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PrivateCuddle - Sinta'Unathi

Discussion in 'Trials' started by Snugglicus, May 3, 2021.

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  1. Snugglicus

    Snugglicus Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?
    (your answer below each question)
    What is your Discord username?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    A year or two now, I think? On and off at various intervals

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Skrariiiiyachikiskiskisk (Shrieky vox)
    VER 4461 (Lazy Miner / Deck Tech)
    Calamity (Supermatter Malpractice Engine Extroadinair)
    Frank Wenglemann (Unhealthy Union Rep)
    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Unathi characters are always fun to interact with, and I find the period of transition their culture is in interesting. Plus, lizarbs are cute.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Gors Avv'thiss, Meszn Thirikhies, Zizsk Halatram

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    Unathi are a hardy, reptilian species from the planet Moghes. They are known for their sturdy plate-scale protected bodies, hardy strength and their voracious appetites. Unathi culture is both ancient and highly familial, with Clan-Cultures dominating every city and town across their homeworld rather than a single dominant planetary government. The method by which hierarchy is maintained from clan to clan and region to region, but will almost always boil down to the Kaahnepo and the Matriarch. The former, elected most often by the Clans Elders or the whole of the adult male community in smaller clans, will rule with the utmost authority for the duration of their life. Their tenure is to manage the clans resources and what they will be working towards; and they will handle diplomacy and trade between their own and other clans. Their word is both law, and final. Their other half is the Matriarch, whom leads the females of the clan, and their duties are to maintain the clans physical and spiritual health; as well preserving the clans knowledge and raising the clans youth. The clans history is also maintained by the Matriarch, who might add a name to the clans personal history, as new history is made.

    Everyone in the clan has duties that they will perform for it, and a Unathi that performs more critical labors for the Clan's survival will find themselves enjoying a higher status within it. Unathi are often seeking to improve themselves and their capabilities, to better support their clans. There are Unathi who live outside the Clan structure, but often only because they are exiled; either self imposed or no. Whom are said to wonder the wilds of Moghes in combat with its dangers, though most often tales of them romanticize a lonely, bloody and pitiable existance. These are called the Guwandi; and are still seen in the more primitive boarder lands. More developed clans will often shun the practice however; seeing it as barbaric.

    Unathi are a particularly pious people, and the religion they will practice will often reflect both the goals and cultures of the clans in which they live. Perhaps the oldest of the cults is The Grand Strategy, which prizes self growth and improvement. Popular among more militaristic clans, The 'Old Cult' venerates the strong Kaahnepo's of old, warrior-leaders who have felled great beasts or won other great battles. These ascetic cultists will rarely proselytize their ways, content with merely what's needed to support themselves and their clan.

    As Unathi developed and their reach spread across Moghes, a nomadic lifestyle for wandering clans grew more difficult; and the need for picks and plows started to outweigh the need for hardy beast-slaying warriors. Guilds started too form out of clan craftsmen, as mentors took and tutored apprentices over the years tradition was born; and such working with tools fostered a curiosity to seek and commune with the physical world around them. Through this notion the Fruitful Lights cult was born, eager to seek and discover the secrets of the material world. Alchemy, Metallurgy, Astrology and much more, all the teachings and arts that make up a scientific community. Once born, the Fruitful Arts soon spread across Moghes to most of the major City-States, and their artisan guilds along with them. The Fruitful Lights are accepted in the company of even other cults, as their crafts and guilds make up a great portion of Moghes' economy.

    The Hand of the Vine acts as an agrarian counter to the Fruitful Light's esorteric; more industrious beliefs. As generations of younger Unathi moved away from their born clans to escape tyrannical elders and traditions, much of Moghes less hospitable lands were settled. Its people carried a deep veneration for the delicate fields they tended, which required nuturing guidance to bear food for their peoples. The Hand of the Vine is seeks are more spiritual and shamanistic connection to the nature of their world, and are prone to theatrical and welcoming ritual celebrations that welcome all comers. Their shamans are known to carry bags carrying thousands of seeds to plant along their travels, so that Moghes might some day be formed into an idyllic paradise.

