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Prosthetics page rewrite

Discussion in 'Lore Submissions' started by SomeAngryMiner, Aug 16, 2021.

  1. SomeAngryMiner

    SomeAngryMiner Bartender

    The reference for the final page can be found here

    Due to the recent Pull Requests, discussions, and general pressure about where this "supposed rewrite is", we decided to fast-forward this collaborative project from two weeks from now, to today. At 8am. With -6 degrees celcius outside. God bless Baystation.
    We followed both MOS as best as we could, and had the philosophy of trying to be as least as disruptive with currently-going characters as long as they were already following a good line of nature/the verbal statements about FBPs, but if we missed something or we need to edit something? do tell, please.

    What did we touch, specifically?
    • Few repeating, looping information such as prosthetic acclimation has been condensed into single blocks, only showing up again when its absolutely needed. Example of this would be the prosthetic limb acclimation, wich spanned over 3 different blocks, on its own.
    • On the same branch, conflicting parts have been corrected (iPatches being mentioned both as a minor and a minimal prosthetic, Bishop prosthetics claiming they were 'better' than human limbs, even though the first header says they're replacements and not upgrades)
    • Most, if not all the rest of the information of the old page has been kept, reorganized into an escalating stairwell (what are prosthetics, reasons, types, brands, FBPs, history) for ease of read. HUGE grammar check also was added, Courtesy of NL_208. All props to him.
    • Medical prosthetic brands got a light touchup:
      - Unbranded prosthetics now account for "anything made outside of factory production", retaining their extremely poor dexterity but more leeway on how they look, for players.
      - Most prosthetics now hold a reference on who and where you would find them usually, accounting for exceptions (E.G: "Xion prosthetics, due to their cheap cost and ease of replacement, are usually used by industrial crews and prospectors")
      - Xion and Morpheus got their prosthetic pages proper, courtesy of Ryan062 and Mockingjay00. Props to them too.
      - Clarification on certain aspects have been made, and redundant info snipped.
      - Images! super minor, but all prosthetics now hold an image of how they look ingame.
    • FBPS -
      - Added a big, bold disclaimer on that they're not robots, for warning new players, redirecting them to the IPC page instead if they want to play one. Less pseudo-robot FBPs, hopefully
      - Added slight clarifications on FBPs flavor-wise, and how they operate.
      - Added all the comments, info and claims made by Spookerton about FBPs to the wiki page, namely: Life expectancy, that they're hard to use, brain degradation, and so forth.
      - Ingame mechanics guide, courtesy of Ryan062 too: Should also help new players figure out how to repair themselves, how to repair others, and how to heal MMIs, wich is particularly obscure.
      - Lore primer on MMI history, made by me and Mockingjay00. Rectified the timeline, added a name to the company making tests, brief history on how they came to be, incorporated the new fluff augments into the blurb, collaborations with Xion, and purchase + integration into Vey-Med later down the line as to prevent having yet another company serving a single purpose and sake of realism. Should make things more coherent, adds a few options for people to base their character backstories on, and so forth.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2021
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  2. ProbablyAlice

    ProbablyAlice Bartender

    Would Zeng-Hu and Takahashi have the same taste range? VeyMed has the ability to emulate taste fully and while it's not the same strength it is still there, whereas Takahashi is specifically stated to not be able to taste at all.
    • Ward Takahashi - No taste, can eat
    • Zeng-Hu - Minor taste, can eat
    • VeyMed - Full taste, though dulled. Can eat as well.
    Is this reasonable? I think it'd chip into Zeng-Hu's description as "the first models you can expect to see dexterity on par with the original human limbs" - which probably include certain senses. It could be "all or nothing" too I suppose. Looking forward to further prosthetic lore, especially on the augments.

    NOTE: The human looking Zeng-Hu model cannot change it's skin tone or coloration despite the description. Not really a bug but probably not something we'd want to keep if that stays on the wiki.
  3. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Radmin Game Administrator

    Minor thing I noted, I have more things to say but I'll wait a bit for that:
    In the Shellguard entry, there's this passage I found a bit awkward:
    It's a bit redundant, no? You've already told us that the cops use these, we haven't forgotten about it a sentence later.
  4. SomeAngryMiner

    SomeAngryMiner Bartender

    taste would be equal to the Ward-Takahashi ones, unless stated otherwise like we did with VMs, unless they would like us to add that little step-up on the quality.
    ope, fixing that. Cheers.