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Discussion Research Ideas (Not Final Proposal)

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Tennessee116, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. Hello demons I present my idea to,

    In the midst of my long-lost but generally well-received suggestion (well, really proposal) of Xenofauna Overhaul, I've played for quite a bit longer, (been around two months since that proposal) and, to be frank, xenofauna is not the only issue in Research. Research is pretty bland right now, as once you do it all, it's just a perpetual cycle of "get to level 7" and "make the best slimes" and "explosive lemons". So, I've come up with some ideas to help, spice up Research and possibly revamp it. I probably won't be able to even attempt to code/sprite them until summer, but I'll at least try to learn DM and MS Paint before then. Here are said ideas:

    • Research Points (RP) - Instead of re-researching stuff every round, you start with a select numbers of prototypes and weird crap EXO wants you to experiment with. Every time you discover something new with said weird crap, research points get added up. You can send back disks full of RP (and the prototypes and weird crap) and in exchange, you can use them to purchase weirder crap and proto-prototypes. Also the prototypes get added to your research database and can be printed. You start with 1/4th the amount of RP and one of prototypes you last purchased from the round before, along with some other starting prototypes. Some might require assembly, others might require random things you can find around the ship, others just need love. Also, add materials science (to be clarified later, when solid ideas comes).
    • Xenoflora - The same, except with added RP for mutations.
    • Xenofauna Overhaul - The link above explains it for the majority. Just add the collection of research points to that from xenofauna organs and such. Hell, slap a giant leech's sucker on a AEG, and get MORE RP! Xenobiology still needs better and more solid ideas to fit into this system. Slime farming isn't exactly the best.
    • Anomaly Engine (I guess like /tg/ tesla and scrungulo?) - Possibly replace R-UST, but I was thinking of replacing abandoned brig, or a section of the Petrov. Randomly generates (Supposedly sent by EXO) a power-generating anomaly with a unique set of directions to turn on. With some assistance from equipment, scientists and engineers figure out these directions, and well, it generates power somehow. They can later find ways to make it more efficient for RP and more power. However, they can dig a little too deep, or do it wrong, and they'll unleash THE ARMIES OF NAR'SIE something bad, or just blow up that small section of the ship. Or it is a construct-able device that can be used with artifacts found in xenoarcheaology.
    • Super Saiyan SM - Scientists can now research the SM and find ways to maximize its efficiency in otherworldly manners. This will change the state of the SM, maybe turning it into different colors. Of course, for the severe power increase, there will be a lot more risks, and you'll probably need to set up some more equipment to contain such. Also, for every new stage, you get RP. Not included until better idea regarding it appears in my mind or someone elses.
    • The Xeno-Arc - Thank me later for the bad pun, but what this does is allow for the retrieval of alien prototypes and weird crap to be put into the workflow of the Research & Development system. See that spoon? It can turn into an exosuit. That gun? It turns into a Skrell tadpole. Xenoarcheaologists would have special equipment that they can use to help further understand the technology and put it into RP.
    • Exploration Overcomplication - Instead of revealing all away sites, make it so that only certain, "easy" away sites are revealed. Hidden inside these away sites are trackers/beacons/notes leading to other away sites. Some of them might give you coordinates, others might give you bland info. Make Exploration go on a wild goose chase to find this stuff. Make risks gradually higher and rewards gradually better. Accidentally unleash a virus searching for a lost escape pod with rejuvenating chemicals.
    • Petrov Remap - Do I have to be any more clear than what it says?
    • Virology, Research Edition - Bring back virology, except it is a research-medical cross department. Researchers are provided with different strains of randomly generated viruses, and can research (and cure) them to gain RP. If the researcher is unfortunately clumsy, he can accidentally cause an outbreak. Viruses can also be found in away sites. Other than that, the Torch is a spectacularly sterile environment, so viruses shouldn't occur. In the event of a code violet, or with permission from Research, medical has immediate access to virology to fix the disaster made by Research.
    Well, that's all the ideas I can think of right now. Constructive (and destructive) criticism is welcome and wanted. If you didn't understand the last pun, it's okay.
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  2. Hello, Smiling Potato with a Fedora. Being something of a scientist myself, I find these ideas good overall. A couple of points:

