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Proposal Re-Combine Chaplin and Counselor

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by MrKicker, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. MrKicker

    MrKicker Game Moderator

    A while ago, caplin and counselor were the same role. They got split for lore reasons since it made sence to keep religion seperate from medical, however this exposed a gameplay problem.

    The previous counselor role was allready nieche being entirley RP, and when it got split into two roles both got played less as they became more nieche.

    I say that we recombine the chaplin and counselor roles again. The new role would retain the name counselor and be moved down to the chapel. The old chaplin's office would be refubished to be more counselor-like, and the old counselor office could be turned back over to science or maintanance (perhaps as a dissused cousnlers office with goodies inside).

    The RP explenation for them doing both roles is they do the religous leading on the side while they're main job is counseling.
  2. My_names_jayy

    My_names_jayy Bartender

    Nah, I like playing just counselor, although its not up to me
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  3. El3ctr1c

    El3ctr1c Petty Officer First Class

    Another good explanation would be that (afaik) a chaplain in reality is also expected to provide counseling. Spiritual or Otherwise. Im a fan of this, people already use Vivian Shepherd our current chappy main as both anyways. :p
  4. Carnation Garneys

    Carnation Garneys Bartender

    While they both may be niche roles, they both have distinct responsibilities that would be.... awkward if put together. A councilor wouldn't lead mass or a group prayer (I don't think doing this 'on the side' is a sufficient enough reason to make this not awkward) and a chaplain wouldn't be called upon to do a mental write-up. I don't see the upside- all it does is stifle the agency of chaplain and counselor players. It doesn't seem like something that needs to be consolidated just because both aren't played super often.
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  5. lavillastrangiato

    lavillastrangiato Bartender

    Spiritual counseling and psychological counseling, while similar in nature, provide distinctly different avenues of support. A chaplain is not a trained psychologist and is not licensed to provide or prescribe psychiatric medications, like a psychologist or psychiatrist may. Chaplains are not trained to diagnose or treat mental health issues, even if they have experience in offering mental health support, and there is also the fact that several crewmembers (speaking from a 'muh realism' standard) may wish to have counsel that is more secular or otherwise unrelated to a certain religion.

    I don't think that just because these two roles are niche means they should be combined. Just because they may have similar responsibilities in the counsel aspect doesn't mean the counsel comes from the same place or training.
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  6. MrKicker

    MrKicker Game Moderator

    Another idea. What if we combine but still have different sub-roles. This idea implies that the chaplin primarly deals with religous stuff but can do pshyc stuff if needed, and the counselor primarly does phyc stuff but can do basic religious stuff if needed.

    That way the combined role still gets more RP action without getting rid of the chaplin or counsler backrounds
  7. Noelysm

    Noelysm Assistant

    I don't really see the value in combining them and giving them different subroles. I don't think either is pulling away the rp from the other, and they fill relatively distinct niches even if some characters do general counseling that could fit either. While neither role is played much during the midterm deadpop season, I see both roles filled relatively often during highpop, and I think this change would limits rp more by cutting available slots than it would help by shunting it to that one slot.
    More importantly, this involves a remap to combine their space, and I like having a distinct mental-health-med role and a religious-counsellor-role and their respective spaces.
    It seems like a lot of trimming to solve a problem that's not really a problem.
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  8. Anna May

    Anna May Bartender

    I agree with Noelysm. They both fill similar, but distinct roles on the Torch with neither really detracting from the other. Cutting one in favor of the other, or combining the two is a lot of work for little-to-no benefit.
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  9. Hubblenaut

    Hubblenaut Research Director

    If combining the roles only serves the purpose of the counselor being able to do the chaplain's work and vice versa, I don't actually see the value of doing so. It is only giving them the ability to fill in roles that I personally feel they shouldn't.

    Besides this, the claim of the OP here is that both roles have since been played less. Unfortunately we can't access actual data for this, but I don't think that is necessarily true at all.
  10. Ithalan

    Ithalan Senior Enlisted Advisor

    As a counselor main, having it become a separate role from chaplain was one of the best things to happen to it in my opinion. Some of the best RP I've had too was with the the chaplain as a counselor, debating religion and mental well-being from a scientific perspective. They don't detract from each other at all I think, rather having both at once only enhances the game for them both.