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Pleasure Planet (EVENT)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ozwell, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Ozwell

    Ozwell Retired Staff

    The SEV Torch has been drifting in space for a very long time. Tensions are high, everyone is pissed off, and the Torch hasn't seen any R&R in ages. Until, at last, the Torch enters a system, and just when they thought tensions would break..

    Welcome to Malla III! Our catering staff will ensure you have a great time. Enjoy a pristine vacation on some of our silky beaches, or spend the day in our resort where you can be treated to fine tropical beverage, as well as some tasty snacks prepared by our five-star chefs! Bask in the glory when you see our casino, where only the best can happen to your money! And, spend your profits inside the resort! We have many things to offer at Malla III, the pleasure planet. So come on down, release some tension, take the day off!


    Literally a beach planet. All kinds of stuff you can do here.. it's the shore leave round you always wanted!

    Time: Thursday February 14th at 18:00 (6:00 PM) PST

    Don't be late, and bring your cliquemates!


    Janitor/Poolboy/Sauna Cleaner/etc: Eonoc

    Cook/supreme maser chef: Colfer

    Bartender: Crystal9156

    Resort Owner: xales

    Resort Owner's Bodyguard: teddybehr

    Mallcop #1: AccointNaim

    Mallcop #2: OPEN

    Gift shop: OPEN

    Blackjack Dealer #1: SovietCyanide

    Blackjack Dealer #2: Eupok

    Lifeguard #1: Draxtheros

    Lifeguard #2: OPEN


    Mallcops patrol the pleasure planet (security), gift shop person manages the resort gift shop, blackjack dealers deal blackjack at the resort casino, the lifeguards are.. well.. lifeguards, but they also manage the little areas down by the beach. Resort owner's bodyguard is also obvious.

    Let me know if you're interested in filling one of these OPEN positions.
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  2. Bramzter

    Bramzter Chef

    Damnit. that is like 03:00 am for me
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019 at 7:40 AM
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  3. OndraLukas

    OndraLukas Bartender

    Still better than for me, 3:00 am.
  4. nodcommando

    nodcommando Bartender

    Hah. I work that day at that time!
  5. Ozwell

    Ozwell Retired Staff

    Sorry to hear :(
  6. OndraLukas

    OndraLukas Bartender

    Can't there be an another second event at 18:00 UTC for the European playerbase?
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  7. Ozwell

    Ozwell Retired Staff

    Possibly. It would have to be at another date, but we'll see. I definitely want to include the European playerbase as well, so we'll try to make that happen at a future time.
  8. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected

    Is this going to be with or without antags?
  9. Ozwell

    Ozwell Retired Staff

    Totally depends on what the admins have in mind. I am only providing the map and getting volunteers to fill positions on the planet itself, everything else will be in the hands of the admins. I'd imagine there wouldn't be antags, but there may be some fun stuff. I heard a couple people talking about the secret mob boss that runs the resort or something.
  10. xales

    xales Host Game Administrator Developer Community Moderator

    Hello I'm the admin sponsoring this I guess
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  11. Don_Piano

    Don_Piano Bartender

    But it won't be exactly 18:00, will it? I mean, the admeans won't kill an ongoing round just cause IT'S EVENT TIME. So maybe I can still make it.
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  12. Ozwell

    Ozwell Retired Staff

    No, 18:00 is a rough estimate. It'll be the round closest to that time.
  13. Ozwell

    Ozwell Retired Staff

    24 hour countdown begins.
  14. torn223

    torn223 Assistant

    Thats like Thursday 11:00 AM for me! Goddamnit.
    Yeah, really need that European playerbase event.
    Though that will be 3 AM for me...
  15. Eupok

    Eupok Bartender

    @Ozwell BLACKJACK DEALER yes pls
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