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She's not ginger, she's light chestnut haired.

Discussion in 'Character Bios' started by flying_loulou, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Sol Gov Pilot

    A few people suggested me to make a thread about Marine Blanchet's story, so here we go :

    PO2 Marine Blanchet (2nd Fleet - SEV Torch - Corpsman)

    === Header ===
    Date of Birth
    : 08-11-2283
    Citizenship: SCG (Earth)
    Known Languages:
    - Sol Common (native)
    - Galactic common (Billingual)
    - Sign Language (Well understood - fairly "spoken")

    Branch: Fleet
    Rank: PO2
    Division: 2nd Fleet
    Enlistment Date: 2303
    - Field medic
    - Corpsman

    Height: 165cm (5'5")
    Weight: 60kg (132lb)
    Identifying Features: Clear skin, broad shouldered, light brown hairs, Nose slightly upturned.

    === Medical ===

    Physical Status: Athletic and healthy.
    Mental Status: Stable, resilient.

    Current Prescriptions:

    Previous Prescriptions:

    Next of Kin:
    • Melanie Blanchet (Mother - Nurse).
    • Charlie Blanchet (Father - Highschool teacher).
    • PO1 Lea Petraeus (Friend and former supervisor - Field medic in the 2nd armsman division).
    Medical History:
    • 31/06/2302 - Broken ribcage and left femur, dislocated right shoulder, several burns. Doctor Ramsey McOley (Robert Pax Hospital). Full recovery.

    Post-Mortem Instructions:

    • Hold funerals, christian if possible. Proceed to burial at sea, the coffin must contain, alongside the PO2 Blanchet, her fleet and mission patch.

    === Employement ===
    Current Certifications:
    • Civilian Nurse Degree
    • Emergency First aid
    • Combat First aid
    • Nursing Assistance
    • Mental support and counseling
    • Standard EVA
    • Standard Weaponry Qualification
    • Close combat initiation course
    Civilian Employment History:
    • 2299 : Earth Firefighter corps (PVT).
    • 2300 : Earth Firefighter corps (PFC).
    • 2302 : Earth Firefighter corps (CPL).
    Military Service Record:
    • 2303 - Crewman recruit (E-1) - Bootcamp.
    • 2303 - Crewman Apprentice (E-2) - Field Medic specialisation course.
    • 2304 - Crewman Apprentice (E-2) - Field Medic (Trainee) - Second armsman division, 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion.
    • 2304 - Crewman (E-3) - Field Medic) - Second armsman division, 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion.
    • 2306 - Petty officer third class (E-4) - Field medic - SEV Torch.
    • 2307 - Petty officer second class (E-5) - Corpsman - SEV Torch.
    • Medical Heart, awarded 2307 for meritious services

    === Security ===
    CITIZENSHIP STATUS: Natural-born citizen
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Metz, Earth (Sol)
    RELIGION: Christian
    No criminal history found.
    No arrest history found.
    Hostile/Covert Actions Against the Sol Central Government
    Threat Level: Very Low
    Agent Notes: Very unlikely to cause any trouble.
    Hostile/Covert Actions Against the Crew
    Threat Level: Very Low
    Agent Notes: See above.
    The point of contact for this matter will be Supervisory Agent First Last at the OCIE Territory Support Division headquarters in Alpha Centauri.

    FROM: Supervisory Agent Leroy Smith, OCIE-TSD Alpha Centauri
    DATE: 12/04/2306

    Melanie Blanchet - Charlie Blanchet - PO1 Lea Petraeus
    RELATION: Mother - Father - Close friend (2nd Armsman division)
    The woman in her early twenties in front of you stands at approximately 1m60, maybe 1m65. Cheerful and generaly calm, she seems warmhearted, easy-going and understanding. She stands straight and looks quite athletic. A light lemon scent emanates from her.

    She has a thin, oval-shaped face. Her chestnut hairs are thrown back into a bun or a ponytail, some strands might be loose. She has small ears, and a small, very slightly upturned nose. Her face is usually showing a friendly smile.

