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Revert Makeshift Weapons Wiki Page

Discussion in 'Lore & Wiki' started by antonkr, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. antonkr

    antonkr Sol Gov Pilot

    Security by obscurity is bad.
    Old players having knowledge advantage is bad.
    Players who can snoop the code having an advantage is also bad.
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  2. afterthought

    afterthought Head Developer Developer

    I'm not aware of any recent change that removed information about weapons crafting. But yes, it should be put on the wiki, perhaps in the construction guide.
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  3. The Great Skeeve

    The Great Skeeve Sol Gov Pilot

    There is literally nothing stopping you from making a page FYI

    p.s somebody should really change that message at the front page because it's still confusing people. No, you cannot openly register, yes, you can ask somebody to create you an account.
  4. Za_Redman

    Za_Redman Donator

    May have been on the old wiki and has since been lost to the black hole. I didn't see anything in the history of this one at a quick glance.
  5. antonkr

    antonkr Sol Gov Pilot

    I for some reason thought it was removed, since I remember reading it before, but I may have confused it with /vg/. Im dumb.
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  6. AnomalousStar

    AnomalousStar Assistant

    There's nothing about regular weapons or armor on the wiki, either. This'd help.
  7. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam HI GOT A MINUTE? Game Administrator

    @AnomalousStar hi ho this thread is almost a year old. Please don't necro old threads.