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Resolution and uh, I guess an update

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tennessee116, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Tennessee116

    Tennessee116 Petty Officer First Class

    Hi folks, Tennessee here. Now, as much as the vague title may seem misleading, this is more of just a "Hi, I didn't leave here angry and pissed-off at the people here" style statement, or a personal rant actually, so, eh.

    Now, my abrupt disappearance happened after I was temporarily banned for a month. Yeah, it was an honest ban. I broke the rules in plain sight. Keep in mind this happened before quarantine, so, in what I'd consider rash, I simply just went up and left, putting it into my mind that "Space Station 13 was bad for me and, I have better things to do anyways!" Well, that was bullshit, the next day I was being rash about it on /tg/, and eventually, it died down. I stopped being well, rash, about said honest ban. But, I had some level of "Well fuck, I said I'd do this and that over there, and then I just fucking left." And then quarantine happened, and my "better things" excuse died.

    I'd just like to say, you fellas are probably the reason I got into actually working on SS13. I am now a trialmin and sometimes contributor on an in-development MRP server I won't name cause I don't know whether that'd be allowed, but is hosted by a very specific insect-named server in Germany but the codebase for some reason says Texas.

    Firstly, I just want to apologize for making a lot of declarations and promises on how "I will make it, and I'll do this, and that, eventually!", and then starting to do it, and then just walking away from it. I don't want to seem like some moping. More importantly, I want to apologize to the people who had confidence that I would do it, like Myphic and ebag. For a moment there I had utter confidence in myself I would do it, but hey, stuff happens. You guys made me feel like I was on top of the world and could do it, even though I had about two hours of reading the guide and basic programming knowledge in terms of experience.

    Overall, sorry and thanks.

    Anyways, here's what I've been up to recently. Sorry if it's a tad small, I don't feel like sizing it up.
    Bluespace Well via Obnubilating Interactions with Nuclear Compounds Reactor (BWOINCR)








    This manual was made so simple even a toddler can understand it!

    To generate a bluespace well capable of allowing space vessels to exceed speeds of 299,792,458 meters per second.

    Basic Operation
    (Flip primary fuel switch, put fuel line to maximum, wait for it to finish filling, turn those off, flip film motor, set dial to distance divided by 3, watch film to make sure no scrungulo or worse, jam key into safeties, flip fuel into vessel and ladder into vessel, wait for things to start burning, flip power to grounding, wait for film to take damage AGAIN, turn on destability stabilizer, wait for bluespace particle light to glow green, when see green, turn off power to grounding, turn on power to well.)

    There are many ways to use the BWOINCR, but our technicians have found this way to be the easiest for newcomers to the technology.

    Begin by flipping the PRIMARY FUEL switch to be on and setting the FUEL LINE throttle to its highest setting. This will open the fuel valve and turn on the fuel pump to its highest setting. The reactor’s fuel, Quadathol, can be acquired in many ways, including usage of a JustWerks Mk. 5 Stormdrive when generating a nuclear endostorm.

    Upon seeing that the nuclear cells are full (this can usually be indicated by them appearing to be full of a glowing green sludge), Turn off PRIMARY FUEL and revert FUEL LINE to also be off.

    Fueling can be done independently of jumps and a full cell can last approximately three jumps before requiring a refill.

    Next, flip the FILM MOTOR switch on and set the MOTOR OUTPUT dial to the distance of your destination in parsecs divided by 3. Alternatively, if you want maximum efficiency, you can set it to the distance divided by 2.99792458. This will begin spooling the bluespace nubilus resistor film around the eight plasranium grounding spires. This is important for ensuring that the bluespace well generates the proper amount of bluespace particles and therefore uses the proper amount, landing you where you need to be. Spooling will take approximately 30 seconds.

    Do note that the resistor film is extremely fragile, and degrades after use. Plasteel can be used for repairs to the film. Overpowering the motors can result in total degradation of the resistor film, therefore destabilizing the reactor when the bluespace destability stabilizer is offline, causing unstable bluespace particles to interact with matter. This results in, at best, a bluespace-charged singularity, and at worst, a tear in the space-time continuum.

    After spooling is complete, the FILM MOTOR switches and MOTOR OUTPUT dial will automatically return to their off states. Now, raise the spires by gently pressing down on the ELEVATION button. This will smoothly raise the spires into the reactor chamber.

    The process of generating the bluespace well is now ready to occur. Insert the key into the SAFETIES keyhole, and turn it 90 degrees. Flip the FUEL INTO VESSEL and the LADDER INTO VESSEL switches. This will begin inputting fuel into the vessel in a gaseous form, and raise the bluespace nubilus conduction ladder.

    This will attract the gaseous quadathol, run it through the ladder, and convert it into a bluespace particle cloud. Completion of the cloud will be indicated by the remaining quadathol being burnt out, and approximately 3,000 rotegen being produced in the process.

    Upon completion, flip the POWER TO GROUNDING switch. Ensure nothing miscellaneous that can conduct electrical currents is inside the reactor chamber at this time. This will send power into the ladder, and the bluespace particles will begin to rain into the well of the vessel. This will send massive bluespace electrical discharges upwards of 7 gigawatts to be absorbed and dissipated by the spires. Some discharges may interact with the nanocarbon glass shielding of the control room, and do not worry. We ensure you there is only 0.28% chance that the discharges make it through the shielding.

    As the bluespace particles finish raining, the discharges will grow in wattage and the film will, once again, start to take damage. Turn on the DESTABILITY STABILIZER switch to keep stabilize it while it is destabilizing. When the BLUESPACE PARTICLE light flashes green, immediately turn off the POWER TO GROUNDING switch, and turn on the POWER TO WELL switch. This will send approximately 15 gigawatts into the well, sending your ship into a FTL state.


    The BWOINCR is quite simple, really. There are three main parts to the reactor.

    • Reactor vessel - The sealed chamber where the obnubilation occurs.

    • Grounding spires - Eight, large, plasranium spires that are used as grounds to manage the massive electrical discharges occuring due to the bluespace nubilization.

    • Nuclear cells -
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  2. Vhbraz

    Vhbraz Bartender

    It was fun playing with you on the few rounds we had together. Hope you're doing alright, lad.
  3. CubecsMelody

    CubecsMelody Petty Officer First Class

    everybody logs out for the last time eventually, it was fun having you around and seeing the passion you emitted when talking about the things you wanted to work on.
    Hope your doing alright, stay healthy ddddddddddude.
  4. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    i'll miss you wee bucko :(
  5. GravityDude56

    GravityDude56 Assistant

    you were a pretty good dude, see you in heaven :(