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Rise of Mankind - Roleplay MUD Project

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Virgil, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Hi. This is a little project I've been working on for a few months now in my spare time. It's still very much a work in progress, and probably isn't going to be ready anytime soon, If I ever actually somehow manage to complete it. I've made this project thread so I can gauge interest and show off progress. Progress is made whenever it happens and there's no definitive schedule on when things are worked on at the moment. It's also worth noting that this thread is not complete either & more information will be made available on many of the different aspects of the game as and when I have time to write it all up.

    There's a discord server for those interested:

    Rise of Mankind is (read: will probably be) a roleplay-enforced and conflict focused MUD that is set 1000 years after the creation of time, after the advent of the universe and the appearance of the 3 aspects of creation: Time, Chaos and Order.

    Sometime after the genesis of the universe, the aspect of Time created the strands of time from it’s own essence. The aspect of Chaos attempted to destroy the newly created time-stream, forcing the aspect of Order to re-organize them into four different planes of reality to prevent complete destruction of the universe. Realizing that it could not oppose the remaining aspect and come out victorious, the aspect of Chaos retreated to the lower planes of reality and fell dormant.

    Not wishing to directly confront the aspect of Chaos, the aspect of Order decided to split into what are now known as the new Gods, bound to the second and first planes of reality and charged these Gods with defending and maintaining the higher planes of reality that the Aspect of Chaos does not have influence over.

    The new Gods went forth across the cosmos, creating the worlds on the second plane of reality and allowing them to be inhabited as the resulting astral bodies’ emerging nature’s asserted themselves. The new Gods created the heavens on the first plane, where they now reside.

    200 years after the creation of the universe, Humans arrived to a particular planet via a powerful and intricate portal, escaping a collapsing universe. These humans proceeded to spread out across the planet, forming tribal communities and starting their quest of survival. The Gods decided to implant their visages and roles into the minds of some of the new arrivals to the planet, preferring to not interfere directly where possible and introduce themselves over time.

    1000 years after the creation of the universe, and already the beginning of a new civilisation has started in earnest. The cities - consisting primarily of humans - have risen from the remnants of the tribal societies that once dotted the landscapes and with it civilisation has dawned. With this civilisation however, comes a new emerging threat. Demons from the lower realms have begun incursions into the duchies via portals, corrupting and tainting mortals and the lands around them in their conquest.

    It is in these times that players will rise, be it as powerful mages, righteous and virtuous paladins, lightning fast nightcrawlers or imposing blademancers. Their roles and path are their own to choose; to rule a duchy of their own, fight back the demons and defend their homes, or hunt down the wicked and corrupted of their kin.


    • Nightcrawler - silent and deadly assassins - not currently in the game.
    • Paladin - Melee fighters that practice the Order arts to augment their fighting abilities and protect allies. Not as resistant to physical damage as blademancers, and also not as magically vulnerable.
    • Blademancer - Melee fighters that are highly physically resistant, but vulnerable to magical attacks.
    • Mage - Scholarly and physically fragile, mages primarily focus on spell mastery.
    Cities run on a simplified duchy-based system. Each city is individually ruled by an assigned Duke or Duchess, who is put into power by leading a military takeover. The ruling Duke/Duchess is responsible for the defense, laws and administration of the duchy. Unhappy citizens can initiate a “peasant revolt”, or a rebellion to take over the city using military force.

    Each city has a single control point at the ruling Duke/Duchess castle. This control point can be captured by either the humans, or the demons. It takes 30 real life minutes to fully capture the point, regardless of how many people are present. However, the person who initiated the capture (in the case of demons, the commander of the invading force) must remain present until it’s complete.

    Magic is practice of manipulating and bending various aspects of reality, and various elements of the universe using a built-in reservoir if power that naturally and rarely occurs in individuals.

    Magic requires the knowledge and use of spells, which are incantation based, requiring a verbal channel for the various forces used in the bending of reality to allow a mage’s spell to take effect.

    Magic has its own rules, which each practitioner of the arts must be aware of when beginning their training in the mystic arts.

    Each spell has a class which defines how powerful the spell is, and a type that specifies what sort of effect the spell has.

    Usage of the dark arts is typically viewed as an abhorrence, often requiring the use of sacrifices, corpses, or blood. The effects are so potent and inherently corrupting, that the mere usage of a dark arts spell will cause the caster to be considered corrupted.

    The rules of magic
    1. All spells require the usage of either mana, life essence, or a corpse (depending on the type)
    2. If a spell is too strong for a magic practitioner, once it has drained the caster’s mana, it will also drain the caster’s health. A high level spell used by a novice will kill the caster almost instantly.
    3. The higher the class of spell, the longer the incantation to cast it.
    4. Each spell leaves a residual signature that identifies the caster. The signature dissipates after two hours.

    The classes of magic
    Each spell has it’s own level of power, referred to by practitioners of magic as the “class” of the spell. There are currently 5 known classifications.
    The higher the class of spell, the more powerful the spell, the longer the incantation and the more mana it takes to cast it.