    • The SM thing. One shortfall of many, many game features (not related only to Science) is that they are available, but never done due to lack of demand. Any idiot that was walked through the SM setup process can already set it up in such a way that it consistently outputs 3 MW throughout the entire round, without any complications. I fear that if SM research were implemented, Engineering would simply "shoo away" the scientists because the risk/reward ratio is so high. There is simply no need for an upgraded SM if power generation is the only thing it accomplishes, since there's no demand for increased power generation. If there are added effects, not related (or only tangentially related) to power generation, like, for example, wireless charging of all shield units on the ship (since shield unit charging has been nerfed to the point of unusability), then it could be worthwhile, but a sort of a design document must be lain out detailing
      • The method via which the SM is manipulated
      • The state changes the SM undergoes
      • The effects gained from each distinct state.
    • The Anomaly Engine thing. Again, I see little demand for increased power. I would rather this particular type of machine be contained to the list of artifacts obtainable through Xenoarchaeology rather than being a permanent/semi-permanent addition to the ship itself. Actually interesting artifacts are a blessing.
    • The Exploration thing. It's a very good idea, but I'm doubtful we currently support dynamic site generation (press a button and a new site pops up), or even multi-spawning entities (you'd need at least 2 sites to always spawn together, for this to make any sense). Dynamic generation is probably impossible or infeasible.
    Science is the single most neglected department on the Torch, and not simply as a "lack of features" thing. Rampant bugs. Obsolete code. It's ugly.
    Here are some suggestions of mine, if you care to consider them.
    • Petrov: The Petrov is made up of completely useless space for about 50% of its area. I would get rid of the Sec checkpoint, the CSO's office, Phoron sublimation and possibly the Toxins lab (which doesn't even work, not that Toxins are a thing on Bay anyway. The freed-up space could be used for other tasks, like some of the suggested ones.
    • EXO: I have repeatedly asked admins, #game-questions, and other channels about this, but never got a definitive answer, the most likely cause of that being that nobody really knows or cares. What power does EXO hold over Science? My take on the SCG-Science-EXO relationship is this: Science is entirely government-owned, and all scientists are paid by the government, which allocates EXO-invested funding towards the Science effort. EXO itself holds no authority over the scientists other than the overlooming financial dependency thing, since a lack of EXO investment into the project would be pretty bad for SCG. I would like, above everything else, for the reality of the matter to be specified in writ, since right now people can only guess, and have no concrete reference points. ASSUMING EXO's job is simply that of Contractor supervision, I'd remove EXO's access to both the Science areas and the Science comms. They, above all, give a false impression as to the responsibilities of the Corporate Rep, harassing Scientists not being one of them. Also, come on, the Corporate Rep shouldn't have Fabricator (toxins?) access, it's ridiculous.
    • The Research Division: Is it me or is Science too small for its purpose? Xenobiology is a prime example of this. Now that Virology is gone, it shouldn't be too hard to re-map the Xenobiology area to be a bit larger (and expand the unused Virology according to symmetry). I would also suggest that the Misc. Lab could be easily replaced by something else, preferably something Chemistry-oriented so we don't need to move the machines.
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  3. GrazalThruka

    GrazalThruka Bartender

    I agree with most of the points above, the exception being the misc lab. I like using it for messing around with circuits. However, the test chamber is pretty useless (unless you count detecting new scientists by popping their lungs), so maybe the misc lab could be split into two areas, a chem lab and a "blank table space" lab?
  4. I see you are a circuiteer as well. Circuits can be done pretty much anywhere, so I'd argue you don't need a dedicated space - in fact, I always do them in R&D proper.
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  5. Hello legendary bar of soap, I do agree with just about everything you said, and for the most part, this was the criticism I expected. But, before I clarify some of these things, I left most of it very general so people like you could help fill the gaps on some of the stuff I less understood, say, engineering.

    A design document would likely be assembled for the final proposal of this... revamp. I do admit in hindsight, that this was actually a bad idea, as there was already an RP-producing section of power that'd be less demanding from engineering. So for now, this is out.
    What about yes, they find the artifact from xenoarcheaology, and they they have to assemble the parts of the anomaly engine (which would be hidden in some box in storage) and then do it in a testing lab in the Petrov (more info on that later)?
    Dynamic site generation is not the goal. Yes, sites would go together, but there would be many pre-generated mix-and-matches for the sites, and no site would ever have the same loot. I hope this answers your question, since I didn't really fully understand it.

    This is the truth.
    Well that's why it's a discussion! :D
    Oops, I forgot to include that on this plan. The Petrov is definitely 100% getting remapped. If there is one thing that must be done, it'll be remapping the Petrov.
    Supposedly, everything that is made by the corporations (all our machinery, tools, etc.) goes through EXO. They also directly fund us, and directly take our results I think. This does need clarification I can't provide.
    With all these things, it would be much too small. I would probably remap it, but also start considering putting some of our more... risky activities on the Petrov just to make it feel special.

    If these didn't answer a majority of your questions, sorry, but that is the best I can answer them.