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Accepted Player Report - Renald Dalton (Arkter)

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by Mister Fox, Dec 4, 2019.

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  1. Mister Fox

    Mister Fox Retired Staff

    Their BYOND username: Arkter
    Their character name: Renald Dalton
    Your BYOND username: Mister Fox
    Your character name: Leonel Lamoreaux (observing round)
    Date, time, and game ID of incident: 12/03/2019 at around 11:30PM EST - b4x-aIcn
    Who else can vouch for the situation: Most directly affected were Jamie Baker and Albert Patel

    What happened: While initially the situation was amusing, it quickly became evident to me that Renald Dalton is a sharp drop in the quality of RP that I would expect from Baystation 12. With him being in a commanding officer role and other higher-quality RP players being expected to follow his commands, it's my concern that newer players joining BS12 may experience Renald Dalton and have their opinion of the server's roleplay quality dropped significantly, if they don't just leave and never return.

    While his behavior was first initially just disrespectful, it quickly escalated to absurd levels -- this is supposed to be a high-ranking officer of the Expeditionary Corps, who is screaming in capital letters in inappropriate channels about potentially sensitive situations, as well as showing that he is unfit to be in a commanding position. His behavior is juvenile at best and actively harmful to other players at worst. The primary focus on this player complaint is Renald Dalton's behavior in the position as a commanding officer.

    The evidence shown below are logs taken from the first 30 minutes of the round until the point when I decided to make this player complaint. Extra information between lines has been trimmed away, though I believe game logs can be retrieved from that game ID.

    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.):

    First, this discussion on the medical channel, showing a juvenile attitude (albeit minorly):

    [Medical] (F) Albert Patel asks (ZAC), "Any CMO?"
    [Medical] (F) Asher Braun says (ZAC), "We have a manifest for a reason."
    [Medical] (F) Albert Patel says (ZAC), "It's a yes or no question."
    [Medical] (F) Albert Patel says (ZAC), "Help your coworkers out."
    [Medical] (F) Asher Braun says (ZAC), "I don't help idiots."
    [Medical] (F) Asher Braun says (ZAC), "At least unless I absoltuely have to."
    [Medical] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "..Ouche."​

    "..Ouche." was an unnecessary addition by a commanding officer who is supposedly skilled in crew relations.


    Next, an engineer trainee requested help setting up the engine. Based on his actions, I am dubious to the idea that Renald Dalton's player is a skilled engineer, as well as his dismissive behaviour towards the trainee in question.

    [Engineering] (F) Jamie Baker asks (ZAC), "Can anyone in engineering show me how to setup the engine?"
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "..If you cant do the Engine lete me do ite."
    [Engineering] (F) Jamie Baker says (ZAC), "Gladly."
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Upgrade the SMES in the meantimethe."
    ..(time passes)..
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton asks (ZAC), "Is ite Upgradede?"
    [Engineering] (F) Jamie Baker says (ZAC), "This is my second shift as an engineer, I don't know how."
    (F) Renald Dalton sighs.
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "No upgrades then."
    [Engineering] (F) Jamie Baker asks (ZAC), "What do you want them upgraded to? What layout?"
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "..You know."
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Standard drill."
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "More power intankethe."
    [Engineering] (F) Jamie Baker says (ZAC), "I told you Dalton, I'm new to this. What is the standard drill."
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton sighs.
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Commander. Dalton."
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Look, I don't usually operate the Engine for the sakethe of ite."
    [Engineering] (F) Jamie Baker says (ZAC), "... my apologies, Commander."
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Im much lesse equipped to teache a newbie."
    [Engineering] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "I hope you understand."​

    Shortly after, this announcement on the common channel:

    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Right."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Starting up the SM."
    [Common] (F) Vrix Narchin asks (ZAC), "You can do that?"
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Uh."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Maybe."​

    ...which would not instill faith in the crew of the competency of their commanding officer.


    This next excerpt should have been asked on the command channel rather than the common channel as a first response.

