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Suggestion Pyschologists- Give them the little scoot they need

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by RuneCap, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. RuneCap

    RuneCap Bartender

    From what I've seen, Psychologists are a pretty empty job. They lack anything to help them roleplay their job (and no, doing normal research does NOT count) besides trying to use random chemicals on patients. Even then, people typically never say yes to being test subjects to anomalies, so take that as you will to compare it with psychological tests that may leave them essentially braindead to their point of view.

    What I'm trying to say is that Psychologists lack items that could help their jobs, they don't have a part in RnD that takes them into account or really any items that help (you could try Imprinting Implants but you need Implantpads for those), not even cosmetics. I suggest adding something that will make them interesting, like a pocketwatch that can make a person fall to sleep for 2 minutes after a 30s channel on a person staying still? Or some head thing that you can set to make people "feel certain emotions" (through flufftext) or just cosmetic. More psychoactive pills could work or just a sciency looking tool that does nothing and is purely cosmetic. I'm even all for porting Aurora's Psychiatry mechanics (or just their ward).

    -Give Psychologists some cosmetics that do nothing, but look cool or something to make it not look like they're pulling invisible rp items out of their asses
    -Give Psychologists cool pills that minorly affect things
    -Maybe give them a small office/lab in RnD?
  2. Sbotkin

    Sbotkin Senior Enlisted Advisor

    TL;DD they shouldn't be in the R&D department.
  3. Privateer

    Privateer Research Director

    I mean, yeah. The psychologist isn't in R&D. They're the mental health professional that's there to help the crew. It's be and far a pure RP position, except in cases of Cult. One might argue that the psychologist should have tools necessary to reverse and detect mind control implants or brainwashing. A scientific alternative to the null rod.

    And there's nothing stopping the psychiatrist alt title from getting their hands dirty in medbay when things are short handed, considering they're medical doctors.
  4. Sporkalork

    Sporkalork Bartender

    I don’t think anyone who’s commented in here realizes that psychologist is also an alt title for scientist. Pretty sure that was the OP’s primary interest.
  5. Privateer

    Privateer Research Director

    It... Shouldn't be. Psychologist previously was an alt title for counsellor/chaplain.
  6. Blazerules

    Blazerules Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Uhh as a dude studying psychology in university...

    This is a good way to get your license revoked. Probably end up in prison. Your job is to help people.

    Psychology isn't R&D. It's primarily health, mental health. I've no idea why you think it's R&D.

    We do in fact do research, but its probably far from what you think is research. It usually involves questionnaires, tests people take, observations and so on. But they must never bring any physical or mental harm upon the subject, the subject is free to leave the tests whenever they wish with no consequences. If the test offered money for example? They will still be given money for leaving. This is to prevent people doing tests they feel uncomfortable doing just for money.

    Uhh we psychologists don't handle pills... we can't even give out permission to get pills in many cases that's up to psychiatrists which is basically psychologist+chemistry since they must also study the effect of chemicals on the brain, disorders etc.

    As an example of Psychology research...
    The only test thats even close to "random chemicals" is having 3 groups. A control group, the group with a placebo pill and one with lets say anti-depressant pill being tested. Control group is non-depressed people for reference and aren't given anything. They are just that: A control group. To have a baseline to compare the other two against. We then give the other two groups pills over the course of days, weeks or months and ask them how they are feeling. No doubt using a questionnaire with something like "Terrible, Bad, ok, good, really good". Then at the end of the study we take in all the date, run it through statistical analysis and see if the results are significant.

    After that prepare to write a paper on the subject because just releasing results wont get you much. You do have to write an actual paper on the study describing in great detail everything.

    Pardon my french but what brainlet decided that?

    Mental health profession. Lets make it research...

    I don't really get it. Because I can't see what kind of research you'd need a psychologist to run on an exploration vessel. But you do need one for mental health due to long voyages and anything people may run into while exploring.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  7. Rowtree

    Rowtree Sol Gov Pilot

    Oh yeah so Counselor has the alt title of Psychiatrist too.

    Research Psychologist and Mental Health Psychiatrist are different.
  8. MedicInDisquise

    MedicInDisquise Bartender

    Considering that one of the goals of the Torch is to meet new species, a Psychologist could be there to study the thought processes and mental health of any of the new species they meet.
  9. Blazerules

    Blazerules Senior Enlisted Advisor

    A "research" psychiatrist and a "mental health" psychologist are also different. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Considering that research psychologist isn't a thing. Its more like a Health Psychologist who decided to focus on research rather than applied psychology.

    I guess the Psychologist we have in R&D is.... a Social Psychologist. Since specializing in Health/Sport/Education/Forensics/Family/Children/Neuropsychology (Though a neuropsychologist might make some good sense) etc wouldn't make much sense for the job. Not sure about mental health fitting in under new species considering they would have no idea how to deal with that. Would be like... having a bicycle repair guy attempt to fix a car. Depends on how alien they are but seeing how a new species would have 0 data on it, more like a bicycle repair guy attempt to fix a car, while never seeing or hearing of a car in their life.

    Still in terms of research where are their MRI, fMRI etc machines? Although I guess in the context of ss13 they would have a machine that is a mix of both for both accuracy and speed.
  10. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Game Administrator Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer Deputy IPC Maintainer Deputy Diona Maintainer Wiki Maintainer

    Psychologists and clinical psychologists have the same background but are different. The one before was a clinical psychologist and this one is a research psycologist.