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Sergeant Adam - GAS

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Sergeant Adam, Jul 12, 2019.

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  1. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    About You

    What is your Byond key?
    Sergeant Adam

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    4 years

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Calliope Astarte, Calliope Astarte, and Calliope Astarte...and Qexik'il

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?
    Giant Armored Serpentid

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    I've been interested in GAS from the start. I have an accepted application for the species and went through a trial with Steve, however we had conflicting schedules so I wasn't able to finish it. They're probably the only alien species on the Torch that act drastically different from humans other than Dionaea, and it's enjoyable to RP as one.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    GAS are designated one simple human name such as Bill, Steve, Jen, Sarah, Billy, John, etc.

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    GAS are are a species of omnivorous arthropods hailing from Tau-Wilo. They were discovered by a corporation called Xynergy, who eventually began to communicate with them, and "domesticated" them. Xynergy has created several research and training centers specifically for GAS, in which GAS are trained to interact with humans, and work aboard their vessels. GAS are graded on a scale from F to A+, only C+ and up GAS actually working on the Torch.

    Biologically, Gas are 9 foot tall 15-20 foot long half praying mantis half snake stabby slashy murder machines. They have two sets of arms, one being a pair of large "scythes" used for hunting, and the other being two much smaller arms more closely resembling a human's, that are used for finer manipulation. Their fingers can bend both forwards and backwards, which is really yucky and gross. Their thick exoskeleton is covered in iridophores which can be used to both camouflage them, as well as display freaky deaky patterns to both intimidate threats, and impress mates. Their ability to camouflage can not be used at will, and is an automatic response to threats.

    GAS require significantly more oxygen than most other species, and even on their home planet they require a biological process using both phoron and acetone to make up for the insufficient oxygen. They possess two unique organs, an acetone reactor, which creates acetone, and phoron storage, which stores phoron from the air of their home planet, and the food they eat, to be combined with the acetone from their acetone reactor to create dexalin which supplements the lack of oxygen naturally present. Oh, and also they have wings which is pretty rad, as well as fancy shmancy lenses that they can extend and retract over their eyes at will when necessary to protect their eyes from bright lights, to which they are incredibly sensitive. Their wings can be used to kinda sorta fly on their home planet, however in environments with a higher gravity level, they aren't of much use for anything other than buzzing at threats to spook them.

    GAS learn almost everything visually, and are almost, if not entirely incapable of learning how to do something verbally. In order to learn something, they must also see said something being done by another GAS if they actually want to learn how to do it themselves. If a human wants to teach them how to do something, then they're gonna have to physically maneuver the GAS through the procedure themselves.

    An example being, if a GAS wanted to use the holo-deck, they would have to A: have a GAS that already knows how to use it come and show them B: Watch a recording of a GAS using it, or C: have a human or whoever come up and physically manipulate their limbs through the motions needed to use it.

    However GAS are definitely not stupid, and excel in social situations.

    GAS can also not physically speak most if any languages used by other sapient species (outside of ascent-voc but that's kinda a whole other thing/subspecies so it wouldn't really apply here) so they make use of a mechanical device implanted in to their thorax, which can be used to speak ZAC. However, you can't just stuff the thing inside of them and have them start talking in human-speak. They do actually have to know the language before they can use the implant to speak it.

    When speaking, they have a distinct style and structure to their sentences, resulting in long, drawn out, and simple sentences.

    Whereas a human would probably say to their friend, "Let's go see Baldies Strike Three at the movie theater over on Urist street, and afterwords we can go to McHonkers for a HONK!(TM) burger.

    A GAS would probably say something along the lines of "I want you to come with me and go to Urist street and go to the movie theater there and watch Baldies Strike Three and then leave and go to McHonkers and get a HONK!(TM) burger."

    What is your character concept for your trial period?
    A grade C+ janitor named Stanley, colored an earthy brown with tan eyes. He'll spend most of his time dusting maintenance or sneaking around cleaning things, and would be fairly uncomfortable around humans at best, and try to avoid as much as possible at worst. He would not be outright aggressive towards humans unless provoked, which would take a lot of blatant fucking with him. At most, he'd go invisible, bump someone away, try to seizure someone out with a light show, or run for the hills.
  2. Eonoc

    Eonoc Vox Species Maintainer Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    Aight, boss. Semi-standard questions, coming up:
    1. A real jerk is just. Constantly harassing you. Flicking lighters at you, poking you with a stick, verbally and physically harassing you in general. What do you do? (mostly answered in your char concept, but still. Give a bit more detail on what you'd do.)

    2. The same person has you cornered, and is threatening physical violence. What do you do?

    3. The same person is actively enacting physical violence. Assuming they don't stop based on prior actions, what do you do?

    4. You suffer a severe injury in the workplace. Let's say that a door was shocked, and you touched it and were badly electrocuted. Someone is coming up to you, and wants to treat you. What do you do? (Not as simple as I'm making it seem.)
    Answer me these questions three four and don't....make it a bore, iunno, I'm bad at rhymes.
  3. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    1. First and foremost, tell the dude to scram and attempt to run off. If he kept following me around I'd try to get security or someone else near me to help out. If getting help from someone isn't an option, I'd flash them a light-show and start hissing at them with my hunting arms raised.
    Short and short of it: Tell them to go away>Run>Get help>Flash some threat displays>Run again/hide>Repeat as necessary until they get bored and go away or can't find me.

    2. Probably skip the whole "Go away" part altogether and hop straight to hissing and flashing threat displays with hunting arms raised. If they refuse to leave and start closing in, I'd most likely shove them and high-tail it out of there as fast as possible.

    3. Shove them and run to a hidey hole while calling for security, or help from anyone else near me.

    4. Run the hell away and find somewhere quiet to hide while I calm the hell down. Try to keep people away from me as much as possible while I chill. Once I'd calmed down and the shock has subsided, try to find a corpsman/head to medical for treatment.
  4. Eonoc

    Eonoc Vox Species Maintainer Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    Good answers, chief. Approved.
    So you'll be on trial, now. If you don't know how the trial works, you'll play with the character in your concept while myself, Alex6511, or F-Tang are on. If so, let one of us know, and we'll start the trial. You'll join as your character, and play while we supervise and offer corrections/adjustments as necessary. Until you've done at least one trial, no playing GAS. Capische?
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