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Accepted sabirm - Developer Application

Discussion in 'Developers - Archive' started by Sabira, Oct 7, 2017.

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  1. Sabira

    Sabira Donator

    BYOND Key: sabirm (no A)
    Github profile URL: (with A)
    Featured PRs:

    All merged PRs
    (I suppose):
    Research break room and office area:
    Setting up the exploration department and converting all the departments to global list things:
    Rescuing the overstuffed uniform.dmi file:
    Setting up the command support department:

    Fixing water bottles popping open like cans:
    Fixing a minor map thing, disposals chute not connected:
    Fixing supply program icon and adding new one:
    Fixing the personal AI radios:
    Fixing maintenance drones being very broken:

    Maintaining past contributions:

    Exploration department fixes:
    Uniform.dmi changes fixes:
    Why do you want to become a developer?:
    I will be the first to admit that I am not especially knowledgeable in DM. I want to become a developer to gain access to tools (in-game and out) which can help me in my efforts to learn DM, understand how the game functions, and assist in building the server. I've come to realise over the past week or so that I really enjoy this, and I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing something I made in game being used by everyone here.

    I have 50~ merged commits, which (barely) puts me in the top 50 of contributors by that metric, if that's anything worth consideration. Many of my PRs add or fix relatively minor things, but I'm beginning to delve more seriously into mapping and the more serious code things to add new features or fix bugs. I believe I have a workable understanding of git, and I do not use the git desktop client. I have a good understanding of the development work flow.

    I have not been playing the game itself very much recently, as I've been spending my 'game time' developing instead. I would become more active on the server for assisting where I can in debugging, if this were accepted.

    Over the course of my time here, I've always tried to do things to help, such as running the colonies subforum off and on for a while way back when. I am currently assisting, in small bits, to get the new wiki up and running.

    I would say my biggest strength is my eagerness to learn and help others learn whenever I can. I am very active in the coder chat channel on IRC/Discord, asking questions to further my own projects, as well as answering the questions that I do know the answer to. I have helped a few people in the past with git, as well.

    I think my biggest weakness, beyond my lack of serious knowledge in the language, is stubbornness when it comes to compromising with my features (see exploration department PR, though I think that turned out well enough in the end). It's something I will have to work on, if this application is accepted.

    I have had a few issues with staff in the past, partly due to situations that were happening in my life at the time they occurred. I do not believe I will be an issue from a behaviour perspective as a member of the development or staff teams.

    What I hope to do as a developer:
    Continue to add new things and fix bugs.
    I've helped add custom items in the past, and I would be willing to do so in a more official capacity.
    Go through the issues list (slowly!). Test if bugs still occur. Close ones that have been fixed, and fix ones that I can. Utilise the tag system more.

    Encourage more players to contribute. I think I've grown as a coder since my first PR, with the assistance of the developer team here and others in codershuttle. I have no background in computer programming, so if I can figure out how to add the things I've added, anyone else should be able to with the same support.

    In terms of reviewing and merging on github, I would stick to areas of the code that I feel comfortable in. I think it somewhat defeats the purpose of the review if you need a second developer to double-check all of my reviews. I am willing to download PR branches and test in-game to make myself comfortable in clicking the green button.

    I understand it may seem silly to make someone who admits to not being proficient in coding a developer, but I hope my history as linked above shows that I am dedicated in contributing in the ways that I can. I truly enjoy contributing to this server, so I hope I have the opportunity to do so in a greater capacity as a developer. Thank you for your consideration.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
  2. xales

    xales Host Game Administrator Developer Community Moderator

    My apologies for getting to this so late - you applied at the worst time of the year for me, and I guess I clicked through and lost the unread, so I forgot to come and actually post.

    Right now I have to put your application on hold temporarily while we figure some stuff out, but expect to hear more soon!
  3. Sabira

    Sabira Donator

    Since it has been a few months since I posted this application and the eve of the new year, I thought it would be good to check back in and update on my progress.

    I've reached the top 20 in merged commits in the history of the repo, and #3 in 2017. This is a nice achievement for me. At the same time, I am still learning more every time I open DM. Thanks to everyone in codershuttle and on github, I am a bit more confident in what I am doing now versus when I opened the application. I wouldn't have got this far without help from chinsky, PsiOmegaDelta, techhead, thasc, ftang steve, mklash and many others.

    In the new year, I resolve to be more cooperative with the community in developing features that more people can be happy with. I understand that I am sometimes combative when defending my changes. I hope everybody understands that anything that I change that might seem controversial is not being done to prove a point, or out of spite, but because I believe that it is for the better. I hope that I will be able to communicate my position and understand others' positions better in the future. It is something I will be trying my best to pay extra attention to from this point on.

    Here are some (a lot of) PRs that have been merged since the original application: - hydroponics base away map, pre-planting hydroponics trays - (with chinsky) tobacco plants - revolver for XO and captain - department alert levels - holodeck locking (and follow up fixes referenced)
  4. xales

    xales Host Game Administrator Developer Community Moderator

    Sabiram has been accepted as a developer, provisionally, and will have a review with the dev team after about 2 weeks.
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