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Accepted SammasC123-GAS

Discussion in 'Archived Species Applications' started by viim, Mar 29, 2021.

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  1. viim

    viim Gaymer Game Administrator

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    What is your Discord username?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Nine months consistently.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Right now I've been playing lots of FB-Ezra, but I'm also Carnation Garneys, Mallow Dhawan, and Yarrow Li.

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    I really like playing species with different psychologies to humans, and I really admire the GAS players I see.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    GAS names are human first names, and tend to lean towards a simplistic form. Dan, Lisa, Gary, Stephen, Todd, Mary.

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    Alright, so! Gas are really cool! Let's start biology.

    At a glance, GAS look like serpents with mantis-like heads and two sets of arms, one set of scythe-like hunting arms, and a set of more standard arms with three fingers. They have no legs, and have a segmented serpentine tail.
    In greater detail, their heads have antennae which are used for sensing prey and hunting. Their eyes are compound, and set in positions as to give them full vision of their environments. They do not have eyelids, like most compound-eyed creatures, and instead manually clean them. They do, however, have lenses that can emerge to cover their eyes, which are mostly opaque- it protects their otherwise sensitive eyes from bright lights. They also have mandible, which, while they're powerful enough to break bone, are also adapted to eating softer material, allowing them to have an omnivorous lifestyle.
    Those two sets of arms I mentioned earlier are quite a marvel in themselves. The scythe arms can be pressed extremely close to their body when not in use. Their other set of arms has three fingers which can bend in any direction to better grasp things. Like spiders, GAS are partially hydraulic, extending their muscles by pumping blood in, and retracting by letting it return, in conjunction with their regular muscles, which are also present. This allows them to be very, very strong, but also means that both sets of arms cannot be used in unison.
    As one may guess from the A in GAS, GAS have exoskeletons, specifically a segmented one to support their serpentine form. This makes them quite durable. By changing crystalline structures along their shell to cause them to refract different colors of light, they can render themselves invisible to the naked eye. They can also use this to intimidate potential dangers, or as a mating display, like Iguanas!
    Now, their organs! They have a tracheae that takes oxygen in from the air, but they require exceptional amounts of it compared to a human. They show no outward signs of suffocation. Because of the amount of oxygen they need, they produce dexalin inside their bodies, through large storages of phoron and the production of acetone. They have a distributed nervous system, less localized than a human brain- common in insects. Their heart and liver (or Toxin Filter) act nearly identically to a humans. However, a GAS does not have veins, and rather distributes blood throughout the body. They also can't talk human! They instead have a prosthetic voicebox.

    Now, psychology!
    GAS do not learn like humans. They are entirely visual learners, and can in one go learn how to perform a very specific action without fail (in a perfect world, that is, where humans aren't controlling them). This is why Xynergy trains them! What they cannot do, at least not without sufficient training, is generalize that action to wider situations. If a fellow GAS cooks a cake in one kitchen, they'll be able to do the same. Put them in a different kitchen, and they won't. Ask them to cook a different kind of cake, and they won't. They need a sufficiently wide range of examples of an action to fully internalize and generalize its use.
    The thing that many people will quickly learn about GAS is... no touchy. GAS like personal space, especially less trained GAS. GAS don't, at any point in their life, have to touch non-prey, and so the cultural norm has grown to be very non-physical. If a GAS is threatened, and I mean extremely threatened, and uncomfortable with the situation, they'll hit the aggressor with the blunt side of their hunting arms, sending a signal of "please step away from me". Otherwise, they will do their best to de-escalate by escaping or turning invisible.
    GAS are graded based on how adept they are and how they act. Let's start with their job tier. Younger GAS have more malleable minds, so younger GAS can do A, B, and C level jobs. Older GAS (19-27) can have B and C level jobs. Older than that, and a GAS will be relegated to a C level job exclusively. 28-40 will have no literacy, or ability to read and right. They can only perform C level jobs. Of course, a young GAS could still only be able to perform C level jobs, given that they were not able to read or write. A GAS trained for A-level jobs will be able to read, write and type. A GAS trained for B-level jobs will perhaps have basic literacy, but just enough to get their job done. A C-level gas will not be able to read or write.
    Then, we have temperament. It comes in good, average, and poor. Good is going to be for the really well trained GAS, who are acclimated to humans. Average will be either skittish or defiant, and may threaten as a last resort. They'll take a strike if repeatedly pushed. Poor GAS are more physical, willing to actively show aggressive (but non-physical) behavior. They'll give warning, but it's possible you will get struck if you don't leave their personal space.