    Last are the Markeshelli, whom maintain the Unathi creation myth- that the first Unathi was born from an egg in the palms of a Forerunner named Markesh, and whom told them the long and tragic tale of their scarred life, and their species downfall. And while Markesh told the first Unathi a great wealth of knowledge and secrets from his tragic life; the stories he told were twisted and unclear. Once his tale was complete, Markesh was pulled to the Afterlife and their suffering was finally done. The Markesheli believe that they will all endure great struggles, on the world Markesh suffered through the end of; as it burnt from fiery paradise to the craggy deserts it now was. The most devout would find themselves reborn once Markesh's true texts were uncovered, and would be lead along through to a transcendant paradise know as the 'Land that Once Went.' At one point the cult was very powerful, as though it practiced many strange and dark rituals; its priests also provided many answers for anxious Unathi that were struggling when their clans settled from nomadic lifestyles. Food was scarce and times were hard; and many sought comfort in a paradise afterlife. Many clans were expelling or even purging converts to Markeshelli from their ranks, as the cult fostered great unity to its followers. Eventually, a great and terrible war, one of only two erupted across Moghes, where the Markeshelli were finally driven down and broken; and forgotten until recently. The cult recently experienced a rebirth during the urbanization of the City-States at Moghes poles, growing rabidly popular amongst the largest cities most downtrodden. The Grand Strategem demanding great physical struggle, and the Fruitful Lights demanding artisinal skill and craftsmanship. The Hand of the Vine asking for fertility rights and seeds to spread and grow; all of which often out of reach in the Favelas. All the Markeshelli cults ask is for unity and devotion.

    As Unathi culture is split four ways theologically, it is split only two ways politically- at least in the grand scheme of things, so long as every clan in those two halves are agreeing at that point in time. The Polar Clans are the wealthiest in all of Moghes, and their great cities are among the few that have any meaningful access to off-world trade. Their congested, smoggy cities team with factories and migrant workers; as well as alien crafts and off world workers. Their mild climates and polar locations make them attractive destinations for trade from all corners of Moghes; and their peoples are often the most egalitarian and welcoming. They and the clans that support them are Moghes Hegemony, whos goal is to spread Unathi influence on a galactic basis; and improve Moghes economy and Unathi living conditions on their home planet. Most often however, the benefits most prominently reward only the most affluent clans on the council.

    Opposing the Hegemony is the SSen-Uuma Convent; formed by a collection of Kaahnepos of powerful clans in the Diamond Peaks. The clans of this regions had long been the most militaristic of all Unathi, and their martial ways had seen them vassalizing or raiding their lowland neighbors over many long years. Far more wary of both the apparent laxities in tradition displayed by the Pole Clans; and far more distrustful of Alien Influences, the Convent and its vassal clans far more concerned with ensuring Moghes is independently strong, and will be capable of fending off any alien threat that should come upon them. The Convent clans are far more in favor of the traditional Unathi way of life.

    Neither of the two are all encompassing unities like a traditional nation, but all the greatest clans on Moghes are typically better aligned with either one or the other. Even still, a Civil War between them does constitute the second of two major conflicts in the Unathi's history on Moghes; though not a lasting one. With its passing the two have entered a fruitful equilibrium, with neither side wishing much beyond maintaining status quo between them.

    While Unathi as a species are largely similar to one another, there are regional differences between them. Savannah Unathi are perhaps the most typical in appearance, with shorter horns and claws; but being by far the tallest. Desert Unathi are lanky and primal looking, with large horns, claws and teeth. The Unathi of the Diamond Peaks tend to be stocky and of average height, and those of the Salt Marshes are the shortest Unathi, often with large spiney fins. The Unathi that live in the congested Polar Cities tend to be more sickly than most; lacking the regenerative ability a well fed example from another region could. Where exactly the Unathi origonated from is still a mystery, whether their connection to the many precursor ruins that freckle their homeworld's desert face is true; or mysticism.

    Character Concept:

    Iyzsdra Neanzrus is an Explorer in the Expeditionary Corps, hailing from the Salt Marshes on Moghes. Well knowledgable in surviving harsh environments and eluding or combating the myriad dangers of the marshes floral depths; the Unathi seeks to explore other worlds so that they might ruminate on how the spirits of these other planets might be; and how best to navigate their whims. As a cultist of the Hand of the Vine, plantlife interests them greatly; and they wish to observe how plants in extreme environments adapt and thrive on foreign worlds. Their hope is to bring this knowledge with them, so that they might some day bring this knowledge back to her own clan to help the regrowth of plants in her homeworld's barren places.
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  2. Snugglicus

    Snugglicus Bartender

    (I'll write up a character concept in a few hours, I gotta go to worky)

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  3. Deadmon_Wonderland

    Deadmon_Wonderland Game Administrator Unathi Species Maintainer Laser Tag 2019 Participant

    Looks good to me. The concept is a little short but the summary displays you understand their history and culture. Trial is 2 weeks, and you'll have the whitelist by the time the next round starts.
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