    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
    • Cataclysm
    • God
    List of done things and things to be done:
    In progress
    • This thread
    • Weather system
    • Melee skills - standard attack/defensive skills, possibly melee stances too.
    • Magic (inc. combat) system
    • In-game lore codex
    • Basic movement and usability mechanics (Shops, movement, looking at things/people, basic combat, basic armour system, player groups, conversations, command help menu, logging in and out, character descriptions - handled by a base engine I used as a starting point)
    • City mechanic - player management
    • City mechanic - takeovers
    • World event - demonic incursion
    • Demon branding/corruption
    Planned but not started
    • Lore - more detail in the overview + overview restructuring to make more sense
    • Lore - timeline of events
    • Lore - explanation of demons including origins, societial structure, and how they act.
    • Name all the different cities
    • Name the places between the cities
    • Write up descriptions for the cities and stuff in between
    • Explain the differences between the different magical orders.
    • Explain demon brands/corruption
    • Religious orders/cults mechanic
    • City mechanic - army/soldier management
    • City mechanic - income/expenses
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  2. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Some screenshots:
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  3. Banditoz

    Banditoz Senior Enlisted Advisor

    What's it written in?
  4. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    C++ and JavaScript.
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  5. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Finished working on the codex mechanic. It's fairly similar to the help system, but purely for lore information.
    I'll need to work on adding more entries as I complete aspects of the lore.
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  6. Blazerules

    Blazerules Research Director

    Sounds pretty awesome I'd give it a look when it's done. Though I'll admit I hate classes as it just feels like a left over from days gone by when there was no real good alternative. Good for non-robust systems though.
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  7. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    World event - demonic incursion
    My current focus at the moment - alongside working on corruption mechanics which needs further planning - is implementing demonic incursions. I've given over a lot of thought on how to make this engaging without making it unfair.

    Each demonic incursion has a 5 stages, with the first being a precursor and the last being banishment. I'll detail each stage below.
    1. Precursor - a demon commander (very high level and particularly strong, even by demon standards) opens up a portal into the world at a random location.
    2. Areas around the portal will begin changing - fields will blacken, the sky will darken, red/purple lightning will strike at random potentially damaging players and NPCs, and mages within a 30 area radius will feel tremendous amounts of magical energy gathering to one spot.
    3. Gathering - over a randomized period of time anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours, demons with gather in the areas around the portal and begin spreading out into surrounding areas at random.
    4. ONLY IF A CITY IS PRESENT NEAR-BY - demons will initiate a capture of the city, killing guards and NPCs inside. If the capture is successful, the city will be transformed into a demon stronghold, which can be recaptured through a military takeover. Demonic strongholds have all guards replaced by powerful demons, essentially turning the area into a raid.
    5. Banishment - the demons are eventually pushed back and the portal is closed.
    Some notes:
    • Only two incursions can be active at a time.
    • The banishment stage will only happen with player intervention.
    • If players do not intervene, more and more demons will filter into surrounding areas, potentially making it harder to push them back and close the portal.
    • The spell for portal closing will only be usable by paladins and mages, as they will be the only classes with enough mana to complete the spell without being incinerated.
    • Near-by city guards will defend their city against the incursion and assist players in doing so near the city limits.
    • The starter city and near-by areas are completely immune to demonic incursions. These areas will act as safe havens for those unable to fight the incursions or who've lost their city to one.
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  8. ZeroBits

    ZeroBits Retired Staff

    Pretty damn neato.
  9. Ursur

    Ursur Retired Staff

    It looks really cool. Would you want any help when it comes to inventing names, discussing game mechanics or getting lore ideas? I have some worldbuilding experience, I think. Sadly, I can't help with programming in any way.
  10. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Help is always welcome, no matter what that help is regarding. Feel free to hit me up on Discord (Virgie).
  11. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

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  12. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Been quite a while since I've updated this thread!

    Development has been ongoing, albiet a bit slower due to personal commitments.

    Here's what's changed:
    Demonic incursions world event is complete, with a method of closing the incursion portals.
    Demon AI is at a basic, playable level.
    Multiple reworks have been done on underlying systems. Specifically, on how AI and scriping works. Previously scripts would have to be written into each source file of the mob/object, whereas now I can create AI "packages" and apply them only as needed. Scripts can also now be written and reloaded on the fly.
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  13. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Winter has come and gone and I've had quite a bit of time to work on the project. I've been extremely quiet in doing so, preferring to get things done rather than talk about things. That's given the appearance of the project being dead, but it isn't.

    First of all, a dynamic weather system is being developed. The weather system will have 3 states that change over timesunny, raining and overcast. I'll be expanding this sytem to have a climate system depending on various areas on the map. For example: high mountains will have a permanently extremely cold climate where the weather is either snowing or not snowing. Forests will have a more tropical climate, with potential for rain or thunderstorms.

    Second of all, I've been working heavily on building additional tools to support future development. These tools are primarily used to create new items, creatures and spells quickly and easily. Unfortunately, building these tools does and has taken a significant amount of time on their own.

    Third, I've expanded the magic system to include activation stages and text to accompany incantations. Initially, you'd say the incantation and the spell would activate with a single line of text when the spell completes. No longer! Now, spells will have text accompanying each stage of activation (or only on a couple for long and complex spells).

    Fourth, I've rewritten the spell list command to have a paging system, with a maximum of 5 spells displayed per page. This is for smaller text clients that may not be able to support many on-screen at a time, and hopefully result in less scrolling needed.

    Fifth, once I've finished writing the base weather system, I'll be working on the melee skill and general skill systems. These skills will have a variety of uses, from melee attacks (powered-up slashes, intentional hamstringing, etc) to general purpose (sensing hidden enemies, picking locks, etc). I've already added engine support for them, so all that's needed is coding the actual functionality of the various types and then creating the skills themselves.

    Sixth, I've also been adding administrative tools over time. Most of these will not be seen by the player, but I want to mention them as they've also taken a lot of work to implement. Such tools include easier methods of managing accounts, items, etc.

    Seventh, I've been doing a lot of lore and documentation stuff between all of that. I've written up 2/3rds of the demon race codex, and written a lot of other documentation on how other planned features will work so I have something concrete to work with once the time comes. A lot of this is pure planning for the future on my part, which makes things much easier to keep straight when it comes to actual development.
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