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RuiXon - Vox

Discussion in 'Finalized' started by Ruixon, Feb 8, 2019.

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  1. Ruixon

    Ruixon Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Since 2012 on and off with overall SS13 experience being from 2007.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Joseph Morgan (the CSO not Pathfinder), HAND, Bennett Howe, Daniel Hillinger, John Hayhurst

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    The concept of the Vox as a whole is interesting to me and more unique than the other species, a race of biomechanical bodies with cortical stacks allowing the body to have the knowledge of an ancient Vox before it. That alone is interesting as the cortical stack could be a Vox knowledgeable about centuries of information but only still focuses on getting the materials needed for their Arkship. Overall their lore is what makes me so interested in playing them joined with the fact that there could be some interesting roleplay scenarios regarding the dynamics between the Vox and the rest of the species that I'd like to be a part of it.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Choraakakiya, Kikirika, Klikoraca

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    The Vox are a nomdic race of bio-engineered species that mostly live on giant moon sized vessels called Arkships. Their external appearance mostly resembles that of a mix of a Avian and Reptile. They do not respirate however they do require a Nitrogen rich atmosphere to breath comfortably in, with Oxygen causing respiratory issues to the Vox as a high concentration of CO2 would to a Human. Their many source of nutrition stem from a fungus like matter that grows on the Arkship and specifically made to suit their needs, however small vermin are also appealing to the Vox as well. Their internals also somewhat resemble that of a avian you would see on Earth, having a gizzard to help with digestion and a almost similar cloaca situated on their face to intake Nitrogen, get rid of any waste, or eat. Their genetic lineage is marked all over their face, neck, and throat which they will flash it as a challenge to other Vox, causing conflict shortly afterwards. Vox are proud about their lineage and look down on any who try to hide the markings.

    Due to the fact that all Vox are sterile, they have cortical stacks which are a previous Vox's mind uploaded into the stack and implanted into a freshly grown body. These stacks also serve as a second brain in the Vox's body it's implanted in and will also focus on ensuring that the internal organs of their body runs as efficiently as possible. Joining that is their technology which is more made out of biological mass than with metals, even to the point that certain tools and weapons can serve as distant family members to some Vox due to their biological similarities between the Vox and the tools they use.

    Arkships are what most Vox use to live in and travel around the cosmos in, with biological computers being called Apex who send orders out to the Vox. The Vox reveere the Apex as messengers of a a great cosmic god that non-Vox would never understand. Whilest a massive object, the Arkships are quick to maneuver and use a FTL mechanism that still bewilders anyone that isn't a Vox. But they will supplement their vessels with stolen FTL drives as well due to the rarity of native Vox FTL drives. These Arkships are constantly in need of repairs which is what drives the Vox's greed for technology, stealing anything they can from anyone that aren't Vox. Vox only care about themselves and see those without a cortical stack only useful for the technology which the Vox will take from them. They have no qualms about manipulating and betraying non-Vox as long as they manage to get what they set out to get. Their rough attitude towards anyone but their own race has caused conflicts to arise between the other species of the universe due to their nature, but it does not stop them as they continue to scavenge.
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  2. Eckles

    Eckles Cake Seller Lore Manager Manager Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    This is mostly a cut down copy paste of the wiki article.

    Tell me in your own words how you feel a vox is meant to act.

    Give me a character concept.
  3. Ruixon

    Ruixon Bartender

    Vox in my opinion are to act as roguish and with cunning, they're all essentiallly super experienced with dealing with other races due to the fact that their cortical stacks essentially means the same Vox consciousness is immortal. So with that, they know through experience how to manipulate other non-Vox into getting what they want and what they want is technology or equipment that can be useful not only for their own needs but for the Arkships as well. Combat isn't something that should be sought after but is a viable option only due to the fact that violence = more combatants will flock to defend whatever the Vox is trying to take hence making it more difficult. Of course, if combat is the only option and the tech is worth it (like a hand teleporter or Skrellian tech) then they'll go after it with force. While they may be immortal they have to weigh their options because their immortality is only guaranteed if a Vox can retrieve that cortical stack from the dead body so I feel that combat is something that isn't frowned upon but more a option where all other avenues have failed or not available.

    Kiraaskac(Dull Beak of the Stationary Twenty-Second Cruiser of the Arkship Enduring Knowledge) is a scavenger with a rather old body when compared to those they work around with, with facial and neck markings indicating a long line of rather mediocre accomplishments and genetic lineage. But that is the issue to Kiraaskac, they want their lineage to have markings to boast about amazing deeds that Vox around the universe will know about. Adding to that is the fact that they had previously lost a sparring match with a more physically younger Vox, spelling the beginning of the end of Kiraaskac's roles as the younger Vox continue to vie for their role onboard their ship. Although they will re-enter the universe when their body perishes, they do not know when the chance will come again for them and they do not want to wake with a fresh body with markings of their mediocre heritage once more. Anything to make them worthy, anything to please the Apex, that is the goal they wish to accomplish before they wake once more.
  4. Eckles

    Eckles Cake Seller Lore Manager Manager Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

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