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[Policy] Retired admins

Discussion in 'Policy Discussion' started by RenScorch, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. RenScorch

    RenScorch Donator

    I have a very important question. Why are retired admins, be it voluntary or otherwise allowed to weigh in admin discussions? Didn't they give up all responsibility of adminship when they retired?
  2. IDTia

    IDTia Retired Staff

    I asked this recently and it’s apparently a hold over from the beginning when there was no order and the universe was in chaos. By that I mean it was something along the lines of retired staff helped the current staff with things. I find it weird that it’s still around though.
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  3. mkalash

    mkalash Donator

    This explanation is untrue. When Raptor became headmin at the start of Bay's New Era, he suggestion that we honor retired staff. We decided that in game roles and things would be confusing and too much, but we agreed that the wall of retired staff, a forum badge, and policy discussion access were acceptable. Staff who are forcibly removed are not considered retired, only those who leave on good terms.
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  4. Meyar

    Meyar Retired Worstmin 2015-2017

    Shrug. I held a staff vote on the topic. People voted to keep it that way.

    Just for clarity, retired admins only have access to public staff, where we cannot vote (enforced by forum permissions). We do not retain access to any hidden forums, be those admin, general staff, appeals or player complaints. We also do not retain discord staff channel access.

    We literally only retain posting rights in public staff.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
  5. Foolamancer

    Foolamancer Senior Enlisted Advisor

    I haven't received (or asked for, or particularly desired) the Retired Administrator badge, so I don't know about forum permissions, but from what I understand it's Public Staff posts only, and everything else is still hidden. I don't know why retired staff still have access to this, but I don't think it's a particularly bad or disruptive idea, as retired staff may still have valuable things to say on those various topics.
  6. Meyar

    Meyar Retired Worstmin 2015-2017

    See my edit. Broke down what it has and hasn't.
  7. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Retired Staff

    I think others have already clarified why we do it that way and I don't think we should change it because staff put in a lot of volunteer work here and we should remember those who have helped build and maintain the server.
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  8. Ccomp5950

    Ccomp5950 Retired Staff

    When these topics come up, I take a look to see if a retired staff member is being a pest. I'm not seeing it, so I'm left thinking that people are really upset or frightened about some retired staff member swaying some discussion in some hypothetical situation in the future.

    So who keeps you up at night?
  9. Meyar

    Meyar Retired Worstmin 2015-2017

    Probably shitposter maximus. Fuck that guy.
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