however I honestly would've hoped they'd sent me a discord DM or such to discuss the RP with me before resorting to a complaint, but that's the way it goes.
  3. purplemontart

    purplemontart #1 Dad Game Administrator

    Aight so after checking the logs, I'm satisfied that this was handled appropriately ICly, so I'm marking it invalid.

    The only thing I should clear up, is that field assistants are still assistants; they should be assisting other research rather than organising their own. If you want to be a researcher, choosing the scientist job and whatever appropriate alt title is better.