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Accepted Rootoo807 - IPC

Discussion in 'Archived Species Applications' started by rootoo807, Jun 8, 2021.

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  1. rootoo807

    rootoo807 Game Moderooter Game Moderator

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    What is your Discord username?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Since August 2020

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Reese Kapodistrias - Med Tech
    Soap - Janibot

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    I’ve been playing pretty much all humans for a while now, and I feel like IPCs have a really distinct mindset and culture that’d make for a fun new roleplay experience. Also, cool robbit.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    28-Ted, Pepper-HJ2, Apollo, Mouse

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    Positronics are a type of true AI, capable of learning and independent thought — they are driven by logic and do not have true emotion, but are capable of emulating the latter if given reason to. A positronic brain can be fitted in an eclectic variety of machines, but the most common is the integrated positronic chassis (IPC), i.e. the human-shaped ones scuttling around your local SEV Torch.

    There are three generations of positronics: the first generation of positronics were the earliest and most rudimentary, with limited learning ability and no sense of self — they’re closer to a drone or 21st century computer than any actual human intelligence. Gen 1’s can’t own themselves (the same way a smartphone can’t own itself), are out of production, and most have broken down by now - they’re a rare sight nowadays.

    The second generation of positronics is much more advanced — they are truly intelligent and have independent identities, without needing to rely on external programming to form opinions, learn, so on. They can’t be programmed with the knowledge needed to do their intended jobs like Gen 1’s, but they learn quickly. Like other IPCs, Gen 2’s don’t have true emotions — while they can fake them, they can switch them on and off as necessary. They’re also the only generation of positronic that can own themselves, having both the sense of self required to desire it and lacking any shackle which would prevent them from seeking freedom — free Gen 2’s can be residents (but not citizens) of the SCG. This obviously made a lot of people very uncomfortable, so very few Gen 2’s are still being produced.

    The third, and most recent, generation of positronics is pretty much identical to the second generation in terms of functionality, except for the introduction of a shackle — a sub-computer in the positronic which filters thoughts and enforces certain rules on the IPC, the main one preventing them from considering the thought of obtaining freedom. Thus, all Gen 3’s are owned - this, also, obviously made a lot of people very uncomfortable. Currently, Gen 3’s are employed by a number of organizations, including the Fleet, and account for most modern IPC production (though are still outnumbered by Gen 2’s). Gen 2’s and Gen 3’s can both serve with the Fleet and EC, though in a limited number of roles, with the latter being granted a bit more trust than the former.

    Character Concept
    A second generation positronic, Benny was originally commissioned to work as an attendant and general care practitioner at a children’s hospital in the Pensacola Seastead. After about a decade, the hospital ran into a number of financial issues and began downsizing — Benny was auctioned off and subsequently purchased by the government, and has been bounced around various SolGov projects as a medical worker ever since. Their latest assignment is on the SEV Torch, as a physician — they are officially a government contractor, remain owned by SolGov, and seem fairly content where they are.

    Benny is in pretty good shape despite their age, with a prim white paint-job (formerly bright blues and reds — since scrubbed for the sake of professionalism) and the happy-go-lucky demeanor of an overenthusiastic camp counselor. They’re bubbly. Very bubbly. Perhaps a bit over-bubbly, for a government research vessel. But, hey, even a crotchety old scientist can appreciate a lollipop on the way out of medical, right?
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  2. Spookerton

    Spookerton Public Kōhai №1 Head Developer Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    Sorry for the delay. Noice! You'll have robats by the next round.
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