    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Okay."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Why de fucke is the Bridge tintede."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "And the windows lockede downe."​


    Next, Renald Dalton's behaviour escalates to shouting in all-caps on the common channel.

    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "MOTHERFUCKER."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "SOMEONE KILLED POPPY."
    [Common] (F) Asher Braun asks (ZAC), "You sure she isn't pretending to be dead, Sir?"
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "..Ande he definitely isnt playinge dead."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "NO."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "STONE COLD DAMN DEAD>."​

    This eventually led to the following in the chapel, decorations and label applied by Renald Dalton:



    More commentary showing juvenile behaviour:

    [Common] (F) Vrix Narchin exclaims (ZAC), "You must be deaf if you missed the rest of the conversation!"
    [Common] (F) Ruger says (ZAC), "Apparently, or it could just be Commander Dalton's inability to talk in full sentences."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton yells (ZAC), "Oh dear!"
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton shouts (ZAC), "Another episode of de Blame game!"
    [Service] (F) Vrix Narchin shouts (ZAC), "Shame they're not mute, either!"
    [Service] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Say it on common. For 50 thalers."
    [Service] (F) Vrix Narchin yells (ZAC), "Psh, I don't need Thalers!"
    [Service] (F) Renald Dalton asks (ZAC), "..Five Vegan MRE's?"
    [Medical] (F) Asher Braun says (ZAC), "Crewman Ruger, don't antagonize the Commander, it isn't his fault he can't speak properly or afford speech therapy classes."
    [Medical] (F) Ruger says (ZAC), "Understood."
    [Medical] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Jesus Christ."
    [Medical] (F) Renald Dalton asks (ZAC), "You too?"​


    All-caps shouting in the common channel in response to a comment:

    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "In light of our recent loss, Poppy the Safety Possum. The goodeste boye ever."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "He's body is in the coffin for alle to se.e."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Come pay your finale respects I guesse."
    [Common] (F) Albert Patel says (ZAC), "Renald. It's a possum."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "ITS."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "A."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton asks (ZAC), "POSSUM?"
    [Common] (F) Albert Patel says (ZAC), "Possums are fuckin' filthy. You know what I'd be sad about? A dog. Know what else? A cat. Possums are just filthy rodents."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Ruger, Braun."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Im paying you 500 thalers eache to shut him up."​

    This is an unlawful order for Ruger and Asher Braun to assault the medical contractor, Albert Patel, who was, in turn, assaulted.


    Next, the antagonist of the round made an announcement asking for Dalton to be killed. In the event that someone from the current round is reading this right now and the antagonist's identity is not known, I will not be including that line.

    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "..Whate."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "WHATE."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "WHATE THE ACTUALE FUCKE."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Ah yes."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Mysterious Voice."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "Whate dide I even =commit=."​


    Finally, as I was posting this, I caught this excerpt from the ongoing round:

    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "OI."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "THERE IS A FUCKER CUTTING INTO THE CHARON."
    [Common] (F) Renald Dalton says (ZAC), "ANYONE WHICHE HAS GUNS GO AHEADE AND TEAR EM APARTE."​


    I am sure there were other instances of questionable behavior, but these were all that I recorded in the first 30 minutes of a round before I decided to make a player complaint.

    Ultimately, my request in this player complaint is, at minimum, a jobban for Renald Dalton's player from all command roles. I reiterate that due to his position in the round as a commanding officer, new players are vulnerable to his antics and could have their opinion of the otherwise high quality roleplay of BS12 drastically lowered if Dalton is allowed to run amok. I know it may not be my place to suggest a punishment.
  2. Skip

    Skip Donator

    Entirely for information's sake, I just want to mention for reference that this round ended 5 minutes ago at the time of my reply, and Dalton was Renegade.
  3. Mordeth221

    Mordeth221 High Inquisitor Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Although normally complaints-in-round are shut down with the amount of complaints generated this has been accepted and a month long command ban has been rolled out on top of a high-ranking command support ban.
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