    She looks at you with a warm stare. A small twinkle can often be seen in her eyes.

    The woman's body is toned, and rather femininely shaped. While fit, her abdomen don't display outstanding muscles. Two punctiform scars can be seen under the collarbone on her left side.

    Her arms, and particularly her forearms, appear quite strong.

    Marine's hands appear to be rather wide. Her fingers are shorter than average. The skin of her palms is slightly callused while the back of her hand seems quite softer.

    Marine has typical, toned, sportwoman leg, with a small burn scar on her left calv.

    (No she doesn't have any feet flavor text)

    Marine's story starts in 2283 on the earth, between what used to be France and Germany. Her father is a teacher, and her mother, a nurse. She grew up in a rather rural area. At the age of 16, after her highschool graduation she joined the firefighting corpse in order to pay her Nurse degree, which she obtained four years later. During her service, she evolved until she reached the rank of corporal, in 2302. Those years were rather uneventfull if you forget what makes a firefighter's life... The only noteable occurence happened in june 2302, when, as a young corporal distracted by routine, she stepped on a fragilised ground which broke and sent her from the second to the first floor, which caused the dislocation of her left shoulder, along with a few fractures (a couple of ribs and her left femur) and burns.

    Upon graduation, in 2302, she enlisted in the fleet as corpsman, where she was assigned as corpsman trainee in the second fleet, second armsman division, following her training. She was under the supervision of the PO2 Lea Petraeus (which is, in 2307, PO1), who later on became a close friend. They were first sent on a humanitarian mission on Eos, which was overall uneventfull (They were sent to Help remote habitats, still in the need following the heavy damages sustained by Eos during the Gaian conflict).

    Her second deployement, as corpsman and crewman in the same unit, still paired with Lea Petraeus, consisted in a peacekeeping mission in the system "Theia" (noted as settled on the galaxy map), during which she spent her time giving medical support to locals and troops. One notable event happened : during a patrol, she ended up face-to-face with an unkown pointing a hunting ballistic weapon at her while she was treating a wounded in a supposedly cleared house. Unexperienced, Marine drew her sidearm and fired it twice, killing the unkown. Even if she was clearly identifiable as peacekeeper and medic pending treatment, and very likely in the right reguarding the SOPs, the fact that she doesn't know if she killed a scared but peacefull local, or an actual hostile still bothers her nowaday.

    At the end of 2306, Marine passed her tests and became PO3, following her promotion, she arrived to the SEV torch, where she started being the woman you know, first being rather discrete and learning, she then evolved to who you may encounter now. After a year of service on board, she passed her PO2 selections, tests, and applied for some additional training, particularly in emergency triage, stress management, and post-traumatic mental support. Following those formations, willing to thank those who trained and taught her, she re-applied for the Torch mission.

    Her current dream would be to make it up to Chief petty officer, and lead her own search and rescue team in the second fleet.

    She values team spirit, comradeship, care, and eventually valors and honour. While she appears calm and cheerfull, she constantly struggles in her inner her, and a question occupies her mind most of the time : "What could I have done (/do) better ?".

    Geniune, she will make you feel whether she appreciates you or not, and values honesty. She doesn't seek respect in adressing or courtesy, but will moreso seek for it in her interactions with people, and in the trust that those place in her.

    While leading, she is usually more likely to advise, than to micromanage, even if she might seem quite firm when the situation gets tensed.
    Marine is usually not scared by a reasonable danger, and is likely to try to avoid it as much as she can, and as long as it's not necessary to endanger herself or the people around her. Her mind is cartesian, meaning she will always seeks for the most logical option.

    She hates above all selfish or uselessly snarky individuals, trying to lower the others to get, themselves, into the light, and won't miss an occasion to "go grinding" as soon as such a person fails. This is likely the only reason for her to be snarky.

    This all is still WIP, feel free to inquire. I'll try to polish it when I get some time.[/hr][/hr]
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