    What is your character concept for your trial period?

    She's a red C Janitor. She can read basic signs but not write or type, and finds cleaning to be very satisfying- akin to hunting prey. She is very excited to clean up messes, and prefers using a mop to spray bottles and cleaning grenades, which are less satisfying. It's on her record that if, and only if, she thinks nobody is watching, she will create a small mess to clean up, such as clearing a waste bin, throwing it on the ground, and picking it up again.
    Not unlike a begging dog, if Iris believes someone is about to make a mess, she'll follow them from a distance. She wants to clean it, when it happens. If she's told not to clean it, such as at a crime-scene, she will agree, but will remain nearby until another mess appears, or until she can clean the one there.
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  2. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Serpentid Species Maintainer

    You mention that their hydraulic system is like spiders, and go into detail. While it is likened to spiders, the mechanism of how the pressure and muscles interact to open and close limbs is different.

    You mention they activate and deactivate pigment cells to change their colour. While that's how cephalopods handle colour changing, GAS use iridophores, crystalline structures more similar to chameleons.

    You relate their literacy level to grade and age. That's slightly off. It's more that literacy is determined by grade, while age determines what grades are available. Literacy isn't directly based on age.


    For your character, you have a B level janitor. Janitors are always on the C spectrum though.

    Please update these in your main post.

    First set of questions:

    1. Iris is in the cafeteria cleaning up a mess. A person eating at the table throws some garbage on the ground in front of Iris with a jeering laugh. "Clean that, bug." What does Iris do? How does she respond?
    2. Iris is going through the hall and passes by the medical bay. As she passes, a voice calls out from inside, "Hey, Iris, I've got something for you to clean! I've got a treat for you if you do." What does she do?
    3. Iris is travelling through Maintainance and is in a dead-end when a person walks through and blocks the way out. A message comes out over the radio requesting a janitor to the cargo bay for cleaning. What does Iris do?
  3. viim

    viim Gaymer Game Administrator

    1. Being not the most emotionally in tune with humans, Iris would begin with cleaning the mess with aplomb! While aware that 'bug' is potentially an insulting word directed at her, given the first offense and likelihood it was a mistake, she would follow with "Oh please be careful and I am not a bug okay?"
    2.Cleaning a mess is, in itself, a treat. She would be just fine to clean for free! She would follow, at a respectable distance, and once at the scene, clean. Afterwards, as a medium temperament GAS, she would clarify a gift is not necessary, but accept one, would it be dropped on the floor.
    3. Shoot, time to clean! First, wait a moment. It's perfectly possible that they are just walking by. After, a verbal warning. "Excuse me I need to go this way to clean up a mess can you please move?" If the person is not approaching, but also not leaving, Iris would likely follow with a second- her personal space is not being breached, it's just inconvenient. At that point, if simply from annoyance, snapping her jaws is likely, followed by a complaint on general comms. As long as her personal space is not breached, and the person remains, she will wait, signal annoyance, and ask for help from others. She would not attack.

    (Also thing updated above).
  4. viim

    viim Gaymer Game Administrator

  5. Eonoc

    Eonoc Vox Species Maintainer Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    Allllrighty, I'm gonna pick this up for the final portion. Looks pretty great, otherwise. Slight clarification to answer #2 in that the gift wouldn't need to be dropped on the floor, it could be placed on a table, or similar, though having it handed to her should be avoided, which you seem to get perfectly well! Otherwise, answers seem to be perfectly in line. I'd normally ask my own set of questions, but given how long you've been waiting, and your general quality of play from other characters, I'm gonna slap this with an 'approved'.
    So, please note that this does not mean you can play GAS right away, as you do need to engage in a trial round (or two, depending on how active the round is) with myself or one of the other GAS maintainers just to make sure you're not playing with any misconceptions. I'll be more available to do trials until May 15th, after that my schedule gets cluttered again. Feel free to ping me on Discord, and we can sort out a day that works for